Oduu Haaraya


1960S Nuru Abubaker was a young person from Bale together with 2 elders Fato Damboba and Abayi Ali sent to Finfinne /A.A/ with the Ethiopian regime order. On arrival and forcefully converted to Christian. They were also ordered to go back and convert the Arsi/Bale Muslim to Christian by the government.
Surprisingly a brave and brilliant Nuru Abubaker took incredible action and broke the barrier. He escaped and took refugee at the Egypt embassy to Ethiopia.
From Finfinne he was assisted by the Egyptian leave the country and fled to Cairo where he exposed the Ethiopian rulers historical socio-political, religious injustice etc… carried on targeted the Arsi tribe and the Muslim.
Especially he brought the truth and suffering of the Oromo-Arsi/ people in Bale to the Muslim World and international community attention also got political, refugee protection and scholarship in Cairo.


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