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Is female leadership the answer to all of our problems and issues in the Horn of Africa

March 28, 2013 (Ogadentoday Press)- Think about it, it has been 21years since Somalia had a central functioning government and over 150 years since the Ogaden region was given to the Ethiopians. For all this period of time the politics in the horn of Africa was solely male dominated. Do you think that female leadership can change the fate of horn of Africa?

I strongly believe that female leadership can bring a better change than male leadership can at least in this situation. Women are more emotional thinkers than men are and that gives them a reason to think deeply about consequences of their decisions before they make it. By giving women a chance you are giving the horn of Africa a chance to rebuild, recreate, and restore hope for the millions and million of displaced starving people.

I am not a politician just a writer but I have seen what male leadership has done to us. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes. The situation in the Horn of Africa needs to change and that change lies in the hands of strong female leadership in politics. Let’s give male and older folks a break and start with fresh new faces. Faces that we are not familiar with because I am tired of seeing same old male only in this politics.

This is not the feminist in me talking rather the human in me. I am sick and tired of watching my people struggle through an endless war. And you would think someone would stop and think for a minute where this is going. Oh no! the war isn’t about rebuilding the horn of Africa thus it is about power struggle. unfortunately, the people are caught in the middle of greedy selfish leaders who don’t give a care about who dies and who lives.

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