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Jumping in the same river and meeting the same person

Jumping in the same river and meeting the same person


miGuys let’s think about those who lost their precious life, body parts, families and etc..Who did this home work for these generations? Last generations?, OPDO ? , OLF? , Our family?, Our ancestors? But whatever. We all already lost every things since more than 120 years ago. Still the same things happening right now to our people, to our land, and to our resource’s. We are under the colony of tplf, we colonized economically, territorially and mentally too by minority Tigre people. Look! You can image that Our Gold mine exploited by this people and by the foreign investors. For example, in 2009 Midroc Gold Mine PLC the Owner of Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-amoudi exploited 20,483 kg Gold from Sakaro in Guji zone Oromia.

From Adolla Oromia 3,000 kg Gold mine exploited annually. Go Gonji (West Wellega Oromia and Beganj (south Wellega) which more than 1, ooo households displaced without any compensation given to UK based Kefi Minerals for 20 years contracts already started exploiting by 152 million American dollars. The rest are dig out the raw material of Golden rocks moving it or transporting by heavy truck to Tigray region that acting or imitating that they found a Gold in Tigray. Totally no Golden place in the region of Tigray, they claiming that they have a Gold which was transporting a raw materials of Golden soils from Oromia. The same is true that in the case of Petroleum in Ogden region with the American company.

The agreement was between the American company and Ethiopian to refine the petroleum for 50 years a 25 % of the income to Ethiopian and 75 % for the exploiter American Company. Finally the company forced to gave up when they come to relocation or construction of pipe line from Ogadian region to Tigray region. The TPLF wayyane dictator want to build a refinery factory in Tigray rather than building in Ogaden region. Therefore, in every direction they want to exploiting all the regions.

In another directions the UK and USA investors digging out the mines.That is why Americans and the UK want to keep on power this virus government. Since we were robbed and nothing left for the new generations. The impressing thing the land belongs to ours, the resources belongs to ours, and the human power belongs to us. But they do not like our culture, they do not like our language, they do not like our people. So how can we invite them to rule us? How we allow them to govern us? What the negotiation is that not use your Afaan oromo in the heart of Oromia Finfinne? What the negotiation is that not talk while they exploiting Oromia? What the negotiation is that not speaking whiles them killing thousands of innocent Oromo’s? What the negotiations is that while thousand of Oromo’s in the prisons? I think enough is enough for these (TPLF) they travelled more than 1000 km to rule Oromia.

Ammas yoo ta’ee hariiroon ilmaanhabashoota wajjin qabinnu dhaabachuu qaba malee kan wagaa 125 ittu nu gaha. Biyya keenyaa irrati enyuu eeyyama hin gaafanuu waan hojjannuu irrati. Ofin ofi bulchuu qabinna malee alagaan saamamuun nu irraa dhaabachuu qaba. Maqaa huminaa dabalata jedhuun michoominnii wagaa 125 nutti fide irra waa barachuun barbachisa dha. Kanaafan mata duree koo Jumping in the same river and meeting the same person jedhe mogaasee. Oromoon million 50 ol yoo of dadhabee gargaarsa barbada ta’ee yoom illee samuu keenyaa akka darbee waan tokko hin hojjanneef ofiti amanumaa of dhoowwa jira jechaadha. Enyuu illee taanan nutti calisinne kan mirgaa keenyaaf lolu hin jirus hin dhufus. Kanaafuu ofi kabajinnee mirga keenyaaf haa falmannuu!

Alemayehu Tilahun

– See more at: http://www.caboowanci.com/2016/01/23/jumping-in-the-same-river-and-meeting-the-same-person/#sthash.UR3ddI2g.dpuf

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Yaa rabbii ilmaan Oromoo haqa garsiisi warra haqa isaa ka dhabe karaa haqaatii fii gootummaan ifirratti falmatee deeffatu godhi!! Baha, Dhiha, Kaabaa fii kibbatti sagalee keenya tokko nuuf taasisi yaa waaqa!!

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  1. Sirrii dha. Abashaa wajjin dubbbachuu hin barbaachisu. Abashaa wajjin mari’achuu jechaan, gabrummaa ofirratti dheeressuudha. ABOnis akkasuma jechaa TPLF Oromoo irratti dagaagse malee ijjiirama hin fidnne. Ammas, jarreen ODF wanta akkasi hojjachaa jiru. Abashaan seexana malee ummata miti. Abashaa wajjin mariachuun gowwummaadha malee Oromoof fala miti. Yeroo bituufii dha.


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