Oduu Haaraya



Part I


By Odaa Hora


The amorphousness of the term democracy utilized as baits to legitimacy to rule by the tyrannical regimes who come to power by bullet or through ballot box focused on series of Abyssinia bandits entitled as DEMOCRACY:A PRESCRIPTION OF CYANIDE PILLI TO THE ABYSSIN-IAN EMPIRE & CONT.TPLF TYRANNY was thoroughly explored in the preceding article. The Habesha (Abyssinia) Empire is the poorest, barbaric, dependent and predatory empire that preyed on the whole south since her establishment, as settler-colonialist in the mid-19th century analog to the European colonialist of the African continent and maintained its status quo to the contemporary fascistic regime of TPLFs: One-man-One party military command post ruled with terror and horror for the last solid 28 years.


This part of the article questions the most often noisily propagated nomenclature, currently fashionable term called democracy. The term democracy that has its origin in Athens and an extension of the Greco-Roman Empires thought that crossed via Seas an Oceans and imposed by the so-called “Westerners in political parlance” on the rest of the world today than ever. The deployed all means they own to implement their own image, as a silver bullet to solve the entire global sociopolitical, religious and economic problems that they indeed knows nothing about it and Paradoxically they were and still are the major causative agents of the problem by direct intervention or indirect support of the tyrants of Africa, Asian “allies” fanning the flames of the conflicts and committing mass slaughter. The endless war in DRCongo post-Leopold II of Belgium’s grotesque acts of crime against humanity followed by the Assassinations of the first elected prime minister, Patrice Lumumba in January 1961 and installed their puppet that led to unending conflict’s and genocides the holds true to the very date.


The proxy wars the TPLF fascist regime under the mantra “terrorism-al-Shabaab” invaded the neighboring countries like Somalia. Indeed the major hidden missions of the TPLF-fascists were to eliminate and committee genocides in Oromia by scapegoating the OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) within in Oromia and the ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front), the formidable genuine liberation fronts older than the TPLF itself on the road from Finfinnee to Somalia-Muqdisho.


The war in Syria, the War in Yemen that the world is daily witnessing unbearable images bombardments, ruins and mass killings, etc. with weapons made in USA, Russia; Germany, etc. These are all an open secrets to the world today than ever who have stakes in it. The schizophrenia of it is that the same “states” who provide mass killing modern firearm and Military Jets, who do not shame for a second have no sense of humanity, nevertheless, they consider themselves democratic Nations.


In order to have the full picture of what was called democracy today that turned the incubation box of tyrants, it demands to ferret out its past that we know for sure. It demands to unveil the truth by digging deep to the root not only look at the leaves. It demands to study its dark sides, what was committed under the masks of democracy since its birth to the modern day on the soil and empty of its mythical contents if it is supposed to attain its objective per se. otherwise one come to the false conclusions.  Weise

. For comprehensive understanding, evaluation and final judgment on the subject making a brief excursion to Athens-Greek may shed more light. Most significantly, what it was intended to full fill for the people of Athens as a system of administration initially and its further dissemination, implications in human history to the present.


Here, clear distinction must be made that the Athenian Archons “higher class” found their own way to solve their own societal problems of their polis (city-states) they faced at that particular period of time of their own socio-political and cultural challenges and come out with their own term called it democracy, defined it and implemented it to rule their Polis in their own way.


In fact, they did not claimed or even dreamed to solve the socio-political-economic problems beyond their Polis let alone the world, what they did know nothing about it. That is indeed their own right, and no one can criticize them outside their polis. Thus, that is not the issue here. But, the issue here is democracy as principle, a principle that the people decides on their own destiny, and the second or third hand exported the so-called “Westerner democracy” version of the Athenian democracy later called the Greco-Roman thought brought by the Roman Empire brought his “civilization” to the northern part of what was called the Barbarians of the north, we know as Europe today. Later on, the extended European expansionist and colonist’s immigrant families via seas and oceans further disseminated to the rest of the world as we know it today.


The term democracy of Athens-Greek origin (Dēmokratiā), where Demo means (the mass of ordinary people) and Kratos (the political power, rule.) Literally, in English, that meant the political power of the mass of ordinary people. It was introduced by Cleisthenes and Solon and as reforms of the tyrannical Archons (rulers) of the notable city of Athens in 507-508 BC. Similarly, transformations were also existed in some Greek city-states.


What do Athenians, first-hand facts, and figures of that historical period impart us today? Can we call Athens, later Greek polis (city-states) democratic after all as we began to refer her as the birthplace? Furthermore, how does it end up to be a broad-spectrum recipe imposed by the westerns today on the rest of the world community beyond their boundaries as the only solution prescribed in their own image for all socio-political, cultural, economic etc., challenges of the world they pretend to know, indeed when they know absolutely nothing.


Apropos, Greek, It worth’s to note that the word Greek, “Quasi-State” by itself was granted by Rome that was derived from Graiksos, inhabitants of Graia a town of Boestai district around Thebes from Greek word Thē bai. Greek was an empire by itself that incarcerated scattered autonomous tribes around the Mediterranean Sea, such as the notorious classical rivals of the military city of Sparta, Athens, Ionians, etc., and incorporated into what finally called Greek before the occupations of Rome. It must be called the Greek Empire indeed. But, Rome reserved the privilege of naming her Empire for itself and called “Imperium Rōmānum,” and Greek as its colony.


Did Democracy per se ever practiced in Europe and in her immigrated families via Seas and Oceans? When yes, when and where? These are the really challenging question to be answered? Moreover, why must the older civilizations who owes their own home-born, grown, nurtured and developed indigenous systems, such as the Gada System of the Oromo people, the Lua-system of the Sidamas, etc., of other African born systems, which are far better than what is called the western democracy, even incomparable in resolving most of the issues of humanity must be forced to copy it, when, they virtually have no a trace of democratic culture, Erzeihung (upbringing, education) within their own history at any time on their own soil at all to the present.


The parody of it is that their system “western democracy, civilizations” was and is proved to serve as the incubation box, and the finest tool for tyranny in the human history to the very date. They have tested the bitter side of it on their own soil that and the hold true to the very date in 21st century. Nevertheless, they never learned from history, and shamelessly they impose with all means possible on the world community that they cannot even pronounces their names correctly, and do not know even their existences on the geography late alone to portray that their way as the only solution granted to solve the socio-political, economic, religious and civic problems of global nations. The pretend to know us more than we know ourselves, they believe as knower through absolute devil, systemic discriminations and ignorance of the wisdom of the oldest human civilizations of the indigenous people. and impose solutions for our problem which they practically know nothing. Pitiful is it not!


The other mockery and the worst one is they lecture their clients, tyrants in Africa about democracy when every, they pay visit to their puppets on the saddle of political power, and they do not care of the vast majority of our people. Thus there is no reason that we take care of their lectures on Democracy and what so ever. In fact, we virtually do not know the existence of democracy in Athens, late alone to supplant and implement it a system to govern our people.


It is strange to our culture and diametrically the opposite to our worldview, social makeup and mannerism that will never suit us. Our people need not suit to it at all. Our people have never been needed and do not need to go to Athens to learn Athenians democracy 1st hand it all one can call it so, or did not need to import its 2nd hand manipulated, that reflects the mirror image of European or the USA to administer our people, to resolve our problems. The intelligence of the western “they will pray verbally all human are equal in front of microphone, but they exercise and excites dramatically the opposite path under the enclosed doors, tyranny in most cases.”


Whereas, we have inherited right on our soil, the most remarkable system to live with justice and tranquility, law and order, humane and harmony with Mother Nature at home. We have it in our DNA and flows through our blood vessels, all Human are equal in theory and practice, and we practice what we say, here is where we departs, our system is sterile from tyranny, chauvinism, power abuse, etc.


Were Athenians ruled by Democrats or Kleptocrats?


Athens, at the begging of the 6 century BC that was considered the birth of democracy per se: the political power of the mass of ordinary people ruled Athens. An analysis and evaluations of the establishment of the Athenian polis, and if we departs as democracy is defined here, then the facts on the soil was indeed very far from it and even diametrically the opposite.


The total population of the city of Athens was estimated to 140,000 residents at this time in history. The size of Athens was ca. 2,500 km2, approximately the size of today’s Luxembourg. Out of the total population, only 40,000 Archons “higher class”, ca. 8% who were older than 18 had a right to vote. The rest, the very majority that encompasses, women, slaves, farmers, and Mitecs (Immigrants)-mainly from North Africa were all excluded.


Another scholar has suggested that in the mid-4th century, there may have been about 100,000 citizens, out of them, half of them women, 10,000 or Metics (resident foreigners) and as many as 150,000 slaves who have no right to vote. Among citizens, about 30,000 were males over 18. If these numbers are fairly correct, then the demos comprised 10 to 15 percent of the total population.


The population of Athens was socio-politically classified into four major hierarchical groups, the Archons (higher class), who portrayed as Noblemen’s pedigree who had a right to hold slaves, own lands, and the sociopolitical and economic power of decision making. They were nicknamed by critical thinkers and writers of that period as “the Lazy Horses” lived by predating on the others. They do not know what work means, and allergic to work, self-legitimized to live as a prey.


The second class were also known as middle classes, these were professional workers, merchants, traders, contractors, manufacturers, artists, etc. most of them were considered as non-citizens and called Metics from Greek word Metoikos that means Immigrants who had no rights to participate in any political and social system of Athens and had no right to vote, and the third class were also known as the lower classes were predominately slaves and the farmers (serfs). Slaves must buy their own freedom from their owners in theory, but that could rarely realize in fact, let alone to be a part of the political and social participation and votes. The irony of it was that the city of Athens by itself and its military were built on the backs of the slaves.


It was also the Athenian jury who accused Socrates guilty of impiety (asebia) against the Parthenon, refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the city-state of Athen and corrupting of the youth and forced to drink hemlock, (Conium maculatum), poisonous herbaceous plant and killed him. As Plato, his student said: Socrates was by itself the victim of the so-called Athenians democracy.


Thus, Athens was ruled by collective Male, chauvinist tyrannical Archons, or aristocrats that Athenians themselves called them as the “the Lazy Horses.” In other words, Athens was ruled by Kleptocracy (government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves), rather than Democracy per se. Most importantly what the Athenian Kleptocrats called it democracy was basically to solve their own problem within themselves at that specified time to avoid internal butchering, clashes of interests of Archons or Aristocrats, let alone to give a credit as the origin of democracy per se, (the people rule themselves), unless one wants to escape from the truth, the facts on the ground at this junction of history in first place. And that is what most of those who portray it do today.


Demos from Athens via Rome to Europe and Americas

Greek was credited as the birthplace of democracy and the sources of European civilization. In fact, It was not the Greeks per se who had very little if at all any connection with Europe, but it was Rome who brought as they call it civilization to the barbarians of the north now called the “western civilization,” Europe and her immigrated families via seas and oceans.


How did the Greco-Roman world teaching of democracy were implemented in later European metropolis and the democracy bestowed by the Washington DC to the globe, as they say, to bring the world to a better place?


If one considers the scattered Mediterranean tribes as European as this junction of history that can be true only in geographical perspective, but not in cultural and civilization perspective. One must bear in mind that these scattered Mediterranean tribes what was later called Greek had over thousands of years of interconnection with the great civilization of Africa and Asia.


The foundation of Greek civilization was anchored in the southern neighboring great and older civilization of Africa and Western Asia. More precisely, with the Great Civilization of KMT (the Black land) or the Black People of the land) Ancient Egypt and the civilization of Phoenician respectively. The best and first-hand sources and evidence were the Greeks themselves, who traveled to KMT-Africa in search and to acquire knowledge in all sphere of life, and come back home, fine-tuned it in their terrain, to their culture in their epoch that turned to be the origin of the civilization of European and disseminated to the rest of the older civilizations and continents beyond her geographical boundaries.


The African Holocaust

If we can cast our eyes a bit higher and look for the begging of the African Holocaust per se by the Europeans then the invasion of Alexander of Macedonia that began in the 6th century BC, who led to its collapse. The great Macedonia monster how was turned to be the model and of tyrants until recent past like A. Hitler of the German Third Reich prayed. Alexander totally destroyed and occupied, plundered, looted the products of over ten thousand years of African civilizations wisdom, destroyed the greatest human civilization of KMT-of African civilizations and final and shipped back to Europe and renamed to Egypt as it was called today.


It worth’s to remind once at time that as the sacred histories call KMT was the flower of African civilization whose roots and stems extends up to the South. As they stated in the papyrus of Hunefer: “We came from the begging of the Nile where God Hapi dwells at the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon”. The great African civilization that could not share its secret, its mystery system yet, in the 21st century.


As Europe comes out of her dark ages, almost over half of the world civilization were already accomplished. She began to navigate via seas and oceans and  moved with premise and the doctrine of wipe-out policies of the indigenous people where ever her footholds on every habitable continent in possessions of lands and corresponding resources, conquer, occupy and resettle by turning it to “terra nullius.


The Portuguese was credited as the first navigator around the African coasts that began with trades, normal commodities like Gold, Species, etc, but they want more, to buy human being and Sale that began in 1445. Portuguese turned to be “the real mother of all slavers.” Some fine-tuned and argue that “the real mother of slavers” was the Roman Catholic Church, whose religious empire sanctioned slavery and the African slave trade as a mission to “civilize” indigenous peoples of the world and wins those from “pagans” for Christendom.


Since then, the acts of the Europeans barbarism that hold over five centuries know as TransAtlantic Chattel Slave trade that exterminated over 210 million of Africans lives alone according to UNESCO reports of 1978 the crime against humanity what the world had never ever destined to witness in human history. From 1870s to 1960s Slavery was mutated to colonialism, where over 200 million were murdered, and the continuations of the African Holocaust. Yet, no lesson learned from one of the gruesome acts of crime against humanity which we know for granted. Instead, it was deliberately ignored and further promoted, mutated to re-scrambling of the Africa content as Alpha by the same people who come out to the rest of the world with the premise of land and resource acquisitions by wiping out, plundering and destroying whatever comes on their way.


The schizophrenics of the issue is that they could not even shame to propagate to lecture about “democracy” as they are “the apex of the Democracy and its vanguards,” to underpins their recipe for the rest of the world today than ever. The mockery of it is that their offspring of today’s generations are even louder and vocal in portraying themselves as world police. They propagate where ever they pay a visit to Africa and pontificate their grandiosity, humanity, justice, etc, redundantly and to put the world in a better place in the 21st centuries ironically.

Democide under the Mantra of Democracy

The 20th centuries was called the century of Genocide. Rudolph J. Rummel, intensive research studies, and publications who come to the conclusion: Power kills, absolute power kills absolutely and that is the most serious threat to humankind in our century, facts and figure speaks for themselves. Rummel reported that during the first 88 years in total of the 20th century almost over 170 million men, women, and children have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed or work to death; or buried alive drowned, hanged, bombed, or killed in any other of the myriad Ways regimes have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens. Democracies themselves are responsible for some of the democide (Mega killing) committed in the 20th century. Democide according to Rummel includes the definition of genocide according to Geneva Convention plus Politicide.


Africa Pawn on the Global Political Chessboard

During the era of the so-called cold war, the African continent was viewed as a convenient pawn on the global political chessboard. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the continent turned to be the prime targeted terra of competitions for the west lead by the USA and followed by the Europeans and the new emerging powers of Asian, such as China, India and others to re-scramble her rich resources on the surface and under the surface as it has always been for centuries in the past. Africa is turned to the final frontiers as far as the world’s natural resource supplies of energy for the survival and development of the westerners (like oil, natural gas, uranium, solar or biofuels etc.) her fertile soil and lands, minerals, and agricultural and animal products, etc, in which the African content is blessed with.


The noisiness of the nomenclature turned more ubiquitous after the collapse of the rival eastern blocs lead by the USSR known as the communist blocks and the fall of Berlin wall in 1989. The winners of the global political trophy the Western Capitalist and Imperialist blocks singularly who considered themselves, the civilized west, the global police, etc., and operates under the mantra of the political jargon called western  democracy and its enforcement of its value in their own image under the misnomer called “development aids, Globalization, Investment, Security, protection of their interest, etc.,” most significantly in the resource-richest African continent.


The term what was called development aid, an equivocal, endless diabolic lies, in fact, meant nothing more than re-scrambling, and the protection of their profits by all means possible. The program that started to formulate in the 1960 and the spin took off with the assumption that the old colonial powers would gradually phase out their direct financial aid as colonies became independent and multilateral organizations like the UN, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund took over development work. These are all fine-tuned purposely planned and calculated tools and systems to cloak their ruthless exploitations of African resources ad infinitum as it has always been since the establishments of the historical predatory-prey relationships between the Western Europe and their extended families and the African continent and where ever their feet holds on this planet via seas and oceans “the civilization missionaries” like the that holds true to the very date.


They further prescribes, lectures, imposes to implement their own image as they have a broad-spectrum recipe, as a silver bullet to solve the entire global problem. In fact, they were and continues to be the causes of the problems of the globe by itself that they created in their own image for centuries through violence and extermination policies wherever their feet hold on this planet, let alone to be the solvers. As it has always been their main goal, is to uphold their established profit-geared interests that were deep-rooted in their bone-marrow that go back for centuries of the so-called “civilization missionaries,” the cold-blooded murders indeed. The rest is a lip services, of duality behavior and endless fed of the propaganda machinery they monopolize on the planet.


If at all if there is something new now is that the same people who consider themselves Democrats, civilized, Christians, etc, sponsors and provides the tyrants of Africa without exception and elsewhere with all tools need to commit genocides on peaceful civilians who stands against tyranny on their ancestral soil.


The mindset of Europe who left their motherland to search for resources via her geographical boundaries with premise of annihilation of the indigenous people from their ancestral soil where ever their ship docked, and territorial and resources acquisitions of Europe is as old as the establishments of the relationships with other older rich continents such as Africa, Asia, and Americas.


Most significantly those who consider themselves “the apex of democracy and its bodyguards” and pretend to hold its patent, when the reality on their own soil speaks the opposite language let alone to export it to the global community. On their own soil the call it our “Western Democracy” on leaflets and speeches, indeed it turned a licence to corrupt, maim, murder, power abuse, chauvinism, pseudo-patriotism, tools of discriminations, power abuse, authoritarianism, in worst case lead to instigate and wage wars direct or indirect and exploitations of resource’s in most case in clientelist tyrannical regimes significantly in African and Asian continents.


In the last decades the financed the tyrants of Africa their gatekeepers designed and built concentration camps such as in Libya, Sudan, etc., Currently, the preparedness of the mega-project agenda that we redundantly see under “control of European boundaries” by build walls, iron-barbs perhaps electrified, installations of Digital Cameras, Lasers around over 30.4 millions of square kilometers of the Africa continent is prime agenda in each and every European states. They plan to turn the African people and to a continental prison house that human civilization has never ever destined to witness if it is realized. As it has always bin they found in African resources re-scrambling’s fever.


They crossed the red lines in collections of the Bio-metric data, fingerprints, so-called passports Ids etc, of the African citizens in corporations with the tyrants ruling Africa they breeded and maintained the repressive regimes in power. In September 2018, in Mali, the EU-leaders the new re-scramblers of Africa decided to pay 5 million Euro to the tyrants and to implant their technology to install and deploy it., under the garb clad with European action plans to stop Africa immigrants to enter geographical Europe. When these facts are summed up, they prove that the European or their alikes follows the footsteps of their grandfathers. They did and will not learn lessons from the past, paradoxically they do not even respect the so-called UN law and norms they initially installed and profited from it and would not even allow their lowliest citizen, let alone the “quasi-states”, regimes and criminalists to be tried there, and they are even above International law.


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Part II


By Odaa Hora


The prophet who once warned, “fear not those who kill the body, but who kill the spirit.” Independent of time and place of their origin, settler colonialists moved with the premise of wipe out the entire indigenous people from their ancestral soil, and overtook their land, declared as terra nullius, justified the ownership, exploited their resources limitlessly, and shipped back to their birthplace and enriched themselves.

dabbasaa guyyoo

They chopped Men’s arms and legs and Women’s burst, killed by a hanging, forced proselytizing, evicted indigenous people from their ancestor soil; repudiated the indigenous history and culture. They erased their memories and the knowledge of their people’s identity and come to the point and stamped them as the people without history and culture. All settler colonialist invaders committed Democides where ever their feet held on the only inhabitable planet, Earth. Democides according to Rummel: The murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide defined and approved by the United Nations in 1948, plus Politicide; (mass murder, extermination of a particular group because of its political or ideological beliefs.)


Analog to the Europeans unique crime against humanity committed in human history such as about six century of chattel slave entrepreneurs that mutated further to two centuries of colonialism who wiped out numbers of indigenous cultures out of their geographical boundaries via seas and oceans, where ever their Ships docked, series of the ruthless barbaric Habesha brigands locally called Shiftas who lived in Gafol or Zagol system deliberately committed crime against humanity and wiped out some of indigenous African cultures. Their system that established predator-prey relationships between the Habesha leading Shiftas and their nomadic mobile killer troops that prey on the local community on which they temporally settled since they left Aksum that signifies the Habeshas since their appearances in the horn of Africa to the present. They inherited from their ancestors and deployed from one to the next generations. They executed the resisted people, in slaved them, raided their country burned their houses, looted all their resources flora and fauna, enslaved the captives. They were considered the burden of the indigenous population, designated as Human Plague, and the degree of devastation where ever they settled were compared to Locust Plague.


All Habesha or Abyssinian (Amhara and Tiger mainly) Shiftas moved toward the south with the motto of wiping out the whole matrices of the cultural and historical identity of the entire people of south to Habesha proper. They mobilized their criminal forces composed the conglomerate of illiterates trained to kill (dogs of wars) the Neftegnas (Gun-carriers) from Habesha proper and local converted assimilate armed mercenaries betrayals who turned their back to their people.


The Gada, the Lua System Suffered Extremely Systemic Ethnocides


The Gada System of Oromos and the Lua system of the Sidamas, and the others alikes suffered extremely cultural genocide in depth and in breadth throughout the colonization of their lands by the Habesha; one of the poorest region that was branded with war, famine, diseases, backwardness, and barbarism in the region.


The intensity of committing crime against humanity, mass slaughter (genocides in modern parlance) drastically amplified from the day the Portuguese ships docked around the coasts of Red Sea in the 1540s who brought 400 musketeers and Cannons led by C. Da Gama, who joined and fought with the barbaric Habesha Shiftas and killer mobile troops trained techniques of mass slaughter, subjugations, and utilization of modern firearms equipped by the Portuguese and homemade tools, like Swords, Spears, etc to fight against the formidable Oromo forces in front line.


Parallel to the occupation, settlements and plundering all resources, all Habesha Gafols moved toward the south with the premise of wipeout of the oldest and the first African civilization known in the horn of Africa, Sirna Gadaa-Seeqqee System (the Gada System in short English) of the Oromo people, the Lua System of the Sidama people and other non-Habeshas resided in the entire region of the Horn of Africa south to Habesha proper. All aliens of the north settlers institutionalized a long-term policies of forced assimilation of Habeshaizations or Amharaizations through barbaric acts by cursing the physical appearance, names, segregating the cultural values of the colonized and occupied people. By deviling the language, ethics, morals, norms, taboos, religious, spiritual, imaginational, emotional desires, worldview etc, of the indigenous people they committed cultural genocides. There were no stones left unturned to exterminate, supplant the indigenous population and their culture.


They particularly targeted the Oromo people and culture as the Alpha. They targeted the unique and remarkable Gada System and its civilizations, the identity of Oroommuummaa (Oromoness) and to supplant the imported myths, fables and folklore of Zionist ideology of Middle East origin, and considered it as their unique “history and culture” imported out of Africa. The myth infested Oromia and the others like Influenza virus that has been intentional designed institutionalized, and, planned as a long-term policies and, executed steadily. Calculated wars have been instigated and waged to exterminate the Oromos and their culture and the others southern alike to supplant with the myth of Zionism that find in its renaissance since the TPLF–fascists hold the political power and beats its empty drums in each and every corner of Oromia.


Their major goals the Habesha, the self-denials whose signature has been famine, diseases, chronic wars, displacement, evictions, incarcerations and chronic AIDS have been to cut off the connections of the Oromo people from their ancestral soil physically and from their Gadaa-Seeqqee System, mentally and spiritually: the backgrounds, the backbones of Oroommuumma (Oromoness), their unique identity, culture on this planet that shaped the mind, spirit, body, worldview of the Oromo people and their history as an individual, and as a memberships of specific product of human civilization of the Oromo nation at specific place in Oromia from time immemorial in the horn of Africa. Similar, if not identically fate has the Lua System of the Sidama people, and other over eighty plus ethno–nationals known of non-Habesha “Semitic” stocks and incarcerated for centuries in this from Waaqa (God) forgotten prison house.


The settler colonialist Habeshas chopped Men’s arms and legs and Women’s burst. They killed by hanging the most beloved and respected personals like Religious or Spiritual fathers and mothers, prominent historian and master teachers, they burned religious artifacts and symbols, plundered the properties of the Oromo people. They conducted forced proselytization or persecution analogy to the Roman Empire. They uprooted the Holiest trees like Odaa (Sycamore trees), Simbo, Birbiras, burned Temples, polluted Lakes, Rivers, and Streams that turned the measures, executions, and accomplishments of the Habesha settlers buttressed by all European colonizers

Most significantly the intensity of wiping out indigenous culture of the Oromo people from their ancestor soil has exponentially increased since the era of the scramble for Africa by the European colonizers conference in Berlin 1884/85 and balkanization of the continent that holds true to the very date.  As folk’s adage, exception makes rule, at Berlin conferences, Habesha called Abyssian by European was left for the rival local warlords raised at this period of time to be supported by major European colonizers of Africa for purpose, to serve as puppet, and to enhances their sphere of influences in competing and to avoid internal clashes between rivals colonizers of the Horn of Africa and Reda sea coast in the eat and the River Nile in the West. As a result one of the poorest primitive, barbaric and dependent predatory Habesha Empire who trades with stolen name “Ethiopia” since 1931 was established and maintained to the very date.


Mass arrest, Harassments, cold-blooded killings, torture, rape sadistic acts subjugation in any walk of life of the Oromos, Sidamas, Ogadenian, Afars, and other over ethno-nationals, large or small in number in this prison house turned to be their major duties and major accomplishments of the series of tyrants who catapulted to the political power the barbaric predatory empire at gunpoint, and ruled with iron-fist since her establishment.


The Habesha settler colonists committed democides (the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide defined and approved by the United Nations in 1948 plus, politicide, and mass murder according to Rummel). She chopped Men’s arms and legs and Women’s burst, killed by hanging, forced proselytization, evicted indigenous people from their ancestral soil and continued their commitment to the present


The damaged done on the Oromo people in attempt to wipe out, to control our mind by erasing Oroommummaa (Oromoness) from our memories committed Mental Holocaust and supplanted with the myth, fables, folklore’s of Zionism and justified its primitive, barbaric values and further indoctrination’s as “history and culture” on our own ancestral soil were and still are the most dangerous once and they are irreversible and irreconcilable.


No one, an individual or a group has a right or capability to nullify or ratify the extermination policies of series of Habeshas committed since our land has been under occupation and the contemporary TPLF-fascist systemic democides committed since they hold the political power that goes on right now in Oromia. Even the very respected and beloved Abba Gadas of the Oromo people cannot nullify or ratify the gruesome acts committed by the aliens of the north on own ancestral soil without consultations and the approval of the people as a whole, and most importantly the millions of the victims killed ,tortured, raped, incarcerated, disappeared, etc., let alone some brain drained groups or Mental Clones of the TPLF fascists product whose signature is known as barbaric, the absolute self’s denials, chauvinist, illiterate diabolic liars who crossed the red-lines of humanity for solid 28 years. As folks word one who knows respect, knows shame. Tyrants knows neither of them and they further beats empty drums whenever they took Microphones, and wishes to dance on the soil spilled with Oromo blood and Bones buried under it.


Most cursedly, those cultural subjugated, mentally cloned and well-trained working horses who carry Oromo name but Habesha mind have been indeed the most dangerous one that the Oromo people have destined to witness and there is nothing at all new, to detect evils and to keep on eyes, in alert and in conscious round o’clock on each steps they move at this final phase of the Liberation struggle of Oromia and her alikes for whom heroes and heroines sacrificed their lives and sacrificing right know in each and every corners of Oromia and beyond her boundaries.


While a person without a consciousness of his own, the site of memory of his Being lost can be metaphorically considered a well-trained bipedal working pack animal that can speak, may read and write his masterwork. He or she indeed can easily guided by his owner, to wherever and whatever the master wants to take him or her, even to his own extinction.


Whereas, the occupied land by the settlers and profit-geared foreigners at gunpoint and evictions is reversible. What every damage was done on our land, water and air is polluted, the forests and bushes are desertified and still continues to pollute, they are still there and will go nowhere and can be reversible once we take it back by all means necessary and dismantle the rotten predatory-prey relationships between the barbaric empire (the Predatory) and the entire south people (the prey), the only one left in African continent. One of the poorest, predatory empire turned to the prison house, the burden of the very majority of the indigenous people that hold true to the present day.


What did/do the Habesha’s and their Marionettes of Today Dream of?


Parallel to the invasion and occupations of our land by violence, the Habesha settler colonists waged wars, committed cultural holocaust: grotesque inhuman acts for centuries in attempt to cut off the entire matrices of the cultural consciousness and practices of the Oromo people for about six centuries. By prohibitions and deviling of the language, culture, rites, symbols, images, and desires etc, they dreamed and still dream to quarantine the whole indigenous, non-Habesha cultures of the entire colonized people of the south and dreamed to conserve it in cultural museum finally.


All series of Habesha fascists who gripped the saddle of political power in the placental land of Oromia, Finfinne targeted to wipe out the formidable force, the Gada System of the Oromo people be all means they can. Since the establishment of the empire the intensity of the act of barbarism, cold-blooded killings, systemic annihilation policies increased exponentially from one tyrant replaced by the next tyrant.


The recent Irreecha massacres committed by the TPLF-fascists that rule the predatory empire of Habeshan with iron-fisted since 1991 are an open secret. The planned and calculated and deployed dog of wars armed to tooth and committed mass- slaughters

on the 2nd of October 2016 in Bishoftu that racked the world, millions of Oromos incarcerated they call it “Prisons,” indeed they are concentration camps per se within the empire.


The planned and targeted to kill Abbooti Gadaa Oromoo (Gada elders-the most knowledgeable, the master teachers and vanguards of the Gadaa-Siiqqee System beloved and respected individuals like Abbaa Gadaa of Tuulama and the chairperson of the union of Abbooti Gadaa’s of Oromia, the dignitaries of Abbaa Gadaas form all Oromo Gosas (Moieties) come to celebrate their beloved Irreecha celebrations in the placental land of Oromia.


Among many thousands, the disappearance of the charismatic leader of Oromo Liberation Front Comrade Nadhi Gamada, one of the master teacher of global reckon of the Gada system what we the Oromos call the living encyclopedia (Photo), Obbo (Mr) Dabasa Guyo Saffaro on 27th of September 2015 in Nairobi – Kenya after celebrating the Oromo thanksgiving that was kidnapped by the organized TPLF-fascist regime in daylight. Obbo Dabasa was the establisher of the Oromo Cultural Heritage institute along with other Oromos in Dagoretti –Kenya 15 years ago in the process of registration in UNESCO as the world heritage. His tireless life-long worked that achieved its goal a year later in his disappearances that was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on eleventh sessions of the committee of the UNESCO in Finfinnee 2016 gaining a global reckon of human civilizations.


These atrocities sated here are indeed tips of the iceberg when what signifies the TPLF- gangsters, cold-blooded killing, mass arrest, torture, rape, eviction, disappearances, rape, terror, horror, incarcerations, looting ,killing by hanging, lists with no ends among many no yet untold gruesome acts and indisputable facts that  committed for the Last solid 28 years and continued to the very minute.


The Renaissance of the Gadaa–Seeqqee System

What every vilification, wars of annihilation, subjugations were instigated and waged on Oromoness: on our history, language, culture, symbols, rites, our identity etc irreversible damage was done for centuries and continued consistently to the present, the Gada System and the Oromo people have survived. In fact, there is no culture known in human history that survived such cultural genocide in depth and in breadth and rehabilitated and celebrates “renaissance” as “the revival of anything which has long been in decay and extinct” come to a stages to perform its duties as it was before going through centuries of wipeout policies of Habesha tyranny in human history.


Our heroes and heroines of yesterdays rescued, Oroomuummaa (Oromoness) and today their blessed children are on the front line in revitalizing the Oromo people as a whole and their unique identity, the Gada System. Today than ever Gada System is rehabilitated and found in its path of Renaissance. It is flourishing in each and every angle of Oromia and foot holding far away from home, in diaspora to perform play its authentic role to resolve our issue of any sort that was absolutely prohibited for more than centuries in this prison house.


It could have had a similar fate of indigenous people’s cultures and civilizations of the North and South America, the Aborigines of Tasmania that the British criminal setters called it Australia. In Africa, it could have had the fate of the Nubian and the KMT (ancient Egypt) civilizations flourished along the banks of the Great Nile River for over 5,000 years before the birth of Greek and Europe is not yet born in historical perspective.


Today, more than ever, we THANKS our Ancestors, Grand-grandparents, Grand-parents, and Parents who are our heroes and heroines of eternity, who sacrificed their lives and conserved it in their hearts and minds, and transcended it from generations to generations in covert. They are our heroes and heroines, depots and adjuvants of our unique Culture. They resisted throughout the era of colonization’s with all means they can against centuries of Habeshan tyranny and the grotesque-barbaric acts committed in covert or overt continuously on the Oromo people to the very date.


Without our heroes of yesterday, and their sacrifice, the primary targeted Gada system, and its civilization could have been kept in cultural museum as the aliens of the north dreamed. It could have had similar fate of indigenous people’s cultures and civilizations of the North and South America, the Aborigines of Tasmania that the criminal British setters called it Australia. In Africa, it could have had the fate of the Nubian and the KMT (ancient Egypt) civilizations flourished along the banks of the Great Nile River for over 5,000 years before the birth of Greek and Europe is not yet born in history.


As our elders say:Aduu fi dhuugaan suuta ifaa (Truth and morning become light with time.) Civilizations began where mankind began, and mankind began in Africa. That is indisputable facts proofed and crystallized by modern scientific methods deployed by various disciplines. But, the fact we have been “educated” more precisely indoctrinated and trained and still being trained by the very people who destroy, plundered and wage wars of exterminations, deliberately distorted and contorted and dreamed to conserve our history and culture in museum and have a reasons to write our history, our culture and humanity.


As we know today the region what was called the horn of Africa, the east African rift the stretches from Afar land in the north crosses, Oromo Land, Somali Land, Kenya, Tanzania and to Mozambique in the south and the cradle of mankind and human civilizations. One of the remarkable and unique civilization is the Gadaa-Seeqqee system in short English (the Gada System) of the Oromo people among other like fraternal Lua System of the Sidama people.


As the Europeans celebrated the 2525 years of the birth of the so-called “Athenian Democracy” in this year 2018 on paper, while there have never ever the traces of it practical or in real life of their citizens, the Oromo people all around the world celebrated the 6412 years of the birth of their Gada System decorating themselves with their beautiful symbols and color of Gada: BLACK-RED-WHITE that survived centuries of WIPEOUT policies and practices of the aliens of the north.


The pioneer of Gada system, the master teacher and researcher and the author of Gada.Three Approaches to the study of Africa Society and Oromo Democracy: An Indigenous African Political system Professor Asmarom Legesse described it:


“The term Gada cannot be given a univocal interpretations. It stands for several related ideas. It is first of all, the concept standing for the way of life. The Gada system is an institution that represents an extreme development of a type of social structure based on age sets. It is an elaborate well-structured system for distributing power among all generational segments of the society. All generations enjoy different kinds of power at differ stages of life course. Oromo Democracy is one of those remarkable creations of the human mind that evolved into a full-fledged system of government, as a result of five centuries of evolution and deliberate, rational, legislative transformation. It contains genuinely African solutions for some of the problems that democracies everywhere have had to face.”


Furthermore, Prof. Asafa Jalata, an author of eight books and over sixty research publications said:


I have studied the history of the world society, African, European, African–American, Oromo, etc, and I have never seen a system that can be compared to Sirna Gada-Seeqqee (the Gada-Seqe system), its complexity, mechanisms of check and balance of power, a civilization that can be able to be the model for the rest of the world suffering from the so-called western democracy of party lines in the 21st century.” Most importantly the flag anthem dependent “Quasi-African states.”


Professor Donald N.Levin further described:

“The details operations of the Gada system –how the various classes are constituted, and their respective functions and interrelations –are complicated. Indeed, the Gada system represents one of the most complex system of social organizations ever devised by the human imaginations.”


Thus we must ultimately keep our eyes on it, in alert, to protect it and further flourishing in all over Oromia. We must be conscious, knowledgeable of our remarkable blessed gifts of our genius Ancestors, Grands, Fathers, and Mothers who sacrificed their lives and brought it so far and inherited us: the Gadaa-Siiqqee System a primary significant identity matrics of our people that can easily mobilise, accelerate the liberation struggles, the development of our nation, inspires and shapes the vanguards of the generation of liberation.


In the coming part of article the following question will be thoroughly addressed:


Where does Gad departs from democracy? Facts and Figures?

Why Gada was /is sterile from tyranny, whereas what was called Democracy was /is turned to be the incubation box of tyranny?

Gada is all inclusive (100 %), while Democracy is (50% +? proofed exclusive?


Kan Hanqate Waaqni Itti Ya Guutu!!!


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