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Part III

By Odaa Hora


Where Democracy does departs from Gada?



  • Democracy is a System of Exclusion as Gada is the System of Inclusion


  1. a) Democracy is a System of Exclusion

Virtually Europe and their immigrated families called the “western civilizations” in political sense has no a cultural trace of democracy per se if we dig deeper to ferret out the facts on their own soil throughout their history, let alone to teach about democracy and humanity to the oldest civilizations of the world such the Gada System of the Oromos, the Lua system of Sidamas, among many similar establishments of African people if one is brave to call it democracy at all.

History proves that Europe and their immigrated families moved via seas and oceans with moto to wipeout the autochthonous population and their culture tirelessly. They instigated and waged wars of exterminations, committed genocides and ethnocides. They plundered the resources, the wisdom of the autochthonous population and shipped back to their homeland, or colonized and resettled their own people on occupied foreign soil and claimed ownership where ever their ship docked and their feet-held in this inhabitable planet. They further painted the whole cultural matrix of the indigenous people with coal tar, cursed, devilled and erased it from the memories of those ingenious people who survived the gruesome inhuman atrocities the committed. Finally, they preserved the indigenous people and their culture in cultural museums to be visited and make money and profits out of it without shame. “I never wonder to see men wicked but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.” Jonathan Swift,1711.

Analog to the Europeans and their immigrants, the Habeshas, the aliens who migrated from the south-west Asian desert to the horn of Africa, tirelessly committed and dreamed to wipe out the Gada system of the Oromo people from this planet for more centuries to the very date, but Gada and the Oromo people survived the extremely genocides and ethnocides. Thanks to our heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives and for its rejuvenation, that enjoys its renaissance today to serve the Oromo people as it has been before going through cultural genocides for centuries by the ruthless series of Abyssinian fascists that holds true to the present.

The Gada system of the Oromo people that have proved to serve the wellbeing’s of human and humanity inclusively. The Gada, system has zero tolerance for any sort of discrimination, and sterile from nurturing tyranny in contrast to democracy.

The term democracy most precisely the political west began to call themselves loudly “our western democracy and we protect its values at all cost” is indeed a very recent phenomenon. It is a “post-cold war” syndrome as it was called where the political west dominated the world political arena singularly after the collapse of the rival-eastern bloc led by the USSR. They westerns who consider themselves as winners were /are then, brave enough to give lectures on democracy to the rest of the world where and whenever the paid visits mostly to Africa that turned to their pawn indeed.

They began to propose a recipe, a silver bullet for us to solve the entire socio-political and economic problems and conflicts of the African continent, they were /are virtually blind, except for her rich resources on and below the surfaces, oceans, and seas. The schizophrenia of it is that one, they were and still are the causative agents of the chronic global conflicts where ever their sheep docked via their geographical boundaries on this planet to full fill theirs acculturated greedy consumption behaviors and mega-profit geared addictions, and explorations of the largest and the richest continents most profoundly Africa.

Second, they propose solutions for which they virtually do know nothing about it. More cynically, they have no capability to listen, let alone to learn from the older civilization and suffer from as the psychologists call it the hubristic pride; pride involved egotism and arrogance. Most remarkably, they do believe that they know Africa as a whole the village where we were born more than we do. In other words, they know us more than we know our self’s based on their pathetic fallacy through missionary lenses.

Third, thus, they propose their magic solution that suits them for the problem they them self’s established in their own image, caused and are causing it right now by direct or indirect interventions. Their main propose was and still is indeed to re-scramble and control the natural resources of Africa as it has always been since their ships docked in the coasts of Africa, Asia, etc., in the 15th centuries and ship it back to their homeland under the mask of their magic solution coated with democracy.

These fundamental mindsets that have its root to the era of the colonizations of Africa by Roman aristocrats and the total destruction, plunders of the Great African civilizations that holds true to the present unless one wants to smear, deny and run away from the blatant truth and fed the global media without disgrace as they hold microphone. They say, give lectures, “We brought, and still we do bring light, civilizations to the dark, uncivilized African continent.” What a shame that Mother Africa waited for millions of years till the barbarians and the aliens of the north who knows nothing except butchering themselves throughout their history and finally us, to bring light and civilizations to our continent.

These mindset are not a snow from yesterday. It is the uncomfortable fact that implies today. They impose an intentionally designed profit geared and implemented policies and extensions of the past with their major goal to protect their unlimited profits and exploitation of resources by direct or indirect interventions by deploying all means they possess. To full fill their goal, they must execute anti-democratic inhuman values institutionalized sociopolitical orders and commands they established, cultural and economic jargon that suit their greedy need, values, and satisfaction. In plain text their goal is simple, they want and die hard to live in Heaven, while the rest of the world lives in Hell on the same planet: Earth. To avoid an Africa flight from tyrants they breeded, brought and catapulted them to sat tall in political saddle and supports to maintain the power, rule with iron and built wall of Shame, barbed iron wire around Africa to protect the refuges to enter their geographical boundaries.

An extension of Greco-Roman taught called democracy that was brought by the European immigrants via seas and oceans beyond their geography in searching for turfs in the 15th century was and still is, the system of exclusion based on the arithmetic’s of 50 % plus win of counted ballot boxes of political party lines. while it is not at all elections by itself, indeed, it is a selection of one or the other political establishment where almost about half of the populations stamped as losers, and must bury their head in a sand, as we always destined to witness after counted ballots and announcement of the winners political party that has its roots in Athens. As an old China’s adage says: The Fish rot from head down not from tail up.

It worse to note that the prime effort of the top-down establishments of the Kleptocrats the same system that the Athenians themselves called it the rule of the Lazy Horses; government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves, and their puppets were to full fill and control the political power for their own interests, but not the interests of the general wellbeing of the people or the citizen of any particular terra.

In modern parlance the rule of the Lazy Horses of Athenians was mutated and operated under the mantra of to the term democracy; winner vs loser, most precisely the “Western democracy and civilizations,” attested to the political parties, call it Liberal, Christian, Developmental, Social, Republican, Conservative, etc. The very dangerous principle to the general well beings of the global citizens proved throughout recorded human where injustice is rankling in each and every corner of the planet. Most profoundly in the richest continents such as Africa that serves as their pawn yet that we did not get rid of it and suffering from.

When the so-called the winner’s political party or coalitions sings and dances, propagates their grandiosity and bravery as if they come back from combat front. The loser’s political party must mourn and console. What a paradox it is for that particular people’s general well-being that belongs to that particular terra called State. When house number one is singing and dancing and his neighbor house number two is crying and mourning

The role of the loser’s party has already pre-determined and pre-programmed to be engaged with the reverse course in hope to win and come to power in the next elections period. In other words, the loser’s political part major objective and duty will be reversing the gear by blocking each moves of the winning party’s plans an executions, by putting hurdles in each and every steps the winner party try to move forward, on decision making, execution, and implementation during its legislative period analog to play a chess game. As a result, what is called progresses and the General Well-being of that particular people or citizen indeed is in jeopardy, and that may lead the society to the slippery slope of self-destruction, in worst case to tyranny and anarchy. Some Facts and figures may shines more light on the matter, the coming of Nazi Germany into power and the damage the done is one of the perfect examples to be noted to prove what was committed under the mask of democracy in human history, the system of divide and rule indeed.

Let us take the USA who considers herself, portray, pontifices as the “apex of democracy, freedom, liberty of the western civilizations and obligated to be its vanguard at the global propaganda scale, when they cannot put his own citizen in better place, let alone the world for which they are absolutely illiterate and boast to put it in a better place.

As we all know for granted, since D. Trump two catapulted to political power from nowhere the Jim Crow Law that enforced racial segregation almost two centuries ago is mushrooming and getting the upper hold. That is the uncomfortable truth proved by all media video footages, audio, etc. Beyond the citizens of that terra, one must not also under mind its global impact in all spheres of human life, movement, environment, mutual understanding etc., of the global community and the impacts the USA as the historical reality of post-cold war era.

The principle of exclusion, winner versus losers is the foundation of Europe; the elbow society, deep-rooted Erziehung (bringing up) leader principle, from top to down, nurtured, socialized and acculturated so far the recorded history of this small content proves. The thought and still basic teaching begins in very early age that facilitates the fertile future of dived and rule and its legitimacy because that is the only authentic knowledge they own-loyalty to your next up layer as the law of Mother Nature.

Independent of the political jargon connoted to power and its real implications to justify the winner’s party dictatorship we often hear the term such as “Executive order, Power abuse, Corruptions, package of lies, hurdles, and discrimination, etc. as we saw the dirty games played in the recent election in the USA who considered themselves “the apex of democracy”

Similarly, in the UK, citizens can select the Conservative or the Labour Political Party candidate, and in post-Nazi Germany, citizens can choose the candidate of the so-called Christian Democrats” a misnomer” by itself or the Social Democrats party to hold the political power. The rest political groups established in fact are accessory who either inflame the ruling party or extinguish it. More sadly the vast majority of the citizens see themselves as helpless and say: “We have no choice. Even worse we could not see the differences between the establishments of political parties once they sat tall in the saddle of political power except their names, when it comes to the facts on the soil indeed, in real life of the very majority of the citizen in most.

That is in brief, all about what was called the “western democracy and civilizations” who holds power and operates under the masks of democracy, call it Liberal, Christian, Developmental, Social, Republican, Conservative, e.t.c. It is the system of exclusion of almost nearly half of its populations independent of whatever idiosyncratic adjectives are attested to it from its root in Athens to Washington DC and their marionettes worldwide where the vast majority of global community suffers from and find in wars, genocides, incarcerations, flights, lists of human tragedies without limits that we are witnessing by day in, and day out.

  1. b) Gada is the System of all-Inclusive

To propose that true democracy (all-inclusive, people rule themselves), no ifs, ands, or buts about it was of African in origin must seems to some who worships independent of what might be the case and ideologies Athens democracy today, to be turning democracy per se upside down on its head, rather it is setting democracy right side upon its feet.

One among them is the Gada system of the Oromo people, a unique and remarkable creation of the human mind; the genius of the Oromo people. The system that evolved into a full-fledged system of government, as a result of centuries of evolution and deliberate, rational, legislative transformation for centuries. Gada in contrast to democracy encompasses the whole life of the Oromos from birth to death.

Gada is a philosophy of life to live with it, and in it as a whole, as an individual, as the member of the society and corresponding activity to their natural age groups and development. It is an egalitarian system of peace and tranquility with its complex, mechanisms of check and balance of power, a civilization that can be able to be the model for the rest of the world suffering from the so-called “western democracy of 50 % plus win” of party lines in 21st century. Most importantly the flag anthem dependent “Quasi-African States.” It may also heal the chronic wounds of the past and serves to the wellbeing of human and humanity that suffers right now if a human wants to be human-created free and live free rather than a product of someones else’s client or marionette in all spheres of life.

In contrast to western democracy of winners and the rest about half stamped as losers, the term loser does not exist in the Gada system’s vocabulary, let alone in real practical life of a human being and his citizens from all walks of life. What exists in theory and in practice in the Gada is based on conscience, debate and finally the achievements of the intelligent solutions that all accepts, and finally ratifies the result, then blessed by all citizens to be implanted.

That is the basic foundations of the genius of the Oromo people’s ancestor’s philosophy of life and worldview, and further teachings and practices inherited from one generation to the next generations from the time immemorial. Based on conscience, respect and mutual understanding within its people, environment, with their neighbors, and life in harmony with Mother Nature and the Universe. There is no question raised by the people or idea left without a solution at the end and that is all what matters.

Life in Gada system of the Oromo people’s mind is not anticipated as the win-lose version western democracy similar as soccer ball game or a chess game to gamble with it. No one or group has a right to play this game,

In Gada System, no one must bury his head in a sand as it has always been in the case of the loser’s party in western democracy. No Oromo mourns on the day of we call it Baalii dabarsu (transferring the service and responsibility and Obligations from one to the next generation) incomparable to the western democracy art of election, most precisely selection of one or the other dominate political party and power transfer.

On the day of Baalii dabarsu, all Oromo’s sings, dances about their blessed Gada system and the unanimously elected Aba Gada, peace, tranquility, health, and prosperity, etc. of their people and the new anointed Aba Gada and his legislative period of service in contrast the mourning about almost half of the losers citizens stamped as losers in western democracy.

One must also bear in mind that the word politic of Greek origin ‘Politika’ that meant affairs of their Polis (City-states) and similar to Demokratia (Democracy) and their corresponding trends as system entered to the global arena with the settler colonialists of Europe, further indoctrinations, and acculturalization that turned to pandemic today are strange words in Gada of the Oromo people.

In Gada System, and in authentic Oromo Language, there is no indigenous word for Politics as it is often used now by whomever he or she is. The borrowed term used as its equivalence frequently used by Oromo speakers recently is the word Siyaasa of Arabic origin. Our people pronounces Politika of Greek origin as “Pootoollika” simply to indicate it as strange, be shifting the vocals. It is a third-hand term and system imported by the Habesha settler colonists established on bunches of packed lies, myth, and fables and further operates on its fabrications. Willimas Smith, the veteran of ICU of South Africa under the Apartheid regime once defined: Politics is nothing but a racket to steal money from the people,” similar interpretation of the term by the Oromo people.

The culture of Gada embedded with Saafuu (moral and ethics) is hyper-allergic to lie and liars. In fact, Lie is taboo in Gada and within the Oromo people. If one is detected and proved to be a liar, then it has high consequence to that particular person his family or groups and can end up with ostracism.

To add one line to it, the imported cultural makeup of Zionism of the Abyssinian settler colonialists that was and still is diametrically the opposite to that of the Oromo people’s worldview and humanity. For Habeshas (Abyssinians) lie is their art of life that turned to their global signature and mannerism since they settled in the African continent that holds true to the very hour. Just take a second and think about any Abyssinian that come in your mind and search for the truth from all possible means of communications available.

I will assure you without any prejudice, you are looking to find a needle in a haystack. In fact, that must be the biggest challenges one faces in relations to the Habesha community independent of their social status time and place. You may begin to seek for truth from beggar on the street to the priest in the church, the teacher in the school to a professor in colleges, a militia on the street and may end up to a politician in the office you will up with my conclusion.

In fact, that was and still is the fatal logic that the Oromo people and the southern people did in the past and did not learn from it yet. We trusted and still trust the untrusted aliens of the north, the Habesha’s whose bases of mind setup is founded on diabolic lies and myths of Zionism we know since our interactions in our ancestral soil.

Our humane culture, and generosity as a return stamped as primitive, uncivilized, devilled, brushed with coal tar, targeted to be wiped out. Our people were and still chopped with sword, massacred, turned to the slave, to the serf, to the property of aliens of the north on our own ancestral soil yet. As Oromo elders say “Coorqaan ofii dhaabani, gaafa nyaatan nam gubdii.

We thought and still thinks they also think like we do think, a deadly, the very dangerous irreversible tragedy we destined to witness throughout the establishment of the predatory empire that we still did not able to erase from our mind once and forever and suffering from submissive behaviors by copying the myths and trainings of the Abyssinia settler colonialists, the burdens of our people since her predatory-prey relationships established and they yet sworn to keep their staus-quo to their last birth.

2) Gada is sterile from tyranny as Democracy prelude to tranny

  1. Gada is proved sterile from tyranny

It is often said that politics is about power. In fact, that is what come in our mind whenever we hear the word power. A misnomer by itself in Oromo worldview, a prelude for tyranny. If one digs deeper what meant power in western world, one come to define: One who has the tools and potent to kill en-mass within short period of time by crowning of the tyrants and unreserved loyalty that holds true to the very date in global community.

In Gada system what the west calls it power belongs entirely to the people. No person, group or titleholder etc., such as Abbaa Gadaa (the President) or Haadhaa Seegqee (the first lady in western parlance) have more or less right. They have all equal right and obligations as an individual Oromo citizen. The unique homegrown system serves the wellbeing of the entire people of all socio-political-economic cultural and spiritual world.

The mythology and the philosophy of the Oromo people, similarly, to other African people teaches and practices that the Supreme Being Waaqa (God) created human beings equal in theory and practical life on this inhabitable planet. Heaven or Hell is right here on the Mother Earth, and do not seek in a vacuum. Authentic Oromos grown up, nurtured and thought the Gada philosophy and world view are free from the illusion of the mythical theological teaching and writings of strangers out of Africa used as a tool of enslavement and exploitations to the entire Africa, and tell us to seek heaven somewhere in an unknown world after taking our land. The Gada system of Oromo people, the most prosperous land, and culture has never ever worshiped and will never ever worship in any physical representation and images.

Waaqa in Oromo worldview is invisible and no human can see Waaqa. We only see his work. There is no King, Prince, Master, Slave, High, Middle or Low class, prophet, Pope, call it whatever you like etc, based on male-dominated part of world packed with all sorts of myth, fables, discrimination and injustice against fellow human being of an extensions of Greco Roman worlds thought of the western hemisphere and its copies such as in Abyssinian as we know it today.

Gada departs from the Greco Roman thought and their puppets that the Gada System has zero-tolerance against all sorts of discrimination and injustice against human being and proofed sterile from it in theory and in practical life in its nature establishment, development from time immemorial in the history of human civilizations. Gada is sterile from conceiving, birth, growth, and development and nurturing of tyranny. Thus, tyranny is just a dead-born child in Gada, whereas the so-called western democracy is an open door for nurturing, an incubation box for tyranny as history teaches us repeatedly.

For instance, the elected Aba Gada by itself is a lifelong proofed reproofed person in each and every stages of his biological as well as mental development from birth to the Gada grade (grade of full responsibility to serve his nations according to Gada principles): He must be the master of the enormous complex Gada system as a whole elected to serve the nations according to Gada, not the reverse as it is often in so-called democracy. No actions will be taken by Abbaa Gadaa (the president) or Haadha Seeqqee (the first lady ) own decision or impose what so ever issues without the peoples consulting, debates, solutions and total authorization by the people and blessings of by Aba Qaaluu (Spiritual Father) in contrast to the westerner democracy written to serve its citizens, the taxpayers, but the reality check speaks the opposite language i.e. the ruling elites independent of the precarious paths to hold power can execute, give orders without even informing, let alone to be part of the debate and finding the best solution.


  • Democracy prelude to tranny


In theory, westerns have celebrated the 2510 birthday of the so-called democracy of the Greeks in this year 2018, but not a single decade in their real life of their society. If one dig deeper to their history to ferret out the truth, virtually Europe has no a cultural trace of democracy per se throughout her history if one is brave to call it history at all.

If one dig deep in the establishment of western democracy to ferret out the facts committed in human history under its one come into conclusion that is a fine-tuned system adapted by groups of kleptocrats, autocrats and technocrats to serve as the system of divide and rule a system of exclusion and institutionalized and legalized system of operation of the citizens in specific terra called state.

There is no need to go far to the past when the 20th century is designated as known as the century of democide (Mega killing) by expertise on the subject and continued to the very date. One of the most notoriously studied and known of Mega killing, among many others under the mask of power gripping through ballot-box “Western Democracy” if at all to be called so was the Nazis party (NSDAP) in Germany. The party come to power with about 43 % votes win that turned A. Hitler to be the leader in 1933 then called the German Third Reich. It turned to one man’s state and property.

As a result, he led to 12 solid years of Fascism, to Holocaust and finally to World War II that caused a death of over 20 million human being in human history. Thus, just think for a second and imagine about the numbers of civilian population killed since the birth of Athenian democracy in 6th century BC to the very date under the regimes call it Empire, Kingdom, Autocrats, Tyranny, Feudalist, Communist, Capitalist etc. Independent of the adjective attested to the person call it President, Chancellor, Prime Minister in most cases the member of one political parts raises up to be a champion through propaganda machinery within short period of time come from nowhere and campaign, by propagating false promises to steal the votes of the ordinary people till his or her throat is dry and sound is dumb.

For instance, the power holders of Washington DC portray themselves as an ostensibly, as an apex of democracy tried to lecture about it, when injustice and power abuse is the fact of the daily business on their own ground and rankling globally. As elders say: when you point one finger to someone else the rest three fingers points at yourself.

A candidate of one political party can be a president even without winning the popular vote as in the USA for instances and paradoxically still called “democracy.” As it was in the 2000 USA contest between George W Bush and Al Gore or H. Clinton and D. Trump two years ago, and where the world or the USA is now. Independent of all political jargon in between, as result, one distend to witness slogans the reflections of from the citizens that read YOU ARE NOT MY PRESIDENT!!! In fact, he is the president according to their system and establishments.

The paradox of although the majority of the citizens who did not voted for him. They all are obliged to pay taxes. That proves again and again, what was called the western democracy is indeed a legalized autocracy, an opened door and license of tyrants, dictatorship, power abuser; liars and most painstaking racists political despots can sat tall on the saddle and control the whole in one hand, and deploy all tools at local or global level by direct or indirect interventions. These are proven major accomplishments human tragedies that some of the unfortunate parts of the global community were suffered are still suffering genocide and ethnocide going on that we destined to witness by day in and day out right now in the global political arena.

If we have to change tomorrow we the Oromo people are going to look back what we know for granted the Gada System in order to look forward.

The following article, part IV will thoroughly deal with the pillars of the Gada system vs Democracy and its Principles, What meant law? Accountability? Terms and Limits of serves…?

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