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Part I


By Odaa Hora


The amorphousness of the term democracy utilized as tools of legitimacy to rule by the tyrannical regimes who come to power by bullet or through ballot box focused on series of Abyssinia bandits since here establishment form the mid-19th century parallel to the European colonizers entitled as DEMOCRACY: A PRESCRIPTION OF CYANIDE PILLI TO THE ABYSSINIA & CONT.TPLF TYRANNY was thoroughly explored in the preceding article. She established a dependent predatory and barbaric empire versus the whole south to the contemporary fascists of TPLF one-man and one party command post rule.


This part of the article questions the most often noisily spoken and written nomenclature today than ever called Western democracy that those of us who have had an opportunity and passed through the curriculum of what was called “modern education,” more precisely indoctrination, where we trained, socialized and turned to be a believer instead of a knower. As a result, we portray and impose the copy of strange terms such as democracy as the silver bullet to solve the political, social, economic and cultural problems of our nation blindly. We claim as certified name it BA, MA, Ph.D., etc, to justify what we have read or heard through the curriculum we enrolled without questioning the validity and practicability of strange, non-home grown terms, mannerisms, behaviors and enforces to implement it on our own society by all means we can. Strange, because the term democracy of Athens origin was implemented by the Athenians to solve the problems of their polis (city-states) at that period of time, not the rest of the very most world they did know nothing about. The term was brought by the Greco-Roman empire to the rest of what we know as Europe, and their extended immigrant families via Seas, Oceans and disseminated to the rest of the world as we know it today


We even propagate the strange ideas and narratives that we were forced to believe in it and attest, prefix it privately, to uplift our own profile from what we often heard, read through our curriculum and come out to echo what we have told. We turned to a stranger to the very most of our own people who could not get the opportunity of the so-called modern education: an entry card to the establishment and to serve with loyalty. Strangers to our ancestral soil and culture. To put it in other words, unconsciously, through these training, we turned to be mental and material dependent clientelist of the “educator” of the establishment. We feel as “civilized”, to be considered and entertained as an “intellect” for the eyes and the ears of the alikes; the certified.

In fact, that is the only one purpose of the training of the established system, called “western education: Academia and its curriculum. More precisely, the indoctrination, to produce, reproduces a loyal, perfect servant and the maintenance of the established systems Eternity. Otherwise, it is just a loss of time, energy, and resources.


No one educated us and will educate us who we were and who we are on this Planet, and provides us with the skills and the tools to learn and teach our own History, Wisdom, Culture, Humanity, Civilizations, and Systems of Administration. No one taught and will never teach us the great civilizations of the African continent and the African people’s, Wisdoms of our ancestral heritage and their role in the world history and humanity.


No one will teach as the unique Gadaa-Seeqqee System of Oromos, the Lua-system of Sidamas, one of those remarkable creations of the human mind that evolved into a full-fledged system of government, as a result of centuries of evolution and deliberate, rational, legislative transformation for at least six thousand years before the birth of Greek in global human history indeed. We even attested the strange name “democracy” name to establish political organizations analog to the tyrannical regime and portrayed and took for granted and redundantly propagate it as the silver bullet of all the problems of our people. More on Gadaa-Seeqqee- the homegrown and real democracy and its’ measure pillars will be treated in the second parts of the coming article. Back to Athens.


Were Athenians ruled by Democrats or Kleptocrats?


In order to have the full picture and the evaluations of what was called democracy and compressive understanding making a brief excursion to the history of the birthplace of Democracy, i.e. Athens may shed more light and the final judgment on the subject as a whole. Most significantly, what it intended to the people of Athens as a whole and the system that ruled the Athenians at that specific time and place.


The term democracy of Athens, later Greek origin (Dēmokratiā), where Demo means (the mass of ordinary people) and Kratos (the political power, rule.) Literally, in English, that meant the political power of the mass of ordinary people. It was introduced by Cleisthenes as reform of the tyrannical Archons (rulers) of the notable city of Athens in 507-508 BC, similarly, reforms were also existing in some Greek city-states. Apropos, Greek, It worth’s to note that the word Greek itself was granted by Rome, derived from Graiksos, inhabitants of Graia a town of Boestai district around Thebes from Greek word Thē bai. Thus, Greek was an empire itself that incarcerated scattered autonomous tribes around the Mediterranean such as the notorious classical rivals of the military city of Sparta and Athens and incorporated into what finally called Greek. It must be called the Greek Empire indeed, but Rome reserved the privilege of naming for itself “Imperium Rōmānum” and Greek turned its colony.


What do the facts of the Athenians of that historical period impart us? How does it end up to be a broad-spectrum recipe for all socio-political, cultural, economic etc., problems of the world community imposed today? The real difficult question to find the answer is, did it ever practiced in Europe and in her immigrated families via Seas and Oceans for the last over two-half millennium? And, can we call Athens, a democratic polis (city-states) after all?


Moreover why must the older civilizations who owes their own home-born, grown nurtured and developed indigenous systems such as the Gada System of the Oromo people which is far more better than what is called the western democracy that was proved to serve as tool for tranny in the human history to the very date, nevertheless we portray and imposed as the only solutions for the world community, who virtually do not know its existence late alone to implement it a system of peace ,justices tranquility and humane. Our people have never been needed and do not need Athens democracy, to administer, to solve their problems to live with justice and tranquility law and order. They have it at home and did not need to go to Athens or to import its 2nd hand copy from the so-called Westerners.


An analysis of the establishment of Athens at the begging of the 6 century BC that was considered that democracy per se: the political power of the mass of ordinary people ruled Athens was indeed very far from the facts on the Athenian polis. The total population of the city of Athens was estimated to 140,000, with size of ca. 2,500km, approximately the size of today’s Luxembourg. Out of them only 40,000 archons “higher class”, ca. 8% who were older than 18 had a right to vote, for the rest, the very majority that encompasses, women, slaves, farmers, and Mitecs (Immigrants) mainly from North Africa were excluded.


Another scholar has suggested that in the mid-4th century there may have been about 100,000 citizens, 10,000 resident foreigners, or Metics and as many as 150,000 slaves. The military of Athens were built on the back of the slaves. Among citizens, about 30,000 were males over 18. If these numbers are fairly correct, then the demos comprised 10 to 15 percent of the total population.


The population of Athens was socio-politically classified into four major hierarchical groups, the Archons (higher class), who portrayed as Noblemen’s pedigree who had a right to hold slaves, own land, and the socio-political power of decision making. They were nicknamed by critical thinkers and writers of that period as “the Lazy Horses” lived by predating on the others. They do not know what work means, and allergic to work, self-legitimized to live as a prey.


The second class were also known as middle classes, these were professional workers, merchants, traders, contractors, manufacturers, artists, etc. most of them were considered as noncitizens and called Metics from Greek word Metoikos that means Immigrants who had no rights to participate in any political and social system of Athens and had no right to vote, and the third class were also known as the lower classes were predominately slaves and the farmers (serfs). Slaves must buy their own freedom from their owners in theory, but that could rarely realize in fact, let alone to be a part of the political and social participation and votes. The irony of it was the case that the city of Athens and its military were built on the backs of the slaves.


Thus, Athens was ruled by collective Male, chauvinist tyrannical archons, or aristocrats that Athenians nicknamed them as the “the Lazy Horses.” In other words, Athens was ruled by Kleptocracy (government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves), rather than Democracy per se. Most importantly what the Athenians called it democracy was basically to solve their own problem within themselves at that specified time to avoid internal butchering, clashes of interests of Archons or Aristocrats let alone to give a credit as the origin of democracy (the people rule themselves), unless one wants to escape from the truth and the facts on the ground at this junction of history in first place.


It was also the Athenian jury found guilty and forced to drink hemlock, (Conium maculatum), poisonous herbaceous plant and killed Socrates as it is known accused of “refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state” and of “corrupting the youth.” One must also bear in mind that these scattered Mediterranean tribes have over thousands of years of interconnection with the great civilization of Africa and Asia, more precisely the Great Civilization of KMT (the Black land) or the Black People of the land) along the River Nile and the civilization of Phoenician respectively for which today more than ever evidences are mushrooming from various disciplines.


Thus, there could have been no Greek civilizations and later called European civilizations back to square one without the great civilization of Africa and Western Asia, as its backbone that the Greeks fine-tuned it in their terrain and their epoch. The best sources and evidence were the Greeks themselves, first hand, who traveled to KMT-Africa in search and to acquire knowledge in all sphere of life and come back home turned to be the “Origin of civilization” of what was called the later European civilization: the absolute denials of the facts at their epoch and not much changed yet.


Demos from Athens via Rome to Europe and Americas


Greek was credited as the birthplace of democracy and the sources of European civilization. In fact, It was not the Greeks who had very little if at all any connection, but It was Rome who brought as they call it civilization to the Barbarians of the north now known as Europe and their Immigrated families via Seas and Oceans under the doctrine of wipe out policies “terra nullius” of the indigenous people, conquer, occupy and resettle where ever their footholds on every habitable continent in possessions of lands and corresponding resources.


How did the Greco-Roman world teaching of democracy were implemented in later European metropolitans and the democracy bestowed by the Washington DC to the globe, as they say, to bring the world to a better place? If one considers the scattered Mediterranean tribes as Europe, then the invasion of Alexander of Macedonia, the great monster, the A. Hitler of the 6th century BC who destroyed the greatest human civilization of KMT renamed to Egypt and final led to its collapse, if we can cast our eyes a bit higher that was the begging of the African Holocaust per se by the Europeans. He totally destroyed and occupied, plundered, looted the products of over ten thousand years of African civilizations wisdom and shipped back to Europe.


It worth’s to remind that as the sacred histories call it KMT-is the flower of African civilization whose roots and stems extends up to the South. As they stated in the papyrus of Hunefer: “We came from the begging of the Nile where God Hapi dwells at the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon”. The great African civilization that could not share its secret, its mystery system yet, in the 21st century.


As Europe comes out of her dark ages, almost over half of the world civilization were already accomplished before the birth of Greek the mother of “European civilization” if at all one is brave to call the civilization that had been scrubbed from the record of ancient Greece by 18th- and 19th-century historians steeped in the racism of their time, a societal cancer. They mainly invented and fabricate new name such as the “Mediterranean race,” the Hamitic race, the Aryan races the Semitic race, etc, attest whatever adjectives the like for the sake of psychic satisfaction and profit–geared that succumbed over 210 million of Africans lives on this planet in five centuries alone during chattel slavery according to UNESCO reports of 1978. And, the killing of Africans followed from 1870 to 1960; about a century of colonialism where over 200 million were murdered: the African Holocaust.


Yet, no lesson learned from one of the gruesome acts crime against humanity of the past and the vast majority of the human being still suffering from it in each and every angle of this blue planet: Earth. The past which we know for granted was deliberately ignored and further promoted, mutated to the neo-colonialism or re-scrambling of the Africa content as Alpha by the same people who come out to the rest of the world with the premise of wipeout, plunder and destroy whatever comes on their way.

More ironically, they could not even shame to propagate to lecture about “democracy” where ever they pay a visit to Africa and propagate their grandiosity redundantly to put the world in a better place in the 21st centuries.


The mockery of it is that their offspring today are louder and vocal in portraying themselves as an “apex of the Democracy and its vanguards” to underpins their recipe for the rest of the world today than ever. Let the facts and figure of the rest past speaks for itself. Alone in the last century according to Rudolph J. Rummel, intensive research studies, and publications who come to the conclusion: Power kills, absolute power kills absolutely and that is the most serious threat to humankind in our century. He reported in total during the first 88 years of the 20th century almost over 170 million men, women, and children have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed or work to death; or buried alive drowned, hanged, bombed, or killed in any other of the  myriad Ways regimes have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens. Democracies themselves are responsible for some of the democide (Mega killing) committed in the 20th century.


During the era of the so-called cold war, the African continent was viewed as a convenient pawn on the global political chessboard. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the continent turned to be the prime targeted terra of competitions for the west lead by the USA and followed by the Europeans and the new emerging powers of Asian, such as China, India and others to re-scramble her rich resources on the surface and under the surface as it has always been for centuries in the past. Africa is turned to the final frontiers as far as the world’s natural resource supplies of energy for the survival and development of the westerners (like oil, natural gas, uranium, solar or biofuels etc.) her fertile soil and lands, minerals, and agricultural and animal products, etc, in which the African content is blessed with.


The noisiness of the nomenclature turned more ubiquitous after the collapse of the rival eastern blocs lead by the USSR known as the communist blocks and the fall of Berlin wall in 1989. The winners of the global political trophy the Western Capitalist and Imperialist blocks singularly who considered themselves, the civilized west, the global police, etc., and operates under the mantra of the political jargon called western democracy and its enforcement of its value in their own image under the misnomer called “development aids, Globalization, Investment, Security, protection of their interest, etc.,” most significantly in the resource-richest African continent.


The term what was called development aid, an equivocal, endless diabolic lies, in fact, meant nothing more than re-scrambling, and the protection of their profits by all means possible. The program that started to formulate in the 1960 and the spin took off with the assumption that the old colonial powers would gradually phase out their direct financial aid as colonies became independent and multilateral organizations like the UN, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund took over development work. These are all fine-tuned purposely planned and calculated tools and systems to cloak their ruthless exploitations of African resources ad infinitum as it has always been since the establishments of the historical predatory-prey relationships between the Western Europe and their extended families and the African continent and where ever their feet holds on this planet via seas and oceans “the civilization missionaries” like the that holds true to the very date.


They further prescribes, lectures, imposes to implement their own image as they have a broad-broad spectrum recipe, as a silver bullet to solve the entire global problem. In fact, they were and continues to be the causes of the problems of the globe by itself that they created in their own image for centuries through violence and extermination policies wherever their feet hold on this planet, let alone to be the solvers. As it has always been their main goal, is to uphold their established profit-geared interests that were deep-rooted in their bone-marrow that go back for centuries of the so-called “civilization missionaries,” the cold-blooded murders indeed. The rest is a lip services, of duality behavior and endless fed of the propaganda machinery they monopolize.on the planet


If at all if there is something new now is that the same people who consider themselves Democrats, civilized, Christians, etc, sponsors and provides the tyrants of Africa without exception and elsewhere with all tools need to commit genocides on peaceful civilians who stands against tyranny on their ancestral soil.


The mindset of Europe who left their motherland to search for resources via her geographical boundaries with premise of annihilations of the autochthonous people from their ancestral soil where ever their ship docked, and territorial and resources acquisitions is as old as the establishments of the relationships of other older rich continents such as Africa, Asia, and Americas are in concern. Thus, the current Europeans designed and built concentration camps to avoid the flight of African refugees’ footholds in geographical Europe.


The current preparedness of the mega-project to build walls, iron-cartons, for which they are masters at their motherland, around over 30.4 millions of square kilometers of the Africa continent to turn it to a continental prison house that human civilization has never ever destined to witness if it is realized. This fact, again and again, proved that they follow the footsteps of their grandfathers yet and they did and will not learn lessons from the past. They do not even respect the so-called UN law and norms they initially profited from it and would not even allow their lowliest citizen, let alone the “quasi-states”, regimes and criminalists to be tried there and they are above International law.


The Awful Truth of Development Aids


The real question to ferret out as a whole is who desperately needed and still needs whom to develop? What did and do the facts on the African soil spoke and speaks, teach and taught us. One crucial fact that we often forget to tell the world for whatever the case might be is that Africa helped to develop Western Europe in the same proportion as Western Europe helped to under-develop Africa. Dr. Walter Rodeny wrote what sucks me most, is the fact that “so much of Africa’s wealth goes to non-Africans who resides for the most part outside of the continent” in his book How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. Furthermore, Prof. Richard Drayton wrote “the modern world as we know it would not exist without Africa and its Caribbean plantations.” Quoted by Osei Boateng How Africa developed Europe and America in NewAfrican, October 2005 No 444 edition.


Is it, foreign auto companies or the African man and women, slave children laborers forced to work without virtually without payment and any protection in Uranium, Diamond, Cobalt, Calton, Gold, mining fields, etc? Is it the foreign chocolate fabric or the child Labour in a Cacao plantation in Africa? Is it the foreign flower companies or the young Oromo girls and boys forced slave labor in the greenhouses in Oromia under unbearable working conditions, without any protection from hazardous and cancerogenic herbicides who can not finally buy her his daily bread or an Oromo or Sidam coffee farmers who could not get even one-tenth of their product? Late the picture speaks for themselves!!


Child labor in African mining fields, Cacao plantations, Flower plantations, Agricultural fields, lists without limits are daily business in each and every corners of the continent. More painstaking slavery in the 21st century in human history. These all inhuman crimes committed by moral and ethic-less conglomerate regimes and companies operate under the mantra of “globalization, democracy, development aids” that grows exponentially from years to years. A diabolic lies to keep the status quo of the undeserved and untenable superiority of resources where Africa is already seen as their own backyard and properties. These are all the news, the video audio footages we daily watches and witness the chicanery of the African people today. Without shame, they propagate and tell us to bring the world in a better place. What a magnificent paradox.


We must always keep in mind as an African that the very reason why first of all the Europeans invaded Africa and the premise they moved from their home and fine-tuned their nomenclatures from time to time. The fact is simple and crystal clear and that is for land and resources acquisition via her boundaries by deploying all means they possess. It is also a fact that of all the continents in the world, Europe is the 2nd smaller continent in size and densely populated and the most resource-less and avaricious resource consumer in the world paradoxically. That led her to go out of her geographical boundaries to the unknown world to acquire land, resources and wealth and ship back to her home. As a result, she committed a crime against humanity that the world had never ever seen.


So far the relationships of Europe, the most resourceless content versus Africa is concerned nothing has changed in real except vocabularies such as “democracy and its modifications prefixes or suffixes, such Representative, Federal, Liberal, Developmental, Christian, etc. that seems fishable to ears and eyes today than ever, but the same fundamental establishments based on exploitations under these masks.


Nothing has changed that almost everything that Europe needed to develop, and still needs to fulfill her deep-rooted gluttonous habits of resource consumption had to (or must) come from abroad, and the richest African continent is the Alpha to be preyed.

If we read their mind and watch the competitions of the greedy colonialists of the past and other competitors of on the African soil and resources today it is an open secret they all are competing to secure their colonial ownerships status quo of the past for further exploitation as it has always been in the centuries of the colonialism. They are analog to their grandfathers “civilization missionaries” of the past who invaded, conquered and committed Genocide wherever their footholds.


That is why they provided and leading firearm exports, modern automatic firearms modern military soft wears, cyberspy technologies, logistics, etc, to their clients they breeded, brought them into the political power, authorized to rule and maintain in the power. As a result we destined to witness the crime against humanity: Genocides committed by the tyrants so far the interests of the tutelages were kept intact and their profit–rings, with simple logic, give an egg, the political ticket to the tyrants, dictators, autocrats of Africa and Asia etc, whom they catapulted and name them, the good guys with whom they can make business and take a hen from the people of Africa in return and ship it back home and justify it in all. They invented the conglomerates who consider them as NGOs, indeed are the silent killers, Nihilist Groups of Organization to accomplish their tasks term to suppress, the natural dynamics of the developments of the society to overthrow the tyrannical regimes such as in Africa or Asia and elsewhere where committed under the masks of the so-called “Western democracy, Civilization, Development…..” and their extended long-arms.


“Knowledge of our own people and culture is power, it provides wisdom of Liberation, and People are not liberated because of lack of the knowledge of their own heritages”


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