Oduu Haaraya

Obscure destruction against global and honest construction


Waging war against the neupogen of the people and failure to detect the therapy resistance will not bring cure to the critically ill empire


By Dr.Baro Keno Deressa



  1. The obstacle of freedom, peace and democracy is the ruling system of the Ethiopian empire.
  2. The obstacle of the freedom, peace and democracy is the leader itself while the system of the Ethiopian empire is correct.


Testing the hypothesis:

A hypothesis is often examined by multiple scientists to ensure the integrity and veracity of the experiment. This process can take years, and in many cases hypotheses do not go any further in the scientific method as it is difficult to gather sufficient supporting evidence. Upon analysis of the results, a hypothesis can be rejected or modified, but it can never be proven to be correct 100 percent of the time.


Upon above scientific concept of description and century long evidence of the empire which one is the best explanation for the Ethiopian empire.


  • If the ruling system of the Ethiopian empire is obstacle for freedom, democracy and peace then we would expect certain line of state rule with powerful decision making body and pseudo leaders.


  • If the leader of the Ethiopian empire is obstacle for freedom, democracy and peace then we would expect continued rule of one family dynasty or one person dictatorial rule.


The actual observation and the century long evidences contradicted the second hypothesis and matched the first one under certain line of state rule explanation.


Solution: eliminating the unfair ruling system of the empire is paramount


The entire nations of the Ethiopian empire have paid enormous price for the real change in order to eliminate the discriminatory system of rule. Despite the collective struggle to eliminate the existing colonial system today I would like to concentrate on the Oromo peoples sacrifices under these bloody empire.


The Oromo people have paid countless price in order to protect and preserve this empire for the sake of collective benefit and equal share. The passing of our hero’s, an icon of the struggle against the colonization of all kinds, creates a great hope to fill.  Their death also reminds us of their life. A life unparalleled for their bravery, conviction, and devotion to a just cause, and to the liberation of their fellow men and women and particularly their own people Oromo those who mostly affected. A life in which they struggled against the might of the Ethiopian empire and sacrificed their own liberty so that all Oromo’s and other nationalities in the Ethiopian empire could enjoy dignity, prosperity, and freedom.



When it comes to fighting to defend the country the first is Oromo

When it comes to stability and unrest control the first is Oromo

When it comes to creativity to build the country the first is Oromo

When it comes to death and torture the first is Oromo

When it comes to real power the last one is Oromo

When it comes to money the last one is Oromo

When it comes to equality the unnamed nation on the paper is Oromo

When it comes to praising the hero’s the hidden name is Oromo

When it comes to self-rule the eligible one is northern

When it comes to colonial rule (free for abuse) the first one is Oromia


One of the greatest challenges of the Ethiopian empire leaders is fail to understand the Oromo people. Oromo people is a nation who was created by God for good. A nation who believe in managing political and social disputes peacefully, without lapsing into conflict, or sustain economic growth without creating huge inequalities and respect the rule of law. To do that, setting the rules; hiring persons with the technical expertise and moral competence to interpret the rules or implement the goals of the organizations; and ensuring that the institutions inspire public confidence by being transparent, fair and consistent. But the Ethiopian elite assume this golden gift of the Oromo people as ignorance and naïve. That is why the play dirty game always when the Oromo people struggle come to the boiling point.


Why I am forced to write this article?

The current situation in Ethiopian empire with the name of real change is the main trigger to write this article. Why the Ethiopian empire leaders still playing the same game against Oromo people. Let us look the previous games:

  1. During Menlik and Haileselase era the Oromo’s were killed and destroyed by direct colonial force and traitors (gantus)
  2. During the 1960th revolution the Oromo’s were the fore front fighters and the core leaders under the name of Ethiopian Empire, but after stabilization the chaos the revolution ate them one by one including their relatives.
  3. During the eradication of the derg regime in 1991 initially the Oromo peoples got the best chance to learn each other after century long of separation. But later on from 1992-until now the so called democratic Ethiopia regime ate us all (our unborn baby were killed by agazi forces, our future generation were massacred, our intellectuals were imprisoned, tortured, disappeared and killed, our sisters, wife’s and mothers were raped, our elders were humiliated, our land is confiscated and our peoples are/were evicted and generally unhuman atrocities are/were done against Oromo people)
  4. So called real change 2018 or PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed and president Lemma Megersa Era. As an Oromo I am very happy to see the sons of the Oromo in the oval office. I am also watching and following up-to-date information of prime minster Abiy Ahmed and president Lemma Megersa activities and speeches. Their speeches were accepted among many Ethiopians. But my question is why those 2 Oromo young leaders humiliate their peoples Oromo by accepting menlik (the butcher of the Oromo people)  as hero’s and waging war against the icon of the Oromo people organization OLF.


One of the main mistakes of our Oromo brothers and sisters in the history of our struggle is fail to understand the enemy psychology or fail to detect the therapy resistance of the Ethiopian empire elites and dare to destroy their brothers and sisters life. Is that sane or insane the decision is up to the public. Prime minster Abiy Ahmed gave a broad scientific analysis to the EPRDF officials. But the hidden organized wolf in that conference room is laughing at him by calling him naïve and empty (while he is humiliating his peoples, confusing qeerro’s and labeling the icon of our nation OLF the wolf’s are strengthen their military, intelligence and economic power).


Through the entire colonization period our Oromo brothers the servant of the Ethiopian empire are committed to one process. That process called love process, winning our enemy through love is the best remedy to bring peace and stability. But our enemy recognizes such kind of blessed and humane approach as a naïve, empty and ignorant way of life. One potential example of this facts is:  every form of dependent organized Oromo move traced and eliminated, every form of dependent organized Oromo organization will be targeted and labeled as a terrorist, every form of dependent organized Oromo self-help association is targeted as a danger for a bloody empire. Then the question is if they hate Oromo people in general why they love to approach the individuals with prodigious appetite to eat? Why they invest on selfish individuals and groups?  The answer is quite clear definitely they hate Oromo peoples in general but those weakest links are the best needle for them to suck the Oromo blood permanently.


While the Oromo leaders are wasting their time to build the bloody empire and destroying their brothers and sisters life, our enemies are building their power, gathering their resources and designing their tactics in order to fulfill their strategy to eliminate initially the protector of the empire an Oromo leader, then killing the powerless Oromo elite and lastly controlling the entire nations like their previous ancestors. So My brothers and sisters: be wake up to dismantle the enemy plan and start to work to unite the Oromo people under one powerful agenda with powerful vanguard.


In medical terminology Neupogen is Granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). A G-CSF is a type of growth factor that can be injected after chemotherapy to help your white blood cells recover after treatment.


OLF is a neupogen of the oppressed nations. OLF as an organization formed to eliminate all forms of oppression and injustices. Beside this golden vision OLF is fighting to liberate his people Oromo and other nations under the Ethiopian empire. During those long period of a bitter struggle OLF built men and women who have the will and vision to accomplish greatness, not for themselves, their immediate families and friends, but for their country and their peoples , Lead the youth in the name of Qeerroo to promote the total revolt until transplantation halts “TRUTH” and lastly to generate the potential of the nations like colony stimulating factor.


Long ago Oromo people and their vanguard organization OLF found the best remedies for Ethiopian empire. Here was the OLF declaration: The OLF believes that peace and security in the region is possible only when oppression of any sort is eliminated and people live together through mutual understanding, equality and respect for each other’s rights.


Racist images and assimilative identities created by the colonial regime are manifestations of the power of empire to implant harmful delusions and to confuse our minds with laboratory fantasies. As weapons of disempowerment, control and dispossession, they are superbly effective. Yet their full purpose and effect remains the spiritual defeat of Oromo people and the dissolution of nation building aspiration. The psychological landscape of contemporary colonialism is defined by extremes of self-hatred, fear and co-optation of the mind; the effect has been the creation of a reality and culture in which people are unable to recognize, much less realize, their value as human beings.


As a human being to live free and as an Oromo man and women to protect our family and our people from strangers, deceive and deceit tactics of colonizers one’s and again I will beg you to line up behind your vanguard organization OLF with unlimited support by ideas and finance to shorten the invasion of these cancer in order to save our coming generation.


Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium


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