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Let us be Voices for The Voiceless People of Hararge, and let us Stand for The Truth and Justice, Not The Government


By Dr. Hassan J

The injustice that is taking place in Hararge region of Oromia will eventually spread throughout Oromia/Ethiopia if we are not proactive about it, and I hope we all will take necessary actions against this injustice. Let me say this; some people think speaking against this injustice makes you somehow less Oromo and makes you less patriotic. Whether you agree or disagree, I am an Oromo first, I am as patriotic as anyone can be, and I am one of the proudest Oromo men on the face of earth; however, that doesn’t mean, I don’t advocate or speak on behalf of the Oromo people of Hararge who have been struggling under this authoritarian like government. I hope you join people like myself and me in fighting against dictators, the stepsons, and daughters of TLPF (Old-OPDO), more than anything, and I hope you put the interests of Oromo, the benefits of all Ethiopians before your affairs as I do. Regardless of how much we are in love with this new government, we must side ourselves with the people and the nation if we aim to implement real democracy, equality, and the rule of law in Oromia/Ethiopia.

This injustice profusely implemented in the Hararge region of Oromia more than 27 years ago. As every single Oromo and Ethiopian person would tell you, for the last 27 years, the (TPLF) had done irreversible damages in Hararge region of Oromia. The injuries include, but are not limited to killings of human lives, looting resources, and restraining the people from self-governing, of course, throughout Oromia/Ethiopia; however, damages are more severe in Hararge. However, with tireless fought against the TPLF-regime, the Oromo and other groups of Ethiopians were able to remove that brutal government and replace with the hopeful energy (Dr. Abiy’s government). Truthfully, everyone was excited to see such fresh energy and positive change reformist came into the power. I was one of the very first people to surround myself with this energetic group thinking new energy (current government) would listen to the people and implement real democracy as soon as possible. Boy, I was wrong!

Once again, even though, the (TPLF) has done so many damages throughout Oromia and Ethiopia, in general, under the (TPLF-regime), the Hararge region of Oromia is the State that the (TPLF-regime), has destroyed the most. For instance, the (TPLF-regime) prohibited sons and daughters of Hararge from the local, state, and national leadership and power. The (TLPF-regime) prevented the sons and daughters of Hararge from gaining higher education. For instance, according to one the prominent Hararge men who was a lawyer in Ethiopia, he said, to get a scholarship to attend University in Ethiopia, he had to hide his real identity (Oromuma), claiming that his father was Adare, one of the smallest ethnic groups of Ethiopia. On top of that, he testified that he was an anti-ABO, he would report anybody who supporters that organization, only to get access to higher education with a scholarship. As you see, the last 27 years, had been some of the darkest time for the people of Hararge. The TPLF- had inhumanely killed, jailed more civilians in Hararge than any other places in Ethiopia in the name of ABO. They have looted more resources from Hararge region of Oromia than any other areas in Oromia/Ethiopia, and these are the facts, not opinion. And this is what we the people of Hararge have been dealing with and continue to fight. How about now under the so-called reformist?

Under the new government, we hoped and dreamed for real equality, real democracy, and more significant change, in Oromia/Ethiopia. When he first took office as the Ethiopian prime minister, Dr. Abiy Ahamed had not only stated that he would reconcile divided Ethiopia, heal the wound of the nation, but also, Dr. Abiy promised that he would implement real democracy which allows every single part of Oromia/Ethiopian region to have the ability to reject the older OPDO-leaders whom the government imposed on people, and elect leaders of their choice through democratic process (Democratic election). However, now, it seems like, all our hopes and dreams are shattering down in front of our eyes, and here is why. For instance, ever since Dr. Abiy Ahmed became the prime minister of Ethiopia, the Oromo people of Hararge have been asking the government to give them a chance to elect the leader of their choice since older TLPF-thugs are not working on behalf of the people. Although, many of us believed that Dr. Abiy and Obbo. Lamma Magarssa would listen to the people; they are far from what we thought of them.

As we all have been observing the government of Ethiopia is not only refusing to listen to the people of Hararge, but the government is forcing the people to accept the leader whom the government imposed on the people. According to inside sources, the Government of Ethiopia is telling the people of Hararge that if the people of Hararge do not accept the leader that is brought to them by the government, the government will take action against the will of the people. For example, Tayiba Hassan, the vice president of Oromia, has stated that the people of Hararge must accept the leader which the government chooses for the people. If they refused, the government of Ethiopia would provide guns and other heavy weapons to the leaders the government had selected for the people, so if the people do not listen to what the government elected leaders to say, these “leaders would have rights to kill the civilians.” If this is the case, what is the action people should take against this authoritarian government?

In 1963, the famous African American man and human rights icon, Dr. Marin Lurthe Kind said, “Wait” has almost always meant “Never.” I truly agree with this statement, and we should not tolerate what is going on in the Hararge region of Oromia/Ethiopia as some people would like to say, “Wait” for the government to settle down. We have been waiting for the last six months, and we should not wait any longer. Mainly, we the people of Hararge region, the young, old, students, scholars, farmers, women and men stand up against this authoritarian government. We need to be outraged, and we need to be on the streets day and night until the government listens to us.

Remember, change does not come easy, for instance, aside from our struggles that brought change to Ethiopia, in general, here in the United States, back in 1963, the African Americans stood up and protested the U.S. bus companies for 365 days on the streets. Of course, after many mothers, fathers, young and old were killed and imprisoned, the African American won the case against the bus companies. That says, we have been waiting for the last 27 years under the old regime, now under the new one, we have tolerated for the previous six months, and nothing has changed; in fact, the killings and torturing of our people are getting worst under Dr. Abiy’s government. To bring the change we want to see in Hararge and throughout Oromia, we need to take it to the streets, we need to fight hard, and we need to be constant with our fight, and we need to keep fighting until we get what we want (The freedom and fairness). We will win because the truth always prevails. I am an Oromo first, but that doesn’t mean, I don’t advocate or speak on behalf of the Oromo people of Hararge who have been struggling under this authoritarian like government. I hope you will be voices for the voiceless Oromo people of Hararge, too. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Hassan J.,

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