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UFIO Statement on barbaric and cowardly act of terrorism on peaceful rally in Finfinnee
June 27, 2018 – It is with utter shock and disbelief that we received a news of bomb blast on Saturday June 23 at
peaceful rally in Finfinnee. We are deeply saddened by the senseless loss of lives and carnage caused by the
blast, and we extend our heart- felt condolences to the families, relatives, and friends of the victims and our
wishes of a speedy recovery to those injured.
Those who perished rallying for peace, freedom, equality, fraternity, and democracy deserve a special place in
our hearts and in the annals of history. In contrast, those who are responsible for this wanton act will be
relegated in to the dustbin of history.
We believe what transpired at the peaceful rally this past weekend was undoubtedly an act of terrorism
deliberately targeted Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed and millions of supporters of his ideas for democratic
changes. Furthermore, we have no doubt that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are desperate groups
distressed by the sweeping political changes brought about by the heroic and brave struggle of the Qeerroos
(youth movement) and our people and being implemented by the new prime minister.
The perpetrators’ penchant for terror to circumvent the march for freedom and democracy shows how desperate
and wretched they are and the extent of moral decadence and brutality exhibited by rejected and dying elements
conspiring to cling to power through terror and coercion. Terror and coercion as a means of staying in power did
not work in the past twenty-seven years and does not work now either.
Thus, we take comfort in knowing that the use of terror and coercion cannot stop the march of people yearning
for freedom and democracy. Instead the march for freedom and democracy will leave this terrorist group in the
dustbin of history.

UFIO categorically condemns those behind the attack in the strongest terms for their pusillanimous and barbaric
act on peaceful rally in support of a visionary and progressive prime minister. It is our hope and prayer that
those murderers will be found and brought to justice to face the maximum punishment for their crimes against
In closing, we call on all Oromo political Organizations and civic organizations to set their differences aside and
stand in solidarity with our heroic Qeerroos, masses, and with Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to hasten the
downfall of the decaying terrorist syndicate that has been terrorizing our people for more than a quarter-century.
Weeding out the remnant of the enemy amidst the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is an essential
requirement for the dawning of democracy in the region and for having liberty, equality and fraternity among the
people of the region.
Victory to Oromo people and all oppressed people of Ethiopia!
United Front for Independent Oromia

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