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Mr. D. W Giorgis’ speech at “Vision Ethiopia Conference” is an Amhara chauvinism manifestation at its core!

By Abbaa Ormaa

ODF forms Alliance with am Amhara group to come up soon.


The following two paragraphs are the basis of the speech given by the chairman and founder of “Vision EthiopiaMr. Major D. W Giorgis, at the recent conference organized by “Vision Ethiopia, in Washington DC titled “The End Game and Transition” (http://www.ethiomedia.com/1000codes/end-game-and-transition.pdf). The following two paragraphs say everything you need to know about the true mission of “Vision Ethiopia” and the conference. The significance of this speech is that it is not an opinion of one participant at the conference.  This is the view of “Vision Ethiopia” founder.

The rest of the speech is dedicated to making case for preserving “the unity, the culture, and the history of its people”, as presented in these paragraphs.

“The regime in Ethiopia grew out of such evil characters. It engineered an ideology of hate, the supremacy of few and ethnic segregation. It started off by redefining the boundaries for which millions of Ethiopians have fought and died for, destroyed the unity, the culture, the history and the future of its people particularly that of the youth.”

It introduced and preached ethnic politics, established fake ethnic federation and launched propaganda of hate among the various ethnic groups. It manufactured and distorted the history of Ethiopia and instituted systems and policies that openly promoted the supremacy of a minority population in Ethiopia. In the most diverse continent, Ethiopia is the only country where one ethnic group, which represents a minority population, dominates the economy, security, and political and social life of the country.  ….. “

First, I am not a defender of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) by any means but I don’t think that anyone has quarrel with why TPLF was born. It was born, like many of the liberation front such as The Oromo Liberation Front, The Eritrean People’s Liberation Front, in response to the repression, marginalization, and dehumanization spewed toward their people. Not out of any evil characters! Unless confronting repression, hate, and marginalization are evil acts. The problem is what has become of TPLF once it controlled the lever of power. Also ethnic politics and racism did not start with TPLF. It was championed by Menelik and by his descendants and perfected by subsequent regimes of Ethiopia targeting different groups for over a century, Oromo being their ultimate target.The only difference is now you are on the receiving end for once. I know it hurts. Welcome to the camp. No one perfected “hate propaganda” and racism more than the Amhara elite’s machines for over a century toward the Oromo people and their culture.

SecondWhen the speaker stated “the regime destroyed the unity, the culture, and the history of its people”, it is clear what kind of unity, which culture, and which history he is referring.  Let me remind the gentle man what those things means to an Oromo.

“The unity”:  Aanolee Memorial Monument in Adamaa is a constant reminder of the kind of unity that Mr. Giorgis wants to bring back.

“The Culture”:  We all know the culture Mr. Giorgis has in mind as that of Ethiopia. The Oromo people, the Sidama people, the Afar people, the Somali people, the Benishangul people, and the rest of the people also have their own culture that they pride about.  If “the culture” is what the speaker is prescribes to all Ethiopian, then his Ethiopia is more frightening than TPLF’s Ethiopia. The rest of the people of Ethiopia should say NO THANKS!

“The History of its people”:    “The History” and “its people” are oxymoron in the case of Ethiopia unless “its people” refers to one group.  The Ethiopian history the speaker is referring to is a history of Tigray and Amhara warlords. It is a history that teaches the Oromo people as uncivilized people who came to Ethiopia from the see; depicts the rest of the people in Ethiopia as people without history. Again, this begs the question who is “its people”.

Third:   “One who lives in a glass house must not through stone”, I could not pinpoint the source but it sounds like the speaker had a Melanie Trump moment in the second paragraph. I am confident I will soon find the original source that reads as

“The Amhara elites manufactured and distorted the history of Oromo and instituted systems and policies that openly promoted the supremacy of Amhara hegemony in Ethiopia. In the most diverse continent, Ethiopia is the only country where one ethnic group, which represents only 23% of the population, dominates the economy, security, and political and social life of the country. Ethiopia is the only country where 23% percent of the population imposes its language and culture on the rest of the people in Ethiopia. “This is the Ethiopia that ushered in TPLF’s Ethiopia.

I applaud ODF and its leaders for joining hands to preserve “the unity, the culture and the history of its people”. Now I see why the speaker referred to Ginbot 7 and ODF as “the majority of political organizations in Ethiopia”. To be a legitimate political force in his version of Ethiopia, one has to sign on his self-serving misguided notion of “the unity, the culture, and the History”.  I have to give credit where credit is due. The speaker knows when to throw a humor and it was a good one. It made his audiences giggle inside when he said  “….This body (ENM) is composed of all the political groups that currently conduct the struggle on the ground, and these are the Oromos (ODF) Amahras (represented by an individual and expecting an organized group representing the Amharas to come up soon)….”

He knows it that Ethiopian National Movement is a joke.  So, why not make a light of them.

There are many legitimate and robust political organizations that boast the support of the majority of their people unlike ODF. Oromo Democratic Congress, Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front, the list goes on.

It worth mentioning here that ODF’s leaders didn’t even know with what they are signing on and with whom they are forming alliances! That was made clear by the speaker:

“…represented by an individual and expecting an organized group representing the Amharas to come up soon”

ODF formed alliances with generic Amhara group yet to come forward by signing on a blank paper. ODF’s leader is the same person who said he is not ready to run for the premiership in 1992, the same person who signed off the lives of thousands of Oromo Liberation Army and put them in TPLF’s concentration camp.   For Oromo people, ODF is like snake, the poison resides at the head and the rest is a tail.

It is the same Amhara chauvinism all over again in the name of “Vision Ethiopia”. This two paragraphs strips naked the true vision of the so called “Vision Ethiopia”.  It is making mockery of Ethiopian people’s intelligence.

How in the world are we supposed to hope the future with people who refuse to learn from history and fail to recognize the urgency of the time?  These people try to use the same tricks and demagogue as they did when there was no Viber, FaceTime, Facebook, Satellite TV, and IPhone. They think that we consume only information they ration for us.  Today my ankle in Jarso can reach anywhere on the globe without leaving his house and knows more about Ethiopian politics than these demagogues.

Mr. D. W. Giorgis’ speech is nothing more than Amhara chauvinism manifestation! The good news is your Ethiopia is in the history book and a new Ethiopia is on the horizon. One that embraces all her children and that gives equal opportunity to all to fulfil their God given potential. The only vision you have is that of bringing back the failed, repressive, racist Amhara hegemony that is rejected by the vast majority of Amhara people who expressed their solidarity with the Oromo youth by declaring “Oromo blood is our blood” to the Ireechaa massacre! And the Oromo youth who shouted “Amhara blood is my blood” My hope is with busloads of Amhara youths from Gojam and Gondar headed to Bishoftu to show their solidarity with their Oromo brothers and sisters at Ireechaa when the Agaz cruelty was visited upon them.   

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