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North Norway Oromo youths Demonstrate against the ongoing human rights violation By TPLF/EPRDF regime in Trondheim, Norway

North Norway Oromo youths Demonstrate against the ongoing human rights violation By TPLF/EPRDF regime in Trondheim, Norway

Report by Getinet Dinkayehu

Oromo Youth in North Norway on March 1, 2014 protested against the ongoing human rights violations, inhuman killings, and the repression being done by the criminal Ethiopian Government and urges the TPLF/ERPDF to stop dictatorship with Impunity. It is terrifying and unjust that the continuing suffering of Oromo people through systematic human rights abuses by the Ethiopian Government is largely ignored by governments around the world. Yet the heinous crimes of the TPLF/EPRDF government rank high in the catalogue of human right abuses committed by African governments.  Over the past two decades, the TPLF-led Ethiopian government has imprisoned tens of thousands of Oromo political oppositions, several thousands of innocent Oromo have been deteriorating in prisons and secret camps, and many have been and are being cruelly tortured, killed, uprooted, raped and exiled. Others have been abducted in broad daylight, and made to disappear or murdered secretly.

There is no peace and stability, no freedom of speech, no freedom of press, no freedom of assembly and no rule of law in Ethiopia. What truly exists is totalitarianism of one party and gross violations of democratic and human rights.  The TPLF led Ethiopian dictatorial regime continuation of targeting the Oromo people through brutal suppression to prolong its grab on power should not be tolerated any more. The TPLF/EPRDF repressive “Anti-Terrorism” law, which came into force in 2009, has worsened the condition of Oromo individuals of all walks of life. As repeatedly reported by international human rights organizations, this Law is being used by the Ethiopian government as a powerful instrument to crack down on political dissent, including peaceful political demonstrations and public criticisms of government policy that are deemed supportive of armed opposition activity in Oromia. Today more than any time in the past the Oromo people are subjected to systematic killings, disappearance, torture, mass arrest, harassment and imprisonment in villages, workplaces, towns and cities of Oromia. The forced Eviction of Oromo peasants from their ancestral farm lands for leasing several millions of hectares of Oromo lands to foreigners under obscure terms, denial of job opportunities and dismissal of employees from their jobs on flimsy excuses are a daily experience of Oromo people in Ethiopia. Oromo’s and Oromia are discriminated against in employment, promotion, education, and other social services. The TPLF Regime own the media, the internet and most communication means. They use the justice system as a tool to torture and demoralize dissents instead of using it for fair and free justice system. We remember what has happened with the two Swedish journalists, they are living evidence how the Ethiopian justice system is corrupt. The policies and practices of the TPLF/EPRDF regime have forced millions of Oromo to become political refugees in Africa, Middle East, Europe, Australia, and North America.  We remember the recent victim Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda, the well-known freedom fighter who was deported from Kenya with Engineer Mesfin Abebe in 2007 is killed on August 24.08.2013 in the notorious TPLF/EPRDF prison of Qaallittii.

We know that Mr. Bekele Gerba, prisoner of conscience and lecturer in Addis Ababa University who were thrown into prison On August 27, 2011 by the TPLF regime is still suffering with poor health and his life is in danger due to lack and denial of medical care In Qaliti prison.

International human rights organizations have extensively documented the torture, disappearance, extrajudicial killings of Oromo activists and lists of extensive chilling crimes against the politically oppressed Oromo people. With an estimated 25,000 Oromo political prisoners in official and secret prisons simply because of their nationality and their resistance to injustice, it has been reported that Ethiopia’s overcrowded prisons speak Oromo language. However, despite its well-documented dismal record on human rights, Ethiopia, a key western ally in the Horn of Africa, is being fueled by the $3 billion it receives annually from the EU and United states, as reported by Human Rights Watch and amnesty international. While this all violations happening against oromo humanity, it is completely unfair to keep silent and watch the damages.

Therefore, the Aim  of the protest was to condemn the current Unlawful and inhuman Acts of TPLF/EPRDF Government against Oromo and to call on the US and EU and the Norway governments to stop their relationship with the Ethiopian dictatorial regime, to review their strategy towards the oppressive brutal regime and instead support the genuine struggle of the Oromo and other peoples for freedom and equality which could serve for lasting peace in the Horn Africa region, to act on behalf of justice for the sufferings of Oromo and put the necessary pressure on the Ethiopian government to release all political prisoners of which the overwhelming majority are the Oromo.

During the event, Mr.  Bent Houge who is long known as a human rights activist in Trondheim and Mr Kiya Gonfa one of the organizing group has delivered a speech on the ongoing human right violation in Ethiopia.

Among the slogans raised and chanted during the demonstration are:

The TPLF/EPRDF Government is the most repressive government In Africa ,TPLF stop killing murdering torturing and kidnapping Oromo, stop Evicting Oromo from their Land, Stop selling Oromo lands to Foreign investors, Killing will not be a solution ,TPLF you can kill thousands but you cannot kill 40million Oromo , we Oromo will never stop our struggle until Freedom, TPLF respect human rights, Free Bekele Gerba and all Oromo political prisoners ,TPLF is a killer, a liar ,a murderer, TPLF is Ruling Ethiopia for 22 years(USA, EU, Norway… is this democracy? Is this respecting Human rights? ), TPLF is brutalizing people in Ethiopia for 22 Years, There are about 25,000 Oromo suffering in Ethiopia( EU; USA; Norway you know this but we are wondering why you support this dictators),Several Thousand Oromo are suffering and dying in Neighboring countries and in middle east  (USA, EU, Norway you know this ,stop allying with Dictators), USA, EU; Norway stop sending your money for TPLF Government ,your money is supporting and strengthening dictators ,your money is killing Oromo, USA; EU; NORWAY support the struggle for freedom , Support our Struggle, Supporting the struggle for freedom is International obligation Etc…..

At the end of the Demonstration, all participants promised to continue to be a voice for their voiceless people and to struggle till the freedom of Oromo and Oromia.


Victory for the Oppressed Oromo people!

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