Oduu Haaraya
liyyuu pooliis

The notorious Somali region Liyu Police has been waging an all out war crossing boarders in Oromia.

In just last three weeks at least 23 incidents of cross boarder attack has been recorded in five provinces ( West Hararge, East Hararge, Bale, Borana and Guji) resulting in killing of at least 47 people. Liyu Police is heavily armed paramilitary force estimated to be some 20,000.

This force was created to fight the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) a rebel group active in the region. In pursuit of ONLF, Kiyu Police under the command of the psychopathic regional president Abdi Illey acting under the order of Tigrean generals committed heinous ethnic cleansing in Somali region before turning its gun on Oromos cross the boarder.

The current campaign of cross boarder war is definately designed by Tigrean intelligence to divert attention from the upraising in Oromia and also prevent the lowland boarder areas from turning into base of armed resistance. In long term it aims to sow seed of everlasting dispute between the two brotherly people. Thus, Somali and Oromo activists need to work in tandem to foil this dangerous conspiracy of TPLF>

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  1. So, what are Daud Ibsa’s ” WBO zoni kibbaa and WBO zoooni baha” doing, then? It shows there is no such a thing as an armed group called “WBO” in oromia at all!!! Daud IBSA has been lying to the oromo people for 18 years and must be removed from OLF.