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Obbo Lenco Lata’s party is registered for 2015 election

Rundassa Asheetee 

There is no doubt that CIA is crowing victory by obbo Lenco Lata’s party returning to Finfinnee.  Mean time, the TPLF bosses too will be satisfied by the pleasure they harvest from Lenco Lata’s return to Finfinnee.  For the CIA, it is a matter of botching an unprecedented opportunity to control the horn of Africa, and for the TPLF, the return of Lenco Lata’s party is a matter of gaining more legitimacy that it is a democratic government with an Oromo president and a Walayita prime minister.  Obviously no other governments of empire Ethiopia had ever installed two fake men in power, one from the marginalized majority Oromo, and the other from the most demeaned and looked down upon small tribe known as Walayita.
Certainly, the TPLF will win the election and declare that every thing is working as planed, while  it’s victory would give all those who are robing the country a new chance of five more years of profit making venture.  Yet, no body would be more glad than abba Biyyaa and Dima Nogo, men who have worked hard for this day to come. On the other hand, the OPDO will not be pleased to see Lenco  returning home, of course unless Lenco’s return wold zero-out the influence of the Blue and Madirek parties propaganda, provided an agreement is reached that the ODF would be OPDO’s Trojan Horse.  What is sure however is that all nations who bought lands and business in Oromia will back the TPLF and continue to fund it’s military and spying networks. 

What about Eritrea and the oppositions supported by it?

Lenco’s returning to Finfinnee will not leave the Eritrea based opposition groups in the cold because now they understand that procrastinating the liberation process will only hurt them as the ODF destruction grow and as challenges become colossal.  Nevertheless, ODF’s influence is not going to be enormous as it may have been hopped to be, especially if it’s ineffective movement gradually dies off following the process that suffocated those of the likes of Licho Bukura, who became the Tigre regime’s shoe shine boys. Over whole, obbo Lenco’s party participation in the TPLF election changes nothing for Dr. Marara since his party has already been dead.

Interestingly, the TPLF regime will ratcheting up it’s violence against the Oromo people as the OLF intensifies it’s military operation and accomplish two tasks at one time, i.e undermining the ODF in the process of renewing effective military operation against the OLF

As to the CIA and the west, they will step up their assistance to the the TPLF as long as the Tigreans are willing to enjoy power and wealth creation for themselves quietly, still allowing fake president and prime ministers.

The good thing is that the OLF and other armed groups stationed in Eritrea will no longer live in an illusion if their objective remains to fulfill what they’ve promised their respective ethnic groups.  Most likely, they will sign agreements to help each other out against the distraction of the TPLF. The Ginbot 7, the Arbanyoch Ginbar and the Tigre opposition groups may want more from the OLF and from Ogadenia liberation fronts, however, they have no choice but accept these two fronts demands of accepting Oromia and Ogadenia as semi independent states.  Without this, there will be little prospect for any of them to win against the TPLF on their own. 

If the ODF happen to gain popularity and wins a respectable seat in the Tigreans parliament, the slave-minded OPDO will be pushed to the sidelines as it’s prominent leaders retire with large sum of money in their pockets. Basically, like those Tigre generals, few OPDO generals too will  become business men who would supply money and information to the younger TPLF bosses and protect their businesses interests.  The question here will be, would the OLF get well organized this time around  or it will remain to be a loosely organized entity.  Perhaps the most promising  step that the OLF can take is take new organizational rapprochement and transition itself real quickly if it wants to become an effective organization. Otherwise, obbo Lenco will succeed.

Rundassa Asheetee

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  1. There is no such a party as ODF. There are however, a few individuals such as lencoo and Dima who have done woyane a great deal of favour and now believe that it’s time to reap the fruit of their hard work. They will be competing against OPDO to more closely aligned with the ruling party.

  2. janja’a, what is a semi independent state? can you explain this first before blabbering about what you don’t grasp any how?