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The OLFPressReleaseon TPLF’sMasskillingsof the OromoStudents.

Ref: olf.003/2014

April 30,2014



The OLFPressReleaseon TPLF’sMasskillingsof the OromoStudents.


The Masskillingof the Oromo studentswho have peacefullyprotestedagainst injustices in Ethiopia isonlyinvigoratethe Oromo people struggle forjustice.


Sincethelasttwentythreeyears, the TigrayLiberation Front (theTPLF)controlsthe statepower in Ethiopia, the TPLF regimehastargeted Oromo peoplein generaland Oromo studentsin particular.  The TPLFhasarrested, tortured and killed thousands Oromo in thepasttwentythreeyears.Thecurrent senselessmasskillingsof Oromo studentsin different universities,likeAmbo, Wallaga, DireDawa, Robe, Adamaa,Haramaya,Jimma, Illu ,etcisthe heinouscrimethat shockedtheconsciousof humanity.


The OLFstronglycondemns such barbaricand egregiouskilling of innocent Oromo university studentswho havepeacefully demandedtheregimeto haltthedisplacement of Oromo farmersfromtheirAncestrallandand theinclusion of Oromo citiesand surrounding localities under Finfinnee(AddisAbaba)administrationunder thepretext of development. Instead ofresponding for theirgenuinedemands, thebarbaricTPLF regimeopted to massacretheOromo studentsin broad daylightsin the eyesof internationalcommunitywhich havewatchedtheagonyand senselesskilling through socialmedia.


Wewant to remind theTPLF regimethat, continuoustorture, arrest and arbitrarilykilling ofthe Oromo studentswill not stop thelegitimatedemandsof Oromo studentsin particular and the Oromo peoplein general. Instead, the TPLF Action will   invigoratethe just struggleof Oromo peopleto decide theirdestiny in theirhomeland.

Wecallupon the OPDOto stand with theOromo studentsand Oromo peoplein this historicalgesturewhenthe TPLF regimehas engaged in killing theinnocent Oromo people. Not doing anything and continueto work with the TPLF under thiscondition will make you (the OPDO)part and parcel of TheTPLF crimeagainst Oromo. Weremindyou that thisisahigh time for OPDOand itsmembersto stand with theOromo people genuinedemandsand constitutionalrightsguaranteed even under the TPLF (Ethiopian) constitution.


Wealso call upon allOromopoliticaland civil organizationsand other politicaland civil organizationsthat claimtheywork to bring democracyand freedomin Ethiopiato


condemn thisheinouscrimeand stand with thelegimatedemands of Oromo students and the Oromo people.


Also, weurgeallpeace loving governmentsand peoplearound theworldto condemn thissenselesskilling ofinnocent Oromo studentsbyEthiopiaregime, and stand with Oromo students’ and Oromo peoplewho havebeen peacefully demanding for their legitimaterightsfromtheEthiopianregime.



Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Chairman

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