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Truth barometer 13

Part i

By Odaa Hora


The article explores the current stage of the bankruptcy of fake Ethiopian Empire; the Prison-House of over three-quarters of the population incarcerated within the terra ruled iron-fisted by the TPLF-Fascists gangster’s clan suffering from acute socio-political, economic and credibility crises from within and from abroad. Consequently, the dependent predatory and barbaric empire is on the brick of its final hours of burial, once and for ever.

Furthermore, it explores what signified the Settler Colonial Empire of Abyssinia (SCEA) and gave her chances to come too far in African content to stand on her two feet’s at all. She is/was well known with her chronical famine, wars, disease, etc. and dependent on aids. The people confined within the Empire do not know except series of monsters to whom power meant committing genocides on the people of the south to Abyssinia proper, one taking over the other by a bullet and traded with fake named “Ethiopia” to the contemporary.

The article addresses the two major factors that brought her too far and stand on her feet. It departs from within: the internal pawns, renamed, bred, branded and sworn to serve as a loyal servant, the presence of ill-born assimilated betrayals and proselytes were her first foot stands on. These are groups of people who run away from their own people and turned their back to their own people until the bullet gets them, caught red-handed or killed themselves. The second part of the article explores the chronical word what was often called “aids, aids” endless that turned to the religion of the regime and the amoral, greedy donors, bystanders blindfolded, and deaf eared external forces all through her invention, her survival, and her maintenance.


Suffering myriad socio-political, economic and credibility crises from within and from abroad, currently, the TPLF-Fascist regime has one foot in the grave and the other foot tottering. The TPLF-gangsters’ clan has ruled the barbaric dependent Empire since summer 1991 with an iron-fisted, reigned with Guns, Tanks, Terror, and Horror under the mantra of EPRDF. led by one man, Meles Zenawi, who heads the contemporary gangsters from his graveyard.

Post-Irreecha massacre at Hora Arsadi, Bishooftu, the perfect tyrants of TPLF gangsters clan deployed their final reserve Killer Commanded Killers (KCKs), “command post” under the garb clad with “State of Emergency Declaration,” in an attempt to extinguish the flame of the fire of liberation: Bilisummaa!.Total Liberation of Oromia: Bilisumma! Bilisummaa! Xumura gabrummaa! Propelling toward Finfinnee from each and every corner of Oromia. The regime officially legitimized, authorized and mobilized his KCKs ambulance to save the dying predatory settler colonial empire. She is now in intensive care therapy, in her last phase of breath to collapse.

Irreecha is Oromo Thanksgiving Holy festival day, considered the biggest cultural and spiritual celebration in the African continent. Sunday’s massacres of the pilgrimages, on the 2nd October 2016 that will be remembered as Bloody Sunday in the history of the Oromo people was purposely planned and executed by the fascist regime in broad day light. Genocide researchers call such an intended crime targeted at a particular cultural, religious event of Holy festival days of celebrations as cultural genocide. Culture is the complex whole, the sum of learned knowledge, language, skills, beliefs, arts, moral laws customs and other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of the society. What makes a human a human is its culture. Thus, an intended crime against cultures and its celebrations in places, where peace full people from all ages and genders are gathered in overcrowding to celebrate is the worst of all other types of genocides commission.

Acts of crime against humanity by the Habeshas/Abyssinians is as old as their presence in the north eastern Africa. The TPLF gangsters’ clan began committing systemic elimination of the formidable forces right from the day the tyrants occupied Finfinne in summer 1991. The clan intentional planned to wipe out policies executed calculated massacres, indiscriminate killing, harassment en-masse, rape, various suppressive inhuman acts, looting, and plundering, lists with no ends that turned to a daily business of the tyrannical regime. Most of these atrocities are/were conducted in darkness and behind enclosed doors in concentration camps indeed, but officially called “prisons” a misnomer” in covert.

What was new, a week after Bloody-Sunday, was that the fascist regime has publicly declared to proceed the elimination policies that was committed behind concert walls and barbed iron wire in broad day light in the streets, fields and the home of targeted Oromos under the garb clad with “State of Emergency Declaration (SOED).” SOED: an intentionally planned, legitimized, authorized outright killing targeted the Oromo people by instigating and waging wars of elimination of the Oromo people. The tyrants continued systematic eliminations evicting Oromos from their ancestral soil; concentration camps are over crowded by Oromos, massacring, indiscriminate killing, harassment, rape, and various suppressive inhuman acts are skyrocketing. The classical Abyssinian system, the Gafol system (institutional plundering-predate on victimized Oromos ) is in practice: burning houses and agricultural products, of Oromo farmers, looting, plundering, resources, robbing all that comes on their way turned to be the ritualized day-to-day business as it has always been. Where ever the feet of KCKs hold genocides is committed from one corner of Oromia to the other corner on the day in day out.

The regime dreams to maintain the “Hagermaqnat” policies of their father and grandfathers a war of expansion and aggrandizements that mainly began by Menelik that turned equivocally to “Hagermalmat” policies of the TPLF-Fascists of today. They employed and deployed their trained KCKs to extinguish the flame of the fire of liberation in Oromia and the whole south by large to achieve what they dream of. Today than ever, the fact on the soil loudly and heroically speaks another language. The saver of the regimes finally front, the intensive care units killer brigands are surrounded by the flame of the fire of Liberation to be cached very soon and to be (Irbaata abida), let alone to stop the flame of the fire of Qabso xumuura gabrummaa.on. Right now, the clock is ticking on the fascist regime and is close to its final hours of burial once and for ever.

Internal Pawns, Betrayals & Collaborations

The presence of ill-born PDOs of today under the tutelage of the TPLF gangsters amongst us are irksome and of nuisance value and must be fought not thought. It is the presence betrayals assimilates physical as well as mental slaves who swore to serve their masters till their last breath kept the barbaric regime and empire to stand on her second foot.  Frantz Fanon said: There are too many idiots in this world. And having said it, I have the burden of proving it.”

These are the internal pawns who run away from their own people and turned their back against their own people. As in all human history, betrayals are those who carry the faces, the names, know the language, the culture of their own people. They are the most potent weapon for settler-colonists survival, maintenance in all spheres. They are also the most dangerous groups, an internal enemy who knows their own people, escort their masters. They deliver the hardest fights at the front line until the bullet gets them to be accepted, proof their loyalty to their master.

They were/are invented bred and branded for the purpose, to serve as working horses or working Oxen in the hands of their masters. They are in their masters till they are profitable and loyal. Once they are not rentable and no more needed they will be thrown out at any time or may be kept in jail, killed or die.

The contemporary PDOs of the TPLF- Prisoners of War (POWs) are the perfect living examples in the poorest, predatory and barbaric Empire of contemporary Ethiopia. The PDOs are/ were the amalgamation of the losers of the army of the Derg military junta regime led by Mengistu Haile Mariam. They are rebred branded and baptized as People Democratic Organizations (PDOs) in 1989 in Tigray desert by TPLF. They numbered over three hundred thousand captives well trained military troops who fought a bitter long-standing war until the collapse of the Mengistu’s military dictatorial regime in the horn of Africa

At this junction of history, as strange as it is of the POWs of TPLF, to the logical thinkers, and an international law of 1929 refined in the1949 Geneva Convention of prisoners of war (POWs).The Convention ratified that War Prisoners (WPs) must be brought to justice, to the criminal courts to be judged and punished for the crime the conducted during the war, like Nazi criminals executed in Nuremberg 1946.

The case of POWs in the hands of the TPLF gangsters was diametrically the opposite. The TPLF legitimized the POWs to continue their duty what they trained for and join them to combat the remnants of the Mengistu’s regime scattered in Oromia on the way and occupy Finfinnee.

The manifesto of contemporary TPLF-tyrant why they went to the Tigray desert as the name is selves explanatory was to liberate the Tigray people from hunger from hunger and devastation as we all remember. They successfully accomplished their project in 1991.The military junta had collapsed and the Tigre people are Free according to their manifesto. But for the TPLF-clan that was the beginning of the hallucination to take the whole Empire with their own hand. The clan made a U-turn, turned from the liberator of Tigray to the Eliminator of Oromos and others to Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia borders. The course of eliminations began right from Finfinne from the begging of occupation, power consolidation and maintains the power in one man hand: Meles Zenawi. His deeds, qualify him to be considered as Menelik III: and who took guaranteed to be the vanguard of Menelik’s Empire defender.

Let us drop an eye for second on the era of three rival brigands who butchered each other interchangeably. The time Kasa (Yohannes IV) of Tigray, (also the place of the Birth of TPLF-Clans) waged war against Sahile Maryam: the underdog who surrender without any confrontations. He was forced to pay attribute to Yohannis. IV. After the death of Yohannis, the situation was reversed. The underdog, Sahile Maryam waged war against the disenfranchised Infantries of Yohannis led with an inexperienced successor. This time the under-dog Sahile Maryam won the battle. The fate of captives were solved by his advisor and who escorted Sahlie Mariam to this war; Alfred Ilg, a Mercenary Swiss citizen and the brain and the architect of Menelik’s Empire. He advised Menelik not to take a sense of revenge, harm, punish or kill them, but we will use them and tell them welcome.

Menelik lobed his advisor and announced the losers of Yohannis’s infantries to join him. They joined him. These were the strongest infantry division in the region well trained by Swiss military advisor. Sahle Maryam’s infantries had doubled his power and ready to invade the whole south executed what was known as the “Hagermaqnat” policies, a war of expansion that turned equivocally to “Hagermalmat” policies of the TPLF-Fascists now. A misnomer by itself. In fact, it was as in past an invasion, extermination, occupation, looting, and resettlements policies targeted on the southern people as a whole and, the Oromo’s as prime in order to develop Tigray. Just think where Tigray, one of the poorest region, whose global signature was War, Hunger, Refuge etc. in 1991 and today.

The TPLF-gangster clans hatched and conducting one of the gruesome acts of crime against humanity, a genocide right from Fifinnee to its borders of terra of her control in order to develop their mother land, Tigray. Similar to Menelik, the TPLF–Clan created the PDOs and legitimized to continue to give their serves under the tutelage TPLF under the mantra of “EPRDF.” History repeats itself, “Menelik” is alive within the TPLF-Fascists indeed.


Again the master teacher, an author of several books who studied the mindset of colonizers and the colonized, an active participant in the liberation struggle, like in Algeria Franz Fanon reminds us that in the struggle for Total Liberation there can be no room for reformist concessions because the war of liberation is not a seeking for reforms but the grandiose effort of a people, which had been mummified, to rediscover its own genius, to assume its history and assert its sovereignty.

Currently, the TPLF-PDO tyrannical conglomerates who occupied Finfinnee and ruled with iron-fisted for the last solid twenty-seven years is suffering myriad socio-political, economic and credibility crises from within and from abroad. Their Bank vaults are empty, hyperinflations and corruptions are skyrocketing.

The fascist regime economy suffering from severe blows, the where what to feed thousands of his killer gangsters’ led the power wielders to knock each and every doors of blind folded, profit paralyzed donors via seas and Oceans on one hand, and deployed his killer brigands to kill plunder resources and imposed to pay what they call it “Giber” on each every citizen who cannot afford their daily meals, survives with undernutrition as a result of chronic hunger and emaciated body and , one-fifth of the population suffering from famine (Hungernot), nevertheless, the regime’s declaration the tripled, quadrupled giber. There are no more sadistic acts than this. The world is tired of hearing an endless chronic diabolic pathological liar and thief of “Double-digit-growth.” the tyrannical regime.

It is crucial to differentiate the word “Giber of habesha’s ” from Taxation as it is mostly an incorrectly done. The word Giber comes from Gebar means Serf derived from the Settler colonial Abyssinians occupation of the south and implantation of the serfdom (a person in a condition of servitude, required to render services to a lord, commonly attached to the lord’s land and transferred with it from one owner to another. Synonym to slave service) whereas Taxation: is a consensus made between state and his citizen and vis-versa. It has its own laws and regulations that encompass the whole Citizens. It has its own codices, open to the public to be criticized, etc. In Geber/ serfdom none of them practical exists and the command comes from the predatory bands, according to their needs down to the citizens incarcerated within the empire.

The regime that cannot afford to pay salaries for his civil and civic services in all sector, beat propaganda of grandiosity, security louder than empty drums around o’clock turned to the religion of tyrants at Finfinnee. It was for long that the regime stench like gangrenous teeth to the very majority of the people incarcerated with in the poorest predatory barbaric empire. Their system of divide and force to control that was implemented for more than a century has expired like a DDT in most of the cases.

Finfinnee, Irreecha, Qubee Syndrome

Coming from Tigray desert, bare foot, half naked, emaciated like cholera patients with maatan injijii and occupied Finfinnee. The eliminated, evicted the Oromo’s since the day of occupation. They scrambled Finfinnee, plundered, poisoned her soil, her rivers, and springs, and now they want more Oromia. That was all about the plan designed by European at this time in France to scramble Oromia and wish to turn her similar to the Gaza strips of Palestine.

That was nothing but an awakening alarm to the Oromo people. The recklessness and self-infatuated mental attitudes and vulgarism of TPLF sycophantic statement of hatred and insulting by saying “Lik enaasgebachewaln!” belittling the Oromo nation. Words that ring in the mind of all Oromos in connection to Finfinnee and the TPLF Tyrants that showed their real face. As our people say: “Arrabni lafee hinqabuu, garu lafee nama cabsaa:

It was the past, her malignant narcissism and a chronical pathological propaganda pamphlet packages of myth and fictions of her [grandiosity, bravery, Island of security, the only “black” sovereign “Quasi-State,” the bastion of African liberation movements, even worse “the model of African Democracy”] in the African continent deliberately nurtured from one to the next generation. It is the sum of all at one that turned the current gangsters at Fifinne to megalomaniac mannerism, paranoia, and Schizophrenia to all the plans and acts of so called “Finfinnee master plan, massacres on Irreecha festival, and to mess up Qubee alphabet in Oromia and on the Oromo people. Schizophrenia; is a neurotic disorder characterized by social withdrawal, apathy, poverty of thought, contents of speech abnormalities and automatic obedience, among many other signs and syndromes

These are all part and parcels of the SCEA continuation of the establishment, maintenance and the chameleonic behavior of the dependent, settler (Neftegna) colonial empire of Abyssinia centuries of barbaric acts of genocides as a whole. They waged wars of genocides on Oroomumma (Oromoness) in its all forms of her territory, culture, language, environment, a list with no ends. In fact what must be told is that they are there to destruct anything that comes on their way to maintain her establishment and chameleonic behavior. That is why the wars instigated and waged now, the “Hagermaqnat” policies of Menelik, a war of expansion that turned equivocally to “Hagermalmat” policies of the TPLF-Fascists to wipe out Oromumma/ Oromoness as a whole whatever name they attest to the SECA

The dream of balkanization of the Oromia by the aliens of the north, the Abyssinia’s occupation, aggrandization, scrupulous cold-blooded killer, looter, plunder, diabolic liar, land-grabber and environment polluter, genocidal acts are as old as the date of the birth of the empire. Thus to the Oromo’s and the people of the south nothing was new in de facto. They are all hatched from the same egg in different time

  1. Fanon pinned it by saying: The turning point in the struggle for national liberation revolves first around the categorical rejection of the paralyzing indoctrination of the ruling class, which must be replaced by a dynamic set of ideas aimed at galvanizing the political consciousness of the oppressed.

For the Oromo’s, the silent, the invisible gigantic force of the horn of Africa, the birth place of Gada-Seeqqee system and peace loving nation the final alarm bell rang. The Oromo people stand firm resisted against the fascist regime and barbaric trained killer command brigands armed to their teeth bare hands crossed in front of the bullet. The heroes and heroines told not only to the tyrannical regime and his killer brigands but to the blinded, deaf-eared world to know to whom Finfinne belongs. Finfinnee is/ was the heart and the soul of Oromia and the Oromo people. Finfinne was there for thousands of years before the aliens of the north; the Habsha crossed to the African content. And Finfinne will go nowhere, but the miseries and perfidy (Chigir ina Chigaar) the only thing the Habeshas: the aliens of the north brought to her shall perish.

It was during elimination, occupation, and resettlement policies of Menelik and his settler-colonialist hordes, Finfinne was occupied and built on the bones of the children’s of Galan buried below her surface, blood drained in her soil and the survivor’s evicted that holds true through out her history to the very date. Finfinne turned to the center of command of the Settler Colonial Empire of Abyssinia; the center of meetings of European colonizers and African tyrants to the contemporary.Without a shadow of a doubt, the megalomaniac narcissist gangsters of Tigray did was that they add fuel to the flame. Oromos say: Gaangeen quuf’tee abaa sooree dhiittii.

Over centuries of grievances, subjugation of the Oromo people on their own soil by aliens of the north, and the sacrifice of the heroes and heroines gave in the past for the total liberation of Oroomummaa and her territory, led to the preparedness and sacrifice of the Oromos of today to fulfill the sacred task of Liberation. The power of political consciousness of Oroomummaa; a weapon of the emancipation of her children of Today, vanguards of the  Liberation of Oromia! Total Liberation, No ifs, No Buts, or Ands with all means possible that proved its firmness from every angle of Oromia against the TPLF-fascist regime plans and dreams of scrambling Oromia led to paralysis of the barbaric empire right now.

Apropos of PDOs; will be explored in the next part of the article. We must bear in mind the PDOs are created to destruct Oroomummaa (Oromoness) and Oromia nothing more. The contorting, distorting and mess-up of Qubee Afaan Oroomo (Alphabets of Oromo Language) is just a drop in the ocean. Somebody who knows what shame is knows what respect is. The OPDOs: the working Oxen of TPLF know neither of them. They showed up as a “reformist, bunches of do-gooders.” They scratch where it does not itch.

They must understand once for all the facts of Today in Oromia cannot be deluded and need to grasp that they are fighting for the dying empire running like a rabid dog from one corner of Oromia to the other. They must understand the Liberation Struggle is not a bargaining of any kind. the OPDOs is a dead born child. As Oromos say: “Harree ganma badee, galgalaa kurkurn hinargatani.”. Now than ever, Oroomummaa is no more a question of carrying Oromo names and speaking the language, propagating lies where ever their foot holds. Oroomummaa is and must be of mind set. A liberated mind set purified from any colonial debris “Amharaization camouflaged with Ethiopianess.” It is the total destruction of the settler colonial system (Sirnaa fi Qorqalbi Neftegna) from within our mind and our land and to be who were supposed to be, the Oromos in total! See previous articles entitled: Decolonization of Mind is the Milestone Toward our Liberation: One More Left in Africa: Half a Devil and Half an Abyssinian Empire, The Predatory Barbaric Abyssinia Empire, The Oromos Want the Aliens Out of Their Country Now.

As an adage: If you dig a hole for others, you will fall into it yourself.”


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