Oduu Haaraya

One more left in Africa: half a devil and half an Abyssinian Empire

Truth-barometer #1

By Odaa Hora

In understanding to explain Abyssinia without Europe and her extended family abroad, is an analog to judge a book by its cover, which most of the cash trapped captive and cop out scholars did in the past, and some still do. In fact, If a scholar is sacred to its’ discipline the name Abyssinia (mainly meant Amhara and Tigre) itself sheds a light on it. It was the Europeans who replaced the name Habesha (Half-Asian and Half-African) with Abyssina in their epoch. The name Abyssinia  was most popularly used in literature until Tefere Mekonnen and replaced it with a stolen name “Ethiopia” and constitutionally approved in 1931.

The source of the term Abyssinian that could be the nominalization of the English word Abyss via late Latin from Greek abussos ‘bottomless’ plausible have deictic connotation that describes the mannerism, mindset, diabolic lies, myth, hypocrisy and the chameleon-like character of the Habeshas indeed, and most importantly her self-denials that earlier European travelers, missioners continuously observed and reported in their books and diaries. The Habeshas were nomadic tribes who continuously flew to from arduous dry desert of southern part of Arabian peninsula most plausible from today’s Yemen to save their life from dying of hunger to the richest and highly civilized northeastern part of Africa, settled and lived isolated for centuries between the burning shores of the red sea in the east and the high mountain ranges between Tekeze and Beehelo on one side and Eeju in the west that is often impassable. They gradually admixed with the indigenous People, whose name Habesha (Half-Asian and Half-African) is self’s explanatory.

Today more than ever there is sufficient evidence that proves that the Abyssinian who propagated against Autochthonous people for centuries long as immigrants, come from Madagascar, and more surprising  “out of Water, and a people without history,” vilified everything of primordial of the people in which they settled. The Oromo proverb  says Boroonif dhuugaan suuta if’ttii,” roughly translates like this, “Truth and morning become light through time”

The fact is the Habeshas are  telling whom they are not who we are indeed, and  without a shadow of a doubt we know them who they are deep to their bone marrow whereas they cannot even know our names later alone our culture, moral and ethics. History proves today than ever we are the cradle of Human, Humanity, Culture, Religion, Moral, Ethics; Philosophy, Science [Mathematics, Medicine, Astrology, e.t.c. that rose for more than Five to Ten thousand years before Abraham, who was considered to be the Father of Hebrews, later know us Jews was not born on this blue planet, let alone the so called a virtual Menelik were born. Facts about the pedigree of Habeshas wrote, Munroy-Hay, 1991 in his research publication said that: “Later in the mid -1st millennium B.C. the southern Arabian immigrants or Sabaens appeared in Ethiopia, a Semitic-speaking who maintained contacts with the country of their origin for centuries.” Furthermore, Kivisild et al., 2004 quoted from Semino et al. 2004 in studies of Ethiopians and Yemeni mtDNA Phylogenesis investigation found out that “The Y-chromosomal haplogroup J1-M267,which is widespread through ought Arab-speaking countries and encompassed a third of Amharan Y-chromosome, has hardly penetrated the Cushitic–speaking Oromo population.” That proofs that the male offspring’s of the Habeshas, divers and invaders dominated the population immigrated from the southwest Asia to the horn of Africa than the female population who turned the indigenous female population within which they settled to slaves, concubines, house servants, sex objects.


She claim to be the direct descendants of the mythical son of Solomon who begat Sheba (Makeda or Balkis) in Jerusalem and came back to Africa after she got what she want and gave birth to a son called “Menelik” “the tribe of Judah” more pompous and extremely obscure ‘Conqueror of The Lion of the tribe of Judah, elect of God, to rule Africans those who had no Jews blood (Jus sanguinis) flowing in the veins and arteries.’ that breaks every rule. To make it more palatable Solomon and Sheba meet not biological according to the law of nature, but spiritually. Nobody knows for sure if the figure Sheba is, she or it, a woman or an animal with goat legs. The Zionist ideological and religious in scripts of the Alexandrian Copts in Egypt that was compiled in two volumes of books of folklore from southeast Asian that was brought to the region by Egyptians by her request.

She portrayed herself as a Christian faith, even more, she holds the Ark of the covenant in her church, which the so-called Menelik I was  said to have brought it from Jerusalem to his country for safe keeping, in their Hut “ church” yet no one has seen, touched and smelled it. The irony of it is that there are still some cop-outs  who has trouble to ferret out the truth and can not rationalize, and redundantly tell  the   fables and myths of middle ages as history in the 21century, an area of computer, laser technology,DNA tracing, carbon dating, etc..


Abyssinia: a mirror image of colonizers designed in Berlin to serve as a marionette


Abyssinia as settler colonial empire was created during the Scramble for Africa in Berlin conference in 1884/1885 by greedy political western colonizers, Europe and the USA as an extended arm of western colonial political projects. Apropos, Europe is the second smallest and the most resourceless of all the continents in the world, there were some coals, but not enough for her ravenous demands. Therefore, all what she needed (and still needs) to develop, to survive, to fulfill her greedy needs had to (or must) come from abroad at all costs. It explains, in a somewhat macabre manner, the brutality and genocides committed by the Europeans who went out into the world to acquire lands, resources, and wealth which were, in turn, shipped back to develop Europe and by extension the USA.

Although, there were no single African representative in Berlin conference, where the African continent was sliced as a piece of cake Abyssinia was considered as “Partner, Quasi partner” as their extended arm of European and American colonialism by all governments participated in conference unanimously; thirteen in number including USA without reservation or even comment in her absence; as it was said that exceptions make rules.


Menilik II :The face of Monster/genocider: Photo Alfred Ilg,1990 with his Gun

Menilik II was known for his cruelty, eviction, burning houses, an extermination orderer (Harma muraa -Breast amputation), (Harka muraa-Hand amputation), Miila muraa- Leg amputation,looter and rider of Cattles. During this period Abyssinia proper was expanded to about 5 to 6 times to its original size. Menilik II who was known for his cruelty, eviction, burning houses, an extermination orderer (Harma muraa -Breast amputation), (Harka muraa-Hand amputation), Miila muraa- Leg amputation), in Oromia and others indigenous people of African descendent, is analogy to European colonizers such as (Leopold II of Belgium in Congo Free State, Lothar von Trotha (extermination orderer) of Germany in South West Africa (Namibia) just to note two among others. As a result of defending their land, It was estimated that over 5 million Oromos were massacred by Meniliks predatory infantry in 1900 within ten years alone, reduced to half of its estimated population. The number of Oromo neighbors like Sidama, Ogaden, others incarcerated in Menliks Empire succumbed bounded to British colonies in all three directions had the same fate as Oromos.

She was designed as a mirror image the colonizers who knew her ambitions and mythology that suits to the colonizers from abroad to be used as marionette for their colonial political projects, spheres of influences and competition for prestige in the horn of Africa, as  a gate of three continents, the Red Sea, its coasts and the River Nile. The major objective of the  colonizers who claimed and sliced African soil as a piece of cakes was to avoid clashes within European colonials rivals, most prominently Britain and France that were deep rooted in their history of colonization such as the Americas. It worth noticing that there is no a continent that conducted genocides and ethnocide and extermination within its continent and beyond its geographical border, via seas and oceans in the last two millennium.

Thus, Abyssinia was invented to serve as everybody’s carriage, or everybody’s car that holds true the very date. Analog to the European nations who invaded Africa, the Abyssinians; the offspring’s of divers, invaders who settled and lived isolated for centuries between the burning shores of the red sea in the east and the high mountain ranges in the horn of Africa that is often impassable, supported with massive Europeans rifles and ammunition, military experts and intelligence e.t.c., waged wars, conducted genocides and ethnocides. As a result, Abyssinia proper was expanded to about 5 to 6 times go on and on. Since her invention, she was portrayed as “unique, the only independent, sovereign state, bastion of African Liberation against colonialism” on the global political arena that treads with the fake and stolen name “Ethiopia”, baptized and anointed by her inventors and donors is a predatory settler colonial (Neftenynet) system of operation in all spheres of life within this artificial demarcation. Since her invention she has been a burden of the whole of southern peoples estimated to over Eighty Ethno-nationals incarcerated and languishing in all sphere of life in this prison house independent of their land masses and population size  that serves as prey that holds true to the very date. while the southern people and their land are rich in resources (flora and fauna) culture and history and human power while Abyssinia proper his diametrically the opposite, the poorest in the resource,weak know with her chronical hunger, malnutrition, aids and dependence on global donors. A people without history,but folklore and myth of Zionism false bloated patriotism which has only served to mask the facts.

In examining the partitions of Africa, Rotimi Sankore in his article titled, Africa The 1884 scramble was for resources to develop Europe published in the some issue of October 2005 wrote, “By cynically formalizing the scramble for Africa and its resource by European and North American powers, the Berlin conference consolidated the balkanization of Africa for imperialist exploitation and cemented the basis for Africa for being the most atomized, exploited and economically underdeveloped continent on the planet.”

Settler colonial Empire of Abyssinia


The source of the term Empire comes from Latin word imperium which mean to command, to control, to rule. Michael Mann defined an empire (drawing on Max Weber) quoted by Walter Scheidel:

a differentiated set of institutions and personnel, embodying centrality, in the sense that political relations radiate outwards from a center to a cover territorially demarcated area, over which it claims a monopoly of binding and permanent rule-making, backed up by physical violence.’

An empire is an invented Ideological Jingoisms (IJ); the software of an empire (the invisible one), analog to the computer buttressed by  deploying Physical violence (PV); its military force, the hardware (the tangible one) analog to computer, equipped with advanced firearms compared to the targeted territory and its inhabitants at specific time and place. It is a designed and planned political organ to invade the territory of the targeted people. It consists of institutions and personnel to execute its projects’ of territorial expansion and exploitation.

At the begging of its invention, the empire creates IJ, fabricates all around the societal life of its prey; the targeted people, as it suits to its resource exploitation, wealth, and psychological satisfaction, which are diametrically opposite and uncompromising to the targeted people its prey to colonize. That leads to life or death and the fate is determined by who holds better killing firearms. For instance, the following fact  described during the invasion of Menelik II; The genociderr to the southeast of Oromo land from Laaga Awaas (river Awash) to the with his barbarian hordes who must swallow a bitter pill of the Karrayu and Arsi Oromos Javelin, Sheild and Sword of the brave Cavalaris which his loyal troops and their leaders has never ever faced. An eyewitness of barbaric acts of Menelik hordes, (Martial De Salvic (1901) English translation by Ayalew Kanno (2008) reminds us in Prelude,The words of brave Arsi Oromo cavalrymen, and Abyssinian Army:

“THE OROMO ARMY.-Your victorious rifles inflates you with pride. Throw it therefore to the ground and come to measure yourself against me: you will see that I am stronger. If you agree to put down your rifle on the ground, one of my warriors would like five of yours; one alone will subdue fifty of you; a handful of my braves will smash your battalions.”


THE ABYSSINIAN ARMY:If I put my rifle on the ground, I know that you would be my vanquisher, as former times. No, I will not leave my rifle..”

While the hardware without software and vice versa is dysfunctional on the computer, so as to an empire, without the incorporating of the IJ with PV is unimaginable to execution his designs and plans of the occupation of targeted territory and people beyond its territory. By deploying its military forces equipped with advanced modern war machinery with IJ, the empire instigates and wages wars deliberately with a motto to turn the land of the targeted natives  to  “terra nullies,”  to ashes and rubble in order to gain territorial acquisition and occupation to claim an ownership; my land, my property, and I have an absolute right to do what I want to do with it.

While, there is no land without inhabitants where human beings can survive and live on this planet, and land is equable to life, and no one give up his ancestral land and life to aliens without sacrifices, resistance to survive and fight with all means they have the  empire conducts gruesome acts of genocides and ethnocides on the Autochthonous people’s ancestral soil consciously deploying his military, armed with modern firearms and techniques which the empire is prepared for it, the only way to resolve the antagonistic conflict to achieve its final goal of occupation and preplanned exploitation.

During this period, the empire also legitimizes its IJ; folklores, fables, racial prejudice, religious bigotry, civilization myth and the lists go on harmonizing with deployed forces of violence to achieve its objective. The irony of it is, the empire tries to  justify its act of crime, and further invents pseudo-scientific treats to qualify deliberately distorted, contorted, cursed history, culture, religion, tradition, customs, moral  ethics, almost everything of the natives otherness that doesn’t bring profit. While all IJ and PV and its  executions are for profit

It is crucial to accentuate that no human being on this planet invaded or invade the other, conducted or conduct genocide, ethnocide, lead to chattel slavery, pack in reservoirs, exploit labor and plunder resources from the others and send back home to civilize them in human history.

While no natives possess industrialized war machinery to combat, have either psychological, societal nor cultural preparedness to the level of the invaders, the natives lose the battle against the empire at this time and the aliens occupy the ancestral soil of the targeted people. Once, the empire won and controlled the territory it establishes its own institutional networks and bureaucracy that radiates outwards to the periphery from its core of control in order to command the maintenance and durability of the exploitation of natural resources, labors, and the economical flow towards the center. It manages the exploitations of raw materials below and above the surface, looted and plundered objects scavenged and shipped back to its destiny, its home; the birthplace of the Empire.

Through institutionalizing its system of operation, the empire also attempts to control the mind of the incarcerated natives of the occupied territory. Thus, it must wage the second, more dangerous and durable wars; wars on the otherness colonialization of the mind, forced assimilation by trying to erase the identity of the targeted people and history. The Empire knows that history and culture are a Jugular vein and Achilles tendon of people to whom they belong. That is why all  empires wages wars on the history of the indigenous people, curses their primordial cultures, traditions, languages, destroy their symbols and tries to install its own version IJ as history. By any standard empire is  moralless and ethicless. It destroys nature (flora and fauna), deforestation, pollutes the environment, acidify the soil, poison the rivers and lakes using chemicals, pollute air with toxic emissions, introduce  unknown infectious diseases and seedlings which are unknown to natives in the occupied territories that lead to  unimaginable and unreversible catastrophe.

At the societal and economic level, the empire establishes itself as a master, a predatory; the hunter, and the who physically survived from the gruesome acts of the established empire in practice, either turned to slaves and sold as animals, captives as booty, or assimilated by force to serve the empire as its vassals in all sphere of social, economic and political services of the institutionalized empire.

During this period of interaction between the commanding empire and the people under occupation, already unreconcilable conflicts were planted and growing from time to time to be strong and unbreakable.  . The empire has occupied the land and attempts to occupy the mind of the people of the occupied territory. It determines their life under its control and provision. There is nothing left for the subjugated people except to fight by any means possible covertly or overt. The empire can not live in heaven on the occupied ancestral soil of the targeted people while the subjugated natives of the land live in hell on the some planet, Thus, there is no another alternative except resist to survive liberty for  life, or death, the beginning of boomerang effect. On the other side, the empire has already begun to dig its own hole to be buried in, one day. As a German proverb that says, “Ich tue dir was zu mir.” analogy to “You killed us prepare to die.” Now, once the revolt is matured, the question left unanswered is not a matter of how, but a matter of when that the empire collapse and falls apart.

It is not necessary to go back to the so-called “Holy Roman Empire.” In fact, it was neither holy nor Roman, or to the British Empire that was called “The Empire in which the sun never set.” Indeed, in the British colonies of Cecil Rhodes (the African Holocaust) in Africa, the sun had never risen, to grasp the fall of empires from within, when we have destined to witness that the USSR: in short, the Soviet Union was collapsed in recent past. What is important to notice is when the communist blocks were on crashing, found in turbulent in summer 1989, neither the Communist Party General Secretary of the Soviet Union, Mr. M. Gorbachov, the founder of “Perestroika” and “Glasnost,” nor R. W. Reagan, The President of the USA, or anyone else knows what will happen in the weeks, months and years to come.

That indicates war machinery, the military might physical violence of any form have never ever rescued empires from collapse in human history when the consciousness of the oppressed people arose. We must remember that the military might of Soviets was comparable to that of USA; during the so-called cold war era. Nevertheless, Soviets military power, long-range missiles stockpiled highly contagious microbes and gasses did not deter the collapse of the communist blocks and their marionettes within Europe or abroad initially and the rebirth of over fifteen sovereign states within the Soviet Union itself finally.

Indeed, history proofs that the reverse is true. The more the Empire implements violence against the civilian population, conducts inhuman acts, kills, jails, tortures, rapes, represses, and plunders the resources limitlessly, when the vast majority of the native population incarcerated in the empire lingers in jail, starving, left dying from, hunger and the extent of repression and violence is inhuman and unbearable, the stronger the resistance, back fight, sabotage and disobedience shall be the occupied and the subjugated people, hence, there is no any alternative but freedom at last or death. Dying for freedom and liberation indeed led to the real eternity in the mind of his people as heroes and heroines, inspires, unites the resistance and galvanizes the masses human power from all angles of social status, independent of gender, age, faith, and political lines stalwart the population to fight with all means necessary to dismantle the Empire. To achieve its goal, while the only liberated mind can liberate his land and is immune to fear and prepared to sacrifice that energizes and fertilizes each other with all information and wisdom of liberation and, deploys all tools and resources at hand, fine tune its tactics and  strategically knowledge all in one. As they are within the empire they are the masters of detectives on the weak links of the empire within and abroad. while they are sacrificing for their natural right as any human being on this planet, they win the sympathy of their likes at the local level, neighbors of the same fate the oppressed and gain fairly acceptance and supporters at the global level; a boost, legitimacy to resist, fight for liberty, a nightmare and a stroke for the dying empire that finally leads to its burial.

As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, empires, large or small, rich or poor created by invaders; colonizers who conducted genocide and ethnocide had fallen apart, and shall fall apart independent of time and place. That is what history teaches to those who are in a position to learn from it. Thus, it is not a question of how, but when that one of the poorest predatory, barbarian Empire, fake Ethiopian shall fall apart. Currently, she is on the state of metastasis and the countdown timer is ticking.

In every age, it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People.” (Canton, 1918).



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