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OPDO is under attack

This week TPLF has decided to temporarily suspend OPDO from the party until Oromo leaders submitted to TPLF demands and controlled their population. Currently there is a silent rebellion taking place after Oromo farmers had been evicted of their land to make ways for new Addis Ababa expansion called The Master Plan.

Several Oromo students have been killed so far and hundreds arrested.

Last week the ‘federal’ government ordered OPDO to come up with solution regarding the the Master Plan. On Friday (Dec 4) OPDO leaders both at regional and federal position met in Adama. The meeting lasted through Sunday evening. Out of 27 individuals at attendance all but Aster Mamo and Muktar Kedir supported announcing termination of the Master Plan. The two would not budge arguing but could not explain their reasoning except threatening the majority of ‘siding with narrow nationalists and anti-peace elements”.

The result of the meeting was presented to the ‘federal government’ on Monday ( December 7). Key figures who proposed termination of the Master Plan and the two who opposed it were summoned and asked explain themselves. Attendance were TPLF old guards who were invited to play observer/ elder role. The meeting was adjourned without agreement.

On Wednesday the ‘federal ‘ government informed OPDO that the Master Plan will go a head. causing uproar. OPDO convined and discussed whether toi reject the decision from federals. They could not reach consensus.

On Thursday night senior EPRDF leaders were convined. OPDO and Oromia regional government were attacked not only for failing to contain the situation. Some went as far as accusing OPDO having direct role in agitating and organizing the revolt. Without much discussion it was announced that a “Command Post” has been created to deal handle the situation. The command post is to be chaired by the Prime Minister and includes chiefs of the army, Intelligence,federal police and president of Oromia, Muktar Kadir. ‘Command Post’ is an extraordinary security approach first introduced by Meles Zenawi in the aftermath of the 2005 election.

It was then repeated during the 2015 Oromo student protest. It gives the selected committee an extraordinary power and practically suspends normal governing procedures and jurisdictions. This means, Oromia regional government has been striped even the symbolic role it had in being responsible for security issues within its jurisdiction.

Today (Friday), Muktar Kadir held press conference where he said the Master Plan will go a head ‘with consultation’ and threatened protesters with further punishment.

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