Oromo-Americans Held Human Rights Rally at the White House, State Department Oromo-Americans Held Human Rights Rally at the White House, State Department

(Oromo Press) — Happening on the heels of massive rights abuses, including massacre of students and civilians,  evictions of million of Oromo farmers through land grabbing schemes, and the rigged 2015 Ethiopia’s elections, Oromo-Americans held a rally in front of the White House and the State Department demanding an end to collective persecutions of Oromo people.

The International Oromo Women’s Association, The Oromo Community Organization of Washington DC area, and the Oromo Youth Self-Help Association organized the rally, which was held on July 19, 2015 in order to bring the plight Oromo people to the United States Government and Citizens, according to the organizers. The protesters displayed placards and chanted asking the US to apply sanctions on the Ethiopian government to discourage it from further carrying out massive abuses across Oromia state, home to the Oromo people. The protesters also chanted: ” US stop funding a dictatorial Ethiopian regime.”

Dr. Dasta Yabessa, President of the Oromo Community of Washington DC, read a prepared statement to the Ethiopia Desk Officer at the State Department. The officer did not make any statement about the Ethiopian government, but he listened and said that he would pass the written statement onto Secretary of State John Kerry and to US President Barack Obama.

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