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Oromo peoples power comes from truth not hate

Dr. B.K. Deressa

We Oromo people are a proud nation in our history, in our culture, in our actions and in our way of thinking. That is why we reject all types of underclass behavior, pupetism, opportunistic character and slavery. History remembers the battle, but forgets the blood. Whatever history remembers of the cruelty is a fraction of the truth. The unique history of Oromo people remembers the total truth including blood because of the unthinkable brutality of our enemies against every Oromo family from Neanderthals time (Menilik and his group with so called unique brain) until 21st century (TPLF mafia still with Neanderthals brain).

Today I am not going to discuss about the old and new Neanderthals, but about the diaspora based collectors of restover and servants of Neanderthals. Now days Oromo peoples are unable to protect  their children, their elders, their women’s (the backbone of our society) from rapist TPLF para commando’s, from butcher TPLF polices, from merciless TPLF security agents tell me how we are going to make economic revolution!!!!At this moment there is no single protection mechanism for Oromo people. Yes according to your formula abbagarummaa, gantummaa and gabrummaa will protect us from your boss TPLF killing machine, but this type of character is totally contrary to our proud history.

By the way tell us what do you mean economic revolution:

  • Do you mean building one room apartment on the backyard of Oromo farmers in laga xafo?, sebeta? Aqaqi?….
  • Do you mean opening of shop by surrendering heroes of Oromo like Mr. Bekele Gerba and prof. Merara Gudina?
  • Do you mean to get permission from your Neanderthals master TPLF in order to import secondhand cars by disrupting WBO support meeting?
  • Do you mean to get permission from your Neanderthals master TPLF in order to get passport to export and import 1kilo coffee (while your master exporting in million killos) by surrendering thousands of heroes who fight our enemies in order to eradicate metastatic cancer (TPLF rule and their puppets)

We Oromo people reject TPLF controlled economic revolution without our full freedom. TPLF economic vision for Oromo’s is slavery and contain some substance with high risk of sudden death. An imbecilic colonial elites cannot give us any type of lecture about economic revolution while they are stealing our resources.

Why let me tell you the vision of world experts about economy:

The French economist Thomas Piketty thesis supports the inequality will remain as long as the aforementioned wealth concentration persists through generation (the top 1% of population has the vast majority of wealth in the economy and control of financial markets, (that means 1% versus 99%).

Second: Nobel laureate economist Simon Kuznets argues that as an economy develops  a natural cycle of economic  inequality occurs, represented by an inverted u-shape curve called the Kuznets curve. In an early development inequality increases. When the economy becomes mature, there is democratization and various redistribution mechanisms such as social welfare programs are present according to Kuznets country move back to a lower level of inequality.  

Third: The three pillars of sustainability are a powerful tool for defining the complete sustainability problem.  This consists of at least the economic, social and environmental pillars. If anyone pillar is weak then the system is as a whole is unsustainable.  Once  a war breaks out environmental sustainability has zero priority.

You the so called diaspora based analyst with CV without substance( doctor, political expert and economist):

  • How comes that you are insulting your own peoples, hoe comes out in millions to demonstrate against  injustice and cruelty of TPLF.
  • How comes that you are calling your own peoples just collection of gangs, hoe comes out in millions to demand their freedom.
  • How comes that you are calling your own peoples just aimless voices, hoe comes out in millions to demand democracy.

When groups of people, from a tribe to a nation agree to form a government they form a social contract to increase their general welfare. This contracts binds the social and economic systems that the peoples are working together under a central government to maximize their economic systems output.

Now days across all nations and particularly in Oromia widespread injustice is hold on, calculated and planned silent genocide against Oromo people and other oppressed nations is going on, TPLF economic empowerment persist, death and torture is daily routine….so there is no democracy, no freedom, no social structure, no central government who cares about his people and no future plan for coming generation. Again our goal and struggle is not for individual enrichment but building a collective system to empower every Oromo family. So it is better for all of you so called diaspora based substance less CV holder with character of restover collector and servant of your master TPLF to take off your hand out of Oromo peoples struggle.

If not, one day the flown blood of our brothers and sisters, the soul of our heroes, the dedication of our comrades will judge you.

Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium.

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