Oduu Haaraya

Oromo quran is a free quranic application by oromo language

Alhamdulliha, now we are able to add one Juz making total of Two juz, Insha Allah we will keep updating the number of Chapters(juz)as soon as possible. Please make Du’a so that we can to produce full android Quran by oromo language.

The tafsiir was done by sheik Abdi Hussein, Juza ‘amma was transcribed by Adil Osman while tabaraaka was transcribed by Feysel Mustefa.The Arabic font comes from tanzil.net and XML file was generated by Ahmed Oumer.We have tried our level best to remove any mistake, but if you have noticed any error or spelling mistake please let us know.(oromoquran@gmail.com,baaburayyaan@gmail.com)

Feysel Mustefa.

Du’aa’ii teeysan gaggaariidhaan nu hin irraanfatinaa.


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