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Oromo Refugees in Egypt staged amazing Demonstration of UNITY in front of UNHCR Cairo on 09/06/2013





The Oromo Refugees in Egypt staged a big demonstration today Sunday 09/06/2013 demanding for their rights and protection from the UNHCR office in Cairo and the Egyptian authorities and Egyptian people in General. Members of both Oromo Communities in Cairo prepared such an amazing demonstration in cooperation which exhibited the UNITY of all Oromo refugees and asylum seekers from every corner of Oromia: from east to west and north to south of Oromia. It is really an amazing demonstration where all walks of the Oromo refugees in Egypt: men and women, families and singles, single mothers and unaccompanied children, and so on participated to raise their voice in front of the UNHCR office in Cairo regarding the security problem and harassments they are facing from Egyptian society because of the recent controversies between the two states Egypt and Ethiopia.

The peaceful demonstration which was staged in front of the UNHCR office in Cairo on 09/06/2013 extended to continue on tomorrow 10/06/2013 and even last longer until all the demands the Oromo Refugees in Egypt presented to the UNHCR office in Cairo are fully addressed and the Oromo refugees receive satisfactory answer from the UNHCR office in Cairo.

Among the slogans raised and chanted during the demonstration are: “The Oromo refugees in Egypt need protection!”, “UNHCR should give attention to the problems the Oromo Refugees are facing in Egypt!”, “Release detained Oromo political prisoners, instead of building the DAM!!” , We are Oromo Refugees suffering in Egypt”, and so on.

Amazing UNITY of the Oromo Refugees in Egypt was observed on the demonstration held at the UNHCR office in Cairo. Go to this youtube link: http://youtu.be/DHs7rkUXS74for the video footage of the demonstration we posted on the youtube. The following are also some the pictures taken live from the demonstration held in front of the UNHCR office in Cairo which showed unity of the Oromo refugees in Egypt.

Oromo Sons/Daughters Refugee Association (OSRA – Egypt)

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