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Principle: TPLF vs OLF

By Yaadasaa Dafa
The World Wikipedia explains “principle” as: : a moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions: a basic truth or theory : an idea that forms the basis of something: a law or fact of nature that explains how something works or why something happens…..etc.”The basic description of the word “principle” may not take us very far than knowing our own frame of references, moral rule, or basic belief that dictates the right from wrong in our own lives. That simple conceptual building blocks of principles also do apply to all human organizations as well.

Having principle is the highly requisite prodigy for a person as an individual, and even more decreed/pronounced for its dynamism in the case of an Organization. Principle is a guiding light without which the individual can be purposeless, void of noble meanings of life, and a hollow being scavenging for survival who devours what even happen to fall in his/her grip. In the case of an organization without a genuine principle, its active affiliates often dwell on deeply engraved values that descends from “survival of the fittest”. But when seen in action together with their colleagues, they openly represent bunch of thuggish mafia whose meanings of survival/life is often contradictive. On one hand, they do claim and verbalize the appropriate norms for the society prerequisites including the necessities of economic growth/development as well the need for progress in heath, transportations and all other sectors of the societal demands. They can even initiate such noble causes.  On the other hand, the members of an Organization without principle cannot free themselves from the power of the contradictive value system which robes all the intentions, and they always fall victim of their own crave for wealth and fortune. Such an organization remain its own worst enemy as the vacuum of principle presents no limit on its associates for more self-centered  individualistic ventures at the expenses of their own circles, including close friends and own family members.  This scenario is non avoidable for them even if only time will verify the validity.  One may ask, what that got to do with TPLF and OLF.

In my previous posting I started addressing “the analogous backgrounds: TPLF vs OLF”.  In that snap shot parallel view, I did uncover the basic reason for the inception/ creation of TPLF. Here on this posting, I am discussing the very persuasive driving forces for launching OLF, while targeting that differences which shaped the distinctive principles that both TPLF and OLF continue to spouse and preserve as their unflinching values or norms. The comparative achievements, and tribulations are also indicatives of these differences and cannot be isolated as independent variable, even if it has been habitually manipulated so as to shine on the oppressors for mere justifications of their over aged colonial enterprise.

OLF was founded on a solid principle and paradigm of fighting for the basic freedom and emancipation of the people of Oromia from the backward Abyssinian colonization. The original principles that were envisioned by the founding fathers of OLF continues to spark life of its own for every Oromo citizens under all natural or perpetuated conditions. Therefore the fundamental endeavors of OLF and the people of Oromia was/is to gain FREEDOM from the Abyssinian colonial monarchy which has been concealing its real face of colonial settlement; under the Abyssinian/Ethiopian Kingdom, Military Socialism, and now under the fake standard for Democracy. During all the above systems of governances and their ascendancies, no matter to their surface differences of philosophies and hierarchical dissimilarities, the past/present entire administrative powers of the Abyssinian dynasties shared one common priority in their agendas which were/is directed towards how to disempower, exploit, and perpetuate all inhumane crimes against the people of Oromia so as to retain the unity of this colonial bondage at the expenses of the identities, and belongings, of the Nation of Oromia, and other oppressed people in Ethiopia. These facts are recorded under the treacherous administrations of Menilik, Haile Silasse, Mengistu, TPLF-Meles, and present TPLF-Abyssinian colonial power House guard. Therefore, it remains essential and non-negotiable, but an absolute obligatory paradigm for the people of Oromia = OLF to struggle for the untainted, but god given an indispensable freedom from the Abyssinian colonialism. Nothing less, nothing more.  

In the rosy world of organizations, it may appear to be obvious to judge one person or an Organization on face value.  But it is the basic necessity to go past the present glamour and make the very essential but primary inquiry to fully capture the rock Principle upon which that organization is founded or instituted on.

It becomes unnatural, at its best, but deceptive as it is, to expect an organized group to function outside their original design. This is the factual premises that one needs to comprehend fully before jumping into a deal(s) with an entity of individuals who legalized themselves from anger, revenge and vindictiveness on the grounds of their own perceived views of being victimized from getting the lion share of the empire. Therefore, awaiting from the present Ethiopian power house TPLF to honor the true Democratic principles is just like going to fishing in the pond that is polluted with the industrial chemical waste. As I have reflected back on the formation of TPLF in my previous posting:

The formation of TPLF was reaction to the 1896 Ethiopian emperor Menelik, who was opposed to the Italy’s territorial dreams and plan. Therefore, Menelik did: A) Position the 80,000- men army into Tigray without making available (to the soldiers) enough military necessities thereby compelling the whole army to live off the Tigray people and their lands.

When the Italian fascist forces invaded Ethiopia, the main battleground was again Tigray, and once again the Tigray citizens sustained the heavy load of the Fascist invasion.

In 1943, after the Allied Powers had defeated Italy and Haile Selassie had returned to Ethiopia, Tigray peasants revolted against the imperial regime. The Ethiopian government forces, supported by British units, curbed the revolt. The emperor then imposed a harsh peace treaty on Tigray…..” Sources:  the Ethiopian historical documents. 

Even though much more qualitatively and quantitatively validated independent research is absolutely desired to unveil fully the real agenda of the initiations of TPLF, and major role played by others, it would be not much exiting to repeat narratives of TPLF’s journey to power in Finfinee in 1991 here on this article, but I will continue to examine the huge disparities that was vibrantly laid as grounds for both political entities (TPLFvsOLF).

Here the fundamental differences of principles includes, but not limited to: the original purpose of the foundation, as well as their un-equivocated and the un-paralleled driving cause and commitment for their respective root beliefs. Basically thirst for freedom and its commitment cannot be equated with the illusory and colorfully pronounced vengeances and vindictiveness.  In the ideal world, the real cause needs to justify the means and the achieved ends. But as verified by countless power hungry autocrats and 20th century technocrats including TPLF, the power of gun proved to ignore the indispensable fabrics of the people’s choices as well as the people’s exercises of power though sustaining the democratically elected public officials including the presidency of that Nation. Once again what we fail to conceptualize is; who is to deliver upon the democratic norms and standards when TPLF was designed for socially pilfering to satisfy its craving for wealth, and whatever they can lay their hands on?

Yes, we cannot ignore neither TPLF nor OLF’s current concrete achievements, but one needs to make an empirical and pragmatic judgements at the faces of their potentials for upholding-up of their vanguard principles in future in a continuum manners, while attesting to the contending variables within both contradictory organizations.  But as for now, we need to be clear that; one is struggling for the legitimate National cause of its people, while the other one is hanging to its illegal power using all the coercively acquired political baggage which is justified to the international community with the skillful manipulations of the Democratic principles and the sham rehearsal just so as to extend its vivid vulgar violence on the people of Oromia, including all oppressed Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia.

As for the recent election (2015 Election), as predicted, the TPLF scooped all the electoral offices by imprisoning, forcing to vacate the county, threatening and tarnishing the images of other opposition candidates way and far ahead of the planned election day . Amazingly even after winning by such an imaginary margin, TPLF continues to blame the opposing challengers for causing them (TPLF) to win the full victory (100%). Nowhere in the entire world such a result be feasible unless the non-orthodox, un-Democratic performances were unleashed in the phony name of Democracy!!!!!

As for OLF and the people of Oromia, the Oromo Nation’s contestants were warned ahead of this sham election not to launder the dirty hands of the TPLF by willingly participating in such election where the winners were the public secret ahead of the elections date. Learning from such hard facts, joining back their Nation’s struggle should not be that hard.

Basically they say when one who sees a “Half Empty” glass of water is called a “Pessimist” person, while that who sees the same glass of water “Half Full” is labelled as an “Optimist” individual. Depending on such analogy, we all fall somewhere on the continuum of the line in reference to the appreciation or conceptualization of the developments and the present stages of the struggle of the Nation of Oromia. Yet, others see no water at all in the glass, denying the very existences of the object.  Recognizing all at their own varying value persuasions, the envisioned goal (Kayyoo) of the Oromo Nation’s struggle will continue to dictate all the supporters and the Oromian freedom lovers to make sure the inherited obligations not to be relinquished prior to the Nation’s achievements of its total freedom, as it is founded on a solid rock principle.

NB: No one in his right mind expects neither the TPLF, nor the Abyssinian narcissistic self-righteous debteras to recognize the above realities and facts.  But, with or without them, the Oromo Nation’s struggle will continue till the final victory!!!!!.


Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes of OLA and all Oromo compatriots. Freedom and just for the Nation of Oromia.

Oromia shall be free!!!!!!

Yaadasaa Dafa.

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