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Revelation of TPLF secret plan to destroy the great nation of Oromo through mutagenic process


Revelation of TPLF secret plan to destroy the great nation of Oromo through mutagenic process

By Dr. Baaroo Keno Deressa

To encounter this disarrayed secrecy of our enemy as an Oromo people we have to redefine our commitment by saying: even if i died in the service of my nation Oromo, i would be proud of it. Every drop of my blood and my brothers and sisters blood will contribute to the growth of our nation and make it strong and dynamic. Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.

Oromo means peace, love, equality, democracy, justice, generosity and heroism and I am proud to be born from this holistic and blessed nations. My people the task in front of us is enormous in order to build our nations. Our tasks are not only defeating the current barbaric TPLF government. It is also about our future that faces our nations like I have mentioned in my previous article “Nation-building is the product of conscious statecraft, not happenstance.  Nation-building is always a work-in-progress; a dynamic process in constant need of nurturing and re-invention. Nation-building never stops and true nation-builder never rest because all nations are constantly facing up to new challenges. Nation-building is therefore about building the tangible and intangible threads that hold a political entity together and gives it a sense of purpose.”

The Oromo leaders and intellectuals always follow the path of truth, democratic road and humanity (the exact definition of their root called Oromo nations) in order to foster new era in the Ethiopian empire to bring eternal peace for all oppressed nations. Here are some evidences from countless examples (General Waaqoo Guutu.peace agreement with Emperor Hailesilasse, forming of transitional government by OLF, Mr. Bekele Gerba the vice chairman of OFC and prof. Merara Gudina the chairman of OFC preaching peace and tolerance, Mr. Leenco Lataa the former founder of the OLF and the current president of ODF accept all humiliation for the sake of peace and millions of innocent Oromo peoples still languishing in the prison camp demanding peace and democracy). Our enemies are loudly and clearly responding us by brutal actions massacring and detaining thousands of Oromo’s and showed us their allergic sign for peace, freedom and democracy. The actions taken by our leaders  and intellectuals  shows the powerfulness of the truth (Oromo nations) and commitment of Oromummaa for peace, freedom democracy, equality, respect of human right and rule of law. But Our colonizers are always choose to follow undemocratic way of governing, the path of destruction and hatred.

Our enemies are organized to disintgrate us, organized to wage war against us. organized to strengthen their colonial rule. But certain individuals are disoriented and frustrated by enemy propaganda and hide theirself under paltalk and face book to propagate enemy plan by insulting our dedicated leaders, our hero’s “WBO” , gallant qerroo movement and spread wrong information among our community to culture millions of opportunistic individuals and traitors. But late me clear: We Oromo people in general are rejecting all types of remote controlled offer of our enemy through his mutagenic so called leaders and traitors with sweat words and zero actions. We as a nation are struggling to become the master of our destiny and eradicating all types of oppression (political, economical, military,business and judiciary).


Here is my questions:

  1. Is it fair during those difficult time to waste our time talking about peace, ethiopiansim and analysing enemy offer ? or are you the enemy messenger with mutagenic code !!!!
  2. Is it fair to blackmail and unfairly criticizing those who are doing the real job on the ground in Oromia? Or are you the member of mutant traitors??
  3. Is it valuable for Oromo people to spread wrong information among our community to weaken our vanguard Organization OLF? Or are you the selfish and opportunistic individuals with mutagenic label??
  4. Is it fair to hurt and cheat the holistic, great and blessed Oromo nation to safeguard your private property, richness and personal ambition ? or are you born to be traitors??
  5. Is it fair at this essential time to praise the ex TPLF’s regime mutagenic servant  and criticize the dedicated Oromo leaders (those individuals were/are sacrifices their entire life without any conflict of interest?) In my opinion everybody with Oromo blood on his hand will face proper punishment in front of his own people, until that day no individuals or organization has right to  apologized him or her. When Oromo people is paying humongous sacrifice with his life and blood for the great goal (liberating Oromo people and building Democratic republic of Oromia) apologizing collaborators, opportunistic individuals and traitors is equal to act of treason. De loyalty of those peoples and organization to the Oromummaa code of conduct is questionable!! Now TPLF is using these episode as a wonderful strategical gain (not tactical gain) and passed to the next step to eradicate great nations of Oromo through mutagenic process in order to expand his destructive polices to the higher grade with full force.

In order to answer all those question correctly let us start from defining the mutagenic process. Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a molecule that contains the instructions an organism needs to develop, live and reproduce. These instructions are found inside every cell, and are passed down from parents to their children. DNA is made up of molecules called nucleotides. Each nucleotide contains a phosphate group, a sugar group and a nitrogen base. The four types of nitrogen bases are adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C). The order of these bases is what determines DNA’s instructions, or genetic code. Similar to the way the order of letters in the alphabet can be used to form a word, the order of nitrogen bases in a DNA sequence forms genes, which in the language of the cell, tells cells how to make proteins.

An organism’s Deoxyribonucleic (DNA) affects how it looks, how it behaves, and its physiology. So a change in an organism’s DNA can cause changes in all aspects of its life. A wide range of experimental systems are available for the study of spontaneous or environmentally induced mutagenic processes. There are many different ways that DNA can be changed, resulting in different types of mutation. Here is a quick summary of a few of these(substitution, insertion and deletion)


  • Substitution: A substitution is a mutation that exchanges one base for another (i.e., a change in a single “chemical letter” such as switching an A to a G).


Such a substitution could:

  1. change a codon to one that encodes a different amino acid and cause a small change in the protein produced. For example, sickle cell anemia is caused by a substitution in the beta-hemoglobin gene, which alters a single amino acid in the protein produced.
  2. change a codon to one that encodes the same amino acid and causes no change in the protein produced. These are called silent mutations.
  3. change an amino-acid-coding codon to a single “stop” codon and cause an incomplete protein. This can have serious effects since the incomplete protein probably won’t function.

NB: TPLF used the First step of mutagenic proces for 25 years until now (Mr. Junedin time of TPLF services) unsuccessfully tried to get the right effect: Changing Oromummaa →to →abbagarummaa, gandummaa and gantummaa. At this crucial time when our peoples are hunted down by TPLF para commandos and militia’s like fox in their god given country, torture and massa murder is openly and widely going on, sitting with collaborators and praising TPLF rest over collectors is shame and un Oromummaa and absolutely contrary to sabonummaa. Our task of Oromummaa with sabonummaa is creating hero’s, cultivating briliant individuals to eradicate our enemy but not manufacturing selfishness, traitors and collaborators.


  • Insertion: Insertions are mutations in which extra base pairs are inserted into a new place in the DNA. That gives totally another information than the correct one.



Sabbonummaa→add the word dha and blu→sabdhablummaa→with out nation, with out pride and without belongingness (that is the core goal of our colonizers, they want to destroy us in order to build their society, their nation with pride and belongingness). That is the exact meaning of Mr. Lemma (Mutagenic servant). Look one tangible evidence: Tigray is for tigrians, Amahara is for Amaharas but Oromia is belong to everybody, that is why they took our farmers land and sell to everybody, that is why they took all our resources and enrich themselves. Enemies are enemy why Oromo’s are taking part in this dirty enemy game (i think the mutated gene force them to act like servant).

NB: After a minor succes in the First step of mutagenic proces through substitution type TPLF is now passed to the second step of mutagenic proces insertion type to destroy the great nation of Oromo. One of this example is recent speech of mutant servant Mr. Lemma (inserting the word dha and blu in the gantummaa code of OPDO) . This man spoke about sabonumma without understanding the definitions of sabonummaa. When we talk about sabonumma rejecting enemy, denying all collaborations, confronting death to defend the truth and ready for maximaal sacrifice to protect your people. But this man spoke within the same speech two cotradictory points. (sabonummaa (pride) and economical revolution(servant)). I am not surprised because i know that, that speech was deliberately designed by TPLF core of destruction master inorder to fulfill their strategical policy (destroying Oromo nation)  let us look at the fact of cotradictory points:

Mr. Lemma tell me is it possible to offer a very nice Music to a deaf person and demanding his commentar about that voice !!!! Mr. Lemma is it ethically and morally responsible to demand a critically ill patiënt to dance!!!! Mr. Lemma is it sane to ask a blind person to read  a note on the blackboard!!!! I listen all your speech and as an Oromo i am happy to hear from an Oromo leader such kind of nice words. At the same time your speech nauseated me too because you are fulfilling enemy desire. When millions of our people are langushing in the detention center, when mass murder is going on, when the icon of our struggle the Harar Oromo’s are slaughterd by mercenary liyyu police, when the oromo intellectuals, old, Young, women and children are hunted down like fox by TPLF para commando’s and when 50millions of Oromo people are in home arrest how came that you accept TPLF lies to mislead your own people. But as you know and as i get the evidence of TPLF destruction policy it is shame on you to mislead your people and preparing our great nation for more sophsticated and complicated situation. One day the history and the truth wil Judge you.

Second when we are unable to protect our children, our womens (the backbone of our society), our elderly from rapist TPLF para commando’s, from butcher TPLF polices, from merciless TPLF security agents tell me How we are going to make economical revolution!!!!At this moment there is no single protection mechanism for Oromo people. Yes according to your formula abbagarummaa, gantummaa and gabrummaa will protect you from your boss TPLF killing machine. Let me tell you again we Oromo people are a proud nation in our history, in our culture, in our actions and in our way of thinking. That is why we reject your underclass behavior, pupetism, opportunistic character and slavery.

Let me tell you Mr.Lemma and your boss TPLF core with master of destruction:

  • Sabonumma means Oromummaa with dignified concept of identity but not mutagenic servant
  • Sabonumma says no to the enemy, no to the colonization, no to the mass killer, no to the state terrorism, no to the murderer of women and children
  • Sabonumma is against the enemy but not the friend of our killer
  • Sabonumma says no economic development until we Oromo people become the master of our destination



  • Deletion:
    Deletions are mutations in which a section of DNA is lost, or deleted. That means the total message of the code is uninformative and dangerous (total frameshift).






Frameshift: Since protein-coding DNA is divided into codons three bases long, insertions and deletions can alter a gene so that its message is no longer correctly parsed. These changes are called frameshifts.

For example, consider the sentence, “YOU ARE NOT FAT.” Each word represents a codon. If we delete the first letter and parse the sentence in the same way, it doesn’t make sense. OUA REN OTF AT.

In frameshifts, a similar error occurs at the DNA level, causing the codons to be parsed incorrectly. This usually generates truncated proteins that are as useless as ” OUA REN OTF AT” is uninformative.


That is our enemy century long project to make Oromummaa uninformative.

Oromummaa with sabonummaa→to→gandummaa, abbagarummaa, gadhummaa, harummaa fi gabrummaa and tigrummaa.


Let me clarify in detail:

NB: Successive Ethiopian regimes have never displayed humanity or respect for Oromo’s and denied opportunities to build their social, economic, political, cultural and organizational infrastructures. In all spheres of life, discrimination, subjugation, repression and exploitation of all forms were applied. Everything possible was done to destroy Oromo identity – culture, language, custom, tradition, name and origin. In short the leaders of Ethiopian regimes maintained the general policy of genocide against the Oromo people. The current TPLF colonizer is worst than the previous one. This government publicly annonces to respect the rule of law but practically zero action (if you demand your right according to the law your answer will be death or imprisonment). This fascist TPLF government is using scientifical proces to destroy the great nation of Oromo people. Their goal is cultivating millions of opportunistic peoples with zero “sabonummaa” that they can abuse them.

To summarize the brutal colonial Ethiopian empire long term strategical policy as follows:

  • The previous one started with:

Changing our name (from Badhasa to Tesfaye, from Ebbisa to xibebu)

Changing our  city (from adam to Naziret, from finfinne to Addis Abeba, from bishoftu to dabrezeit)

  • Now their nephew TPLF is using Liyyu police as mercenary and scientifical approach (mutagenic proces) to accomplish the destruction of great nation. That is

Oromummaa with sabonummaa→to→ gandummaa, abbagarummaa, gadhummaa, harummaa fi gabrummaa and tigrummaa.

TPLF fascist uses actively two methods to accomplish his strategical destructive policy .1) Open destruction to make Oromo people landless and peace less through Liyyu police (merecenary) 2)Creating  diaspora mutagenic center. There are already 236 mutagenic individuals arrived in western country From 236 individuals 120 were sent to USA, 116 of them were sent to different European country. Their main goal is to create unrest among Oromo community by distributing false information through pal talk and face book, to blackmail OLF, to weaken the Oromo unity, to recruit opportunistic individuals in the name of business, to appreciate OPDO job and insult OLF leaders. If you need to recognize these people easily they have unique characteristics 1) they are speaking day and night about business 2) they are not ready to pay minimum sacrifices 3)they are talking about sabonummaa on day time and late in the evening they are dancing with our killer TPLF agents 4)they build house on the Oromo farmers land around Finfinnee in collaboration with our enemy.


Way forward:

We have to stop this active and silent genocide by all means necessary by acting now under one umbrella  as a son and daughter of Oromo nation

I am totally confident that we are going to eradicate our enemy combined with their mutagenic servant . We as an Oromo our task is not only eradicating our enemy  and building a democratic republic of Oromia. Our task is also to be a role model for our region, Africa and global world because of our quality as a nation with a collective parameters ( inventor of peace and love model, visionary and optimistic nation, unmatched heroism with immeasurable bravery during peace and war, full of talency with eagerness and the kindest nation on earth). Unfortunately this great nation with collective parameters are imprisoned in an empire by imbecilic elites. We as an Oromo nation we have to confront this enemy with all our ability and forces.

Here are my proposals:

    1. Every Oromo man and women have to ask yourself about your contribution against colonization. If you didn’t done yet now it is the proper time to contact your political organization , your religion center, your regional institution or your community leaders. If you fail to do that the history will judge you.
    2. We Oromo people reject TPLF controlled economic revolution without our full freedom. TPLF economic vision for Oromo’s is slavery and contain some substance with high risk of sudden death. An imbecilic colonial elites can not give us any type of lecture about economic revolution while they are stealing our resources.
    3. We need the true economic revolution and freedom. The world is moving toward the twin foundation of democracy, economic development, innovative science and technology. Technological revolution of informatics, telecommunications and transportations combined with the political and economical revolution of freedom is the best way that leads all nations toward peace and stability. But not the low class business of TPLF stealing the Oromo farmers land and selling to another Oromo


  • As an Oromo it is time to put our vision differences aside and work hard to empower our WBO’s, Qeerroo movement and our vanguard organization OLF to speak loudly against the destructive policy of our enemy. The ability to make war is itself the product of a synergistic package of capabilities. More important, armed conflict is, after all, an instrumentality for attaining various ends; it is not an end in itself. As an Oromo we have no other option left except fighting back forcefully this brutal and barberic TPLF government.


  1. Put our nation interest first instead of making money by peoples blood. Enemy plan is to cultivate millions of opportunistic and traitors. As an Oromo we have to reject this type of underclass thinking and watch them (enemy and their collaborators) and expose them to deny safe heaven and avoid them from contaminating our community. Tell them even if you follow them (enemy) and do your best to make things beter or mediate you are not heard and you will be victim.
  2. Our intellectuals have to concentrate on dual activities (offensive and defensive plan).

A)Defensive: TPLF designed to weaken our people in order to abuse them whenever they need. These weakening project of TPLF have multiple aspects (economically, agriculture, scientifical way of thinking, health care facilities, policy plan on the nations vision, ….etc). Here we have to create some safety net in collaborating with international organs in order to be voice for our nations.

B)Offensive: Beside our WBO’s and Qeerroo movement heroic acts to eradicate our enemy we have to invent some kinds of therapy in order to enhance our victory. It is the home work for every Oromo intellectual to think about this remedy.


  • In order to strengthen our unity and enhance our victory we have to liquidate the traitors and opportunistic individuals by promoting the organization or movement which fight the ultimately battle for our nations to bring kneel down our century long enemies.
  • Put our own house in order, There are also a great many examples of ephemeral political systems in contemporary human societies. When the basketball game is over, the team-members will go home for the night. When the show is over, the actors will disperse. And when the collective response to a local disaster has achieved its immediate objectives, the ad hoc political system that arose to coordinate the efforts of various agencies (fire,police, repair services, housing, food distribution, volunteers, etc.) will be disbanded. Now i have a message to the Oromo political parties stop confusing our community, stop insulting the organization that doing his best in all aspects and ask yourself and your organization about your delivery since your birth. If you are existing only by name disperse or disband the group and start to empower your community to challenge our enemy with unity. If not the truth and the blood of our brothers and sisters will Judge you.



Victory to the Oromo people!


Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium


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  1. Very interesting, it still has powerful lessons for millions who under confusions of clouds!

  2. I found your article Educational and eye opening. Thank you. Please continue writing
    Our people including so called educated need
    To be educated about oromumma the only concept that can save our people in this challenging time.
    Thank you
    Kalif Adam