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Sugar Coated Venom The Oromo Should Stay Away From

The history of Amhara and Amhara led Abyssinia is no more secret to Oromos.  Their shroud move and action to weaken and divide when Oromos are united proves their animosity and deep rooted hate toward our unity and existence. This is not a secret any more, we have seen them in past, we are witnessing their negativity and hate towards us and we will see more of such action until they confront the inconvenient truth and unavoidable facts of the liberation of Oromia and Oromo people from Amhara lead Abyssinia for good.
On one of fanatic Amhara owned Abyssinan website, http://quatero.net/pdf/melbourne-support-group-ad-to-esat.pdf  a little known a group “Democracy for Ethiopia Support Group”  post an ad that read as follows.  “በጋራ ጉባኤው በኢትዮጵያ ኮሚኒቲ ሥር ከሚገኘው ኢትዮጵያዊ በተጨማሪ የኦሮሞና የሱማላ ማህበረሰብ አባሊት እንዲሁም የድምጻችን ይሰማ ሙስሉም ኢትዮጵያዊያን ድጋፍ ቡድን አባሊት ይሳተፋለ።”  The rough translation is read as, “on the meeting, in addition to members of the Ethiopian Community, members of the Oromo, Somlai and the Voice of Ethiopian Muslims Support Groups  will participant in the conference”.  Although the ad didn’t mention about the conveners and where the conference will be held, the ad does mentioned the date of the meeting, August 25, 2013.
While we continue our struggle to defend our rights and stand united, they left no stone unturned to divide us and come up with sugar coated divisive idea to divide us and abort novel idea of  “I am Oromo First”  Oromo Community engagement.  Organizing such meeting and posting such ad at the time the Oromo people are united and engaged on novel idea of “I am Oromo First”, it is a well planned and calculated move to divide and weaken us.
At the time Oromumma gained momentum, Oromo scholars are working around the clock to engage the Oromo community around the world in “I am Oromo First” social movement, announcing such meeting is a well calculated move to divide and weaken our people and community. Members of Melbourne Oromo community are proud and strong Oromo community who has never been and will never negotiate on their Oromumma and I am Oromo first.
The question is who are this so called “Democracy for Ethiopia Support group”? What are they objective and who are this support group? Is it true that members of Melbourne Oromo community and community leaders agree or expressed their interest to participate in such clandestine meeting? What is the trick and hidden agenda behind such meeting and why they organized such meeting at the time our people stand united and Oromumma and I am Oromo First went viral  among the Oromo people across the glob? Why the very people who ridiculed ostensibly our scholar Jawar, but actually on the identity of the entire 40 plus million Oromo people invite our  to their meeting? All Oromo have moral obligation and Oromumma responsibility to scrutinize such sugar coated venom and dig deep to find the truth.

Each Oromo citizen who believe in his Oromumma and the inevitable independency of Oromia, has the rights to suspect and not trust them. We have reasons and causes to be alert to scrutinize such move and understand the facts behind their window dressing and unravel the their hidden agenda.
I call up on all members of the Oromo community, Oromo affiliated political or non-political organizations around the world to boycott any meeting, negotiation or cooperation with Amhara lead or affiliated political or non-political organization and association until:-
1.      They denounce the current online propaganda war they wage ostensibly on Jawar actually on all of us (the Oromo people) through their media.
2.      They denounce the barbaric acts of group of Amhara gang who attacked the out spoken young Oromo journalist Abdi Fete.
3.      They recognize our identity, Oromumma, and our country Oromia.
4.      They recognize all the victory so far the Oromo people gained through the bloods and lives of its sons and daughters.
5.      They are ready and willing to accept the rights of Oromo people for self determination.
6.      The Exclusive rights of Oromo citizen on the socio-political and economic affairs of Oromia. In other words, Oromo people should not negotiate on the fundamental socio-economic and political rights of Oromo people. Oromia for Oromo first. No one has the right to tell us what we should speak, think and believe in.
7.      They should apologize and recognize the atrocity committed by Menilik and his soldiers (their ancestors) and stop praising genocidal leader Menilik as “Emiye Ethiopia” if they are serious about the fate of that empire. We don’t want to sit and negotiate with people who not only violate our basic rights of speaking for our rights but also those who praise the murderer of our mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, breast feeding and pregnant women and innocent children. They need to learn a lesson to say sorry for the crime their ancestors committed, the Australian way. For the crime the white settlers committed since the Europian arrivals, the Australian Prime minister Kevin Rudd said sorry to indigenous people in 2007. It is obvious that Kevin Rudd didn’t commit the crime. Most of the crimes against indigenous people were committed even before he was born and personally he didn’t commit those crimes.   Likewise, if the Amhara elites, people, media and politician are really serious about working together, democracy, federalism, human rights and the unity of that empire, they have do to be ready to accept the inconvenient truth and accept the facts and stop the facts they have denied for years and confront the unavoidable and inevitable truth.  That is the only way forwards that will bring us together and negotiate on our future, including on the name of that country, the language, flag and many more.

From now on, any Oromo community and political party representatives should carefully scrutinize any kinds of meeting or negotiation with the Amhara lead Abyssinian group. Expressing interest to participate on the meeting organized by the people who ridiculed our identity (who we are) tantamount to slapping and spiting on the face of the entire Oromo people.
If what has been said is true, I call upon all members of Melbourne Oromo Community and their the beloved community leaders to boycott the meeting “Democracy for Ethiopia Support Group” called until the aforementioned seven points meet, the current and ongoing campaign waged on each one of us is settled and “I am Oromo First” global community engagement is successfully completed and clear directions and consensus are reached on how to set the direction and strategies to liberate Oromia.

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