Oduu Haaraya

The Demise of Ginbot 7 in Sight

4 years ago, the Ethiopian people were promised that the current government will not last 6 months, why? Because Dr. Birhanu Nega and company have fled Ethiopia and have brought like-minded Ethiopians and have created the timely forces that can take out the current government. Ginbot 7 was created in 2005 in Kaliti and was the brain baby of Dr. Birhanu Nega in collaboration with Adagrachew Tsige. It was brought to life in Washington DC with much fanfare by giving much awaited interviews after interviews. The road was clear for Ginbot 7 to start running toward its goal of taking out the current government by “any means necessary” most in the diaspora and some at home believed the euphoria and drank the cooled. People especially in the diaspora gave their money and time for it was a promised made that they expected to be kept, if not right away but at least fighting the fight until the demise of the current government.

Behold it is four years and instead of the fall down of the current government, it is Ginbot 7 that is looking at the end of the tunnel. Ginbot 7 leaders tried every trick in the book to keep its followers’ hope alive they went as far as Asmara and talked to Eritrean Officials in the hope to get their help. The only thing they got was that they can use the OLF of Kemal Gelchu to whatever they deemed useful. Dr. Birhanu used it to keep his followers believing while he knew the end of Ginbot 7 is near because clearly, the organization haven’t done a single tangible thing in Ethiopia. Cleverly , Dr Birhanu controlled ESAT and made it his mouth piece. While most members of Ginbot 7 have fled the organization, it is clear to all now that Ginbot 7 is done. The much talked about alliance with OLF of Kemal Gelchu took a blow when 2 senior, Secretary General of Gelchu’s  OLF faction and high ranking executive members, Amin Jundi and Abdo Tuko said that they have left Gelchu’s OLF for good. General Kemal Gelchu as we all know is a prisoner of Issayas and can’t do much, not that Gelchu’s OLF is alive and kicking but the issue here is that even the theatrical play by Ginbot 7 is crumbling fast.

The latest is that the few members in the Ginbot 7 organization are having hard time talking to each other for they have seen that nothing except “press release” have been accomplished in the last 4 years, this even when ESAT, VOA and most diaspora media outlets gave Ginbot 7 leaders specifically Dr. Birhanu Nega all he needed to utilize their media to help with their cause, but nothing have happened and his followers are not only frustrated but wants to see accountability. The crises within Ginbot 7 that is bringing them down, has manifested the virus to ESAT. ESAT now is in crises mode because two factions are trying to get the upper hand. This is why we have 2 news from ESAT in one day, one from Amsterdam and one from DC. The Amsterdam group is pro and paid for by Dr. Birhanu and the DC group is trying to disassociate itself from Ginbot 7? Where it will end is anybody’s guess.


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