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The last Ethiopian Standing: Yilma Bekele

Sincere thanks Mr/Ato Yilma for telling us you the last Ethiopian standing. We know that we are killing people ho are none sense like you. We know that the man you called us the “Tikur ferenj” just because we used the alphabet that suits our language is either physically or altogether dead. We know “kinijit” party which was systematically raised by you and your likes is completely eradicated. We know those organisation like G7 and the like that try to revert the rights and relief our people are somewhat enjoying now are just dreaming. We know thatthey will never achieve their goal. . We know that you are dying too, and our people are building their hope and future on the dictators’ graves like you.

But you are not alone. You and some of the leftovers from old “neftegna” camp are scrawling on the ground like snakes and trying to bite our heroes and heroines. You, Mesay Kebede, Alemayehu G.M Tesfaye Demelash, Fikre TOLOSA and few other illiterates are still throwing you poisonous fangs to our leaders and intellectuals while clearly indicating the era of the death of you thoughts. Thus, you do not have to tell us as we already know it. Your and your likes dream will never be accomplished on Oromo people. Why do you do bother asking all those questions in you dirty yukky writing?

Are you still thinking that you have any tiny right to speak or write about Oromo people? You did give you that right or are you still in dreams? You first get up of your dream of controlling and sucking Oromo resources. You we never even get the smell of it.

You have to be off bed and plan your future, not for Oromo people. You have no right to write about Oromo at all. Do you remember, if you have good mind, that you grandfather write that the Oromo came out of Indian Ocean? What else good you can write better than your last generation? No one toady is persuaded with your dirty propaganda. That time is gone. Even today Oromo are not the victim of you fake politico-religious Orthodox. Have you heard what your dummy priest did in 1992 in Ambo on the day of Epiphany? What did the Oromo to him?  If you try to fool our people, you will never get them again. First, they will no more listen to you. We already thought them their friends and their foes. Second today, thanks to

our heroes and heroines we have more intellectuals than our enemies, we have better understanding of the world than you guys you still linger in the past. You always forget or deliberately ignore that we know and we built the first democratic community in the world and you try to teach us. When fools go out of the way and everybody ignores them, they consider themselves as having better understanding and better knowledge.

You and your likes in the neftegna camp are like such fools. What makes you annoyed with the best analysis made by Jawar? What makes you angry if I am Oromo first? Was that false that you hypocrites insulting people, degrading their view, culture, religion and language? How you thinking these people will identify themselves as the identity you killed in them for more than a century? How you forget that Ethiopia was the prison of nations, a blood stained country, and an empire of the vampires? You think that you are building Ethiopianism by depriving Oromo and other nations of their identity? You tried it for more than 100 years and you fall out with it. Oromo has already awake and you never sting us. We never aspire to live with you; if we do we already knew you are not good guys to be good friends. Social change and advancement has come to our people and we are the people of the next generation. It is normal to fight death while dying physically or socially. Go fight your death; not our intellectuals. It is for your good if you respect Oromo’s self rule; if not, you will be put out of the way. Take out the plank in your eye first and then you would be able to see the problems of other persons.

By Odaa Gadaa.

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  1. Booranaa Oromoo

    Nice hit in the foolish’s head. Thank you Odaa