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The Oromos Under the Leadership of OPDO Should Line Up with the Dominants OLF and QEERROO

My objective of writing article on this topic is based on the the development of our struggle against the dictator the Ethiopian government from time to time. I believe that if we intensify our revolt from inside the ruling party and the struggle from outside with a freedom fights ,we can accelerate our independence. The more we multiply our unity among those who believe in the independent state of Oromia the more strong our struggle will be.”Reefa firaa torba garagalchu jette Oromoon”

OPDO is an organization fabricated by TPLF to control the Oromo people in a systematic way.  OPDO’s have claimed a lot about their originality from Oromia in Salale Zone  Darraa district for about 24 years.  However , TPLF changed their  whole story  and make the establishment of OPDO in Adet Tigray as the protest against the  Addis Ababa Master Plan getting intensified since last year.

We Oromos don’t care about the place where the OPDO’s established. But we do care about their effort to obstacle the Oromo struggle. Any barrier on the way of our freedom should be removed. So eliminating OPDO’s have to be the first homework for the Oromo people. Completing this job will be the the first chapter of our success diary. It will be easy at the same time difficult task. It depends on how we gonna use our mind. It needs careful and systematic steps and measures. To do this we need to  know the constituents of OPDO.

OPDO is  the puppet party that is subservient to EPRDF and created by the TPLF itself. Most of the top officials of OPDO are not Oromos at all and  they are Afaan Oromo speaker outsiders. However the majority of the memebers of OPDO’s are Oromos who forced to be a member either directly or indirectly. If you do easy research on the government workers and some other Oromo individuals in Oromia ,you will get a couple of common reasons.

The first common reason is that they are directly forced to be member other wise they would be  categorized as the OLF supporter and would be thrown to prison.
The other reason is that they would not have a life in Oromia. They can’t be employed or cannot do any survival business unless they are members. The third is some of them preferred to rule the Oromo people by themselves rather than the cruel outsiders. Three of them have few things in common: they are Oromos, they love and believe in OLF though they been used to discriminate and exploite the Oromo People in Oromia. They have mistaken two big things. The first is they wait OLA to come and to fight for them rather than revolting by themselves. Expecting OLF to create miracle so for them to join at some safe point  will not be acceptable.  So they have to reject the leadership of OPDO of those real puppets of TPLF and have to join the majority Oromos to the struggle. The concerned Oromos know how important the internal struggle is. So you are in a good position to contribute with the internal work for the freedom of Oromia than exploiting and massacreing the Oromo people together with enemies.

However the top officials of the OPDO  are the real puppets of TPLF. They kill ,arrest, and massacree the Oromo people. They are mentally and morally dead but physically alive criminals. They are on the same list enemies for us. So we have to fight them on the same way we fight the TPLF. But the easiest way to fight them is to take a measure and the punishment by the Oromo people under their leadership.

So the Oromo people under the control of these devil OPDO leadership should reject their management and have to say no to them in every sector. Now it is the best opportunity to make huge regional revolt against subjugation like the Oromo nationalist students did. So it is the time  for the people under this leadership to join the majority of the Oromo people nationalists of Qeerroo  and OLA. The more we United against the dictator Ethiopian government(TPLF) the stronger we will be and the quicker the freedom of Oromia will be.

How the Oromos under the OPDO leader should line up with Qeerroo and OLA is the assignment  for all Oromo people who wants the freedom of Oromia. We have to figure out how and take action with brave heart knowing either of two positive things will happen either to live or to die. Both are the best gift we can ever  give for our future generation.


Yunus Abdellah Ali

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