Oduu Haaraya

The Political and Stereotypical Portrayals of the Oromo in the Ethiopian Historiography

The Oromo are the largest ethnonation in the Horn of Africa. In Ethiopia, they

constitute 40% of the country’s total population and occupy the largest regional

state of the federal state. The Oromo live largely in the Regional State of

Oromia, the largest and the most populous of the nine regional states formed

following the downfall of the Dergue regime in May 1991. A considerable.. Read more here

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Yaa rabbii ilmaan Oromoo haqa garsiisi warra haqa isaa ka dhabe karaa haqaatii fii gootummaan ifirratti falmatee deeffatu godhi!! Baha, Dhiha, Kaabaa fii kibbatti sagalee keenya tokko nuuf taasisi yaa waaqa!!

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