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The #TPLF Apartheid Stop the 21st century Slavery in Ethiopia!

Open Letter to Ethiopia’s Apartheid – Untrustworthy Subhuman, TPLF

By Denboba Natie, August 30, 2017

‘In our continent [Africa], it has not taken us long to discover that the struggle against colonialism does not end with the attainment of national independence. Independence is only the prelude to a new and more involved struggle for the right to conduct our own economic and social affairs; to construct our society according to our aspirations, unhampered by crushing and humiliating neo-colonialist [the TPLF Apartheid-my emphasis] controls and interference’. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, in Addis Ababa, OAU founding Conference, May 24, 1963

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Associates,

Before reading this open letter, I would like you to know some of the unequivocal facts; although I hardly find words rightly describe the magnitude, depth and width of your brutality to unarmed, noncombatant and nonviolent countrymen and women, boys and girls, irrespective of their regions since 1991. You do so, as you’re favored with the drastic changes in geopolitical landscape of the world, as slogan of ‘War-On-Terrorism, claimed the top position in the agendas of Western World, whose politicians readily remain sponsoring you. Under this very pretext, you begun increasingly terrorizing the citizens of all walks of life; persistently denying them their dignity, in addition to the fact that, you are also embarked on stealing their entire wealth and resources, by leaving them in abject poverty.

The peoples of Ethiopia only came to realize that, your aim, like the rest of European and modern day American colonizers, is systematically creating a society whose dignity and pride has been erased, dreams and aspirations are shattered, so that you can freely exploit and enslave them. We also learnt that, treating the citizens of the country in an undignified manner only comparable with the Nazi treatments of the Jewish people and the rest of its victims, is a model of your governance. Furthermore, time and again, you’ve proved your indignity as you are blatantly embarked on murdering of thousands of unarmed citizens, incarceration of tens of thousands of civilians without justice.

Let remind you an indisputable fact in unambiguous manner! When you were awarded Ethiopia by the USA and UK politicians to use it as your own personal property; most of you showed up with insect infested afro hair, few guns and bullets, dilapidated shorts, scarfs and locally made slippers known as ‘Barabasso’. You also had few millions of dollars which your late dictator leader, PM Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega with the other key players, stole from Bob Geldof’s live-aid money collected in1984; by the time in the name of draught implicated Ethiopians. You’re supported by the West’s political conspirators who have facilitated the transfer of money to be used for your purpose. This coupled with sporadically bank-robbed money, you had a sizable amount of cash.

Besides, all the indicated sum of money is so little that, it is not comparable with the amount of stolen money from the peoples of Ethiopia, since 1991, even by a single TPLF cadre. You have also collectively stolen the entire wealth of the country in addition to the $34 billion dollars you have taken out of the country to conceal it, in the banks of various foreign countries since 1991. Moreover, through your exploitative anaconda known us, the ‘Relief Society of Tigray’ (REST), you have monopolized the key business of the country to cause the outcries of tens of millions of business communities, who are increasingly pushed aside to become bankrupt. In furtherance of your heinous objectives, you have also displaced millions of peasants in all regions and zones, from their ancestral lands to trade with it by leaving them and their families destitute. Since 1991, I reiterate that, you are embarked on dehumanization of the peoples of Ethiopia, employing State terror as means of governance.

The examples I’m presenting in the proceeding part are, a tip of an iceberg, from all incomprehensible crimes you have committed since 1991. The psychological trauma and humiliation you have caused and continually causing on the nations and peoples of Ethiopia is beyond the imagination of sane mind.

Firstly, your late authoritarian leader, Meles Zenawi, has deliberately made Ethiopia, a landlock country. Currently, idly boasting Eritrea’s port Assab would have been amicably negotiated when Eritrea became an independent country in 1991. Since either the TPLF’s late PM wanted to show off his unflinching support for the independence of Eritrea by giving away all things even the Eritreans haven’t asked, or, for some unintelligible reasons, he rejected to make the necessary deals with an Eritrean government who was by the time prepared to allow Ethiopia to use it. I believe that, the opportunity was on the table, and obtaining an amicable concession would have benefited both countries. This is an inexcusable crime, you, the TPLF apartheid has committed against the interests of the peoples of Ethiopia.

Secondly, you wish that the peoples of Ethiopia must endure the ignominy of preparing their own territory to give it to a foreign country. Time and again, you have shamed the country at a global level in many ways, more than all your predecessors in the history of the country, since Ethiopia has been recreated in a modern form by King Menelik II during the 1880s colonial expansion. All peoples of Ethiopia know that, you are attempting to reward the Sudanese government with huge chunk of fertile land from the Ethiopian territory, for supporting you whilst fighting your predecessor, the Derg regime.

Moreover, the peoples of Ethiopia also understand that, to buy the hearts and minds of the Sudanese government, for Omar al-Bashir regime not to allow your adversaries to operate in his soil; you agreed to slice the Ethiopia’s legitimate territory to give it to them as a present. You remain continually brutalizing those who oppose to your unlawful plans, mainly in Amhara region for the last 26 years. This is an unprecedented act of criminality and treachery, not only in the history of Africa, but also in the world. Besides, rest assured that, when the right time comes, the peoples of Ethiopia will maintain their unrestricted right to reclaiming their territory, if you continue with your reckless plans of giving it away. Your intentions show the level of your disrespect and hatred towards the groups of people in this region and the country known as Ethiopia at large.

For me, it is irrelevant whether the territory which you are planning to trade with, is in Amhara, Oromia, OgadenSidama, Gambella or the rest part of the country. The principle I am arguing is that, no genuine leader of any country allows his/her territory to be given away as a present to another country, unless the ruler is deemed to be a colonial agent. By attempting to give away the territory of the country, you have proved, firstly you’re not different from European colonizers; secondly, your enmity to the people of this region and the wider peoples of the country, and thirdly that you have planned and are prepared to dig the deepest hole for the demise of the country.

Thirdly, you are the only regime who is deeply racist, and implicit exclusionist than all your predecessors, who has controlled the country. You hold deep-seated hatred and agenda of exploiting the resources of the rest parts of the country with the aim of building of your empires. In furtherance of your goals, this is why you have drained the wealth of the country, including the hard-earned, hard-currency >$34 billion, in addition to monopolizing the entire economy of the country, in the past 26 years. Various sources confirm that, your late criminal dictator, Meles Zenawi alone concealed over $3.2 billion belonging to the peoples of Ethiopia, in foreign banks. He stole this sum of mo0ney from the loan monies obtained by the name of Ethiopia, hence piling up excessive debt for the future generation. You equally dehumanize the subjects in the manner comparable with Congolese Africans’ depersonalization by an extremely greedy barbaric, subhuman Belgian king, Leopold II between1870s and 1910. You accumulated billions of dollars, by denigrating legitimate beneficiaries. Ironically, you want us to believe you that, you’re developing Ethiopia in the light of these indisputable facts.

Hundreds of your politicians and the entire military leadership have also accumulated tens of millions of dollars in foreign banks. Most of you, send your children to European or American private schools, using the stolen money, you have snatched from the mouths of 104 million peoples of Ethiopia, who hardly feed their children, decent meal, single time a day. Recently, you also lavishly celebrated your 42nd anniversary with millions of dollars, in Dubai 5-star hotel; during the exact period, when about 7 million Ogaden Somali citizens were experiencing the harshest draught in their history; http://curvetube.com/Lekatit_11_DUBAI_42ND_ANNIVERSARY_OF_TPLF_2017/zQKAQ23Bbpg.video.

Fourth, you’re the only regime in the history of the country to be fully engaged in controlling of nearly 100% of the entire economy, military leadership, security and key foreign affairs positions as well as academic institutions, by systematically relegating the rest. You own everything, terrorizing those who question your illegal acquisition, actions and practices against the will of the majority.

Fifth, you’re the only regime who’s appeared to be caring for the peoples of various nations who have been historically subjugated by your predecessors; yet, you became the worst subjugating element than all your predecessors.

Sixth, you have created fake political parties for all nations and peoples of Ethiopia, for which you have meticulously picked inept surrogates under the pretexts of representation. Yet, you know and always make sure that the indicated puppets have no power and rights to say a single word against your criminalities. Under the pretexts of these representatives, you created conducive atmosphere, hence easily silence the subjects of given region, by further creating the means for expropriating their resources, employing cunning tactics.

Seventh, in the history of modern Ethiopia (post 1880s), you’re the only liberation front established to liberate your own region, yet as a matter of chance, you’ve grabbed the opportunity you’ve remotely dreamt for. In plain language, you’ve been awarded Ethiopia whilst, still dedicated to the mentality of liberating Tigray. I have no problem with your mentality, yet I do about your murderous and exploitative nature and being untrustworthy. Your leaders (apart from the few regretted and defected) have repeatedly affirmed that, the TPLF freedom fighters sacrificed their precious lives for the cause of Tigray, not for Ethiopia and its peoples. The TPLF late despotic leader repeatedly inculcated this facts in the minds of the Tigray youth. Thus, you believe that Ethiopia is your hard-earned asset whose wealth to be constantly milked and looted; its peoples to be brutalized and silently enslaved whilst you are strengthening the TPLF apartheid in Ethiopia.

Eighth, you’ve deliberately masterminded, planned and executed all your inhumane actions against unarmed civilians, in the manner only external colonizers (such as late Belgian subhuman king Leopold II); behaved whilst scavenging on the resources of the entire country for the last 26 years. No one as the ruler in the modern history of the country, has robbed it in the manner you’ve and drained its’ asset (hard-currency) out of the country.

Ninth, you have displaced millions of peasants from their land, by leaving them destitute, under pretext of investment, to trade with their lands in an extremely reckless manner, worse than foreign invaders can do to their subjects. You also divide and rule nations by further setting them up at each other to create artificial volatility to buy time. A good example is, the ongoing TPLF orchestrated conflicts you’ve masterminded between the two downtrodden nations of various regions or zones. For example, between the Oromo and Ogaden Somali nations, as we speak you’re orchestrating conflict. Between Oromo and Sidama, Oromo and Gambella, Oromo and Benshangul… the rest peoples, you’re masterminding such conflicts, to extend your thread on power. Your action against the nations and peasants of various regions remain morally wrong, repugnant and politically incorrect as is intellectually indefensible.

Tenth, in various regions and zones of the country, you’ve gunned down tens of thousands of unarmed civilians who’ve demanded their rights to be respected and the constitution of the country to be honored; blatantly violating the international law and your own constitution. Moreover, you often use your killing machines, by employing snipers to maim, kill and decapitate civilians, with the guns that are meant to be used on a foreign enemy; to cause genocide after genocide in various regions. For the crimes you commit, you further incriminate individuals, groups of peoples and given nation to summarily execute them once again; as is the case in Oromia, Ogaden, Sidama, Amhara, Gambella, Benshangul, Konso….and the rest parts of the country.

Eleventh, you’ve employed the method of excessive torture and beatings, which you have used against your own people whilst you’re in Tigray mountains; as means of governance under the name of fake democracy and self-determination. Hundreds of thousands of peaceful and noncombatant civilians to date languish in various substandard prisons, where torture is rampant, and whose cases are theatrically mocked at, in your kangaroo courts. The level of dehumanizing practices of your security agents on the subjects is beyond comprehension.

Twelve, you are deliberately causing a brain-drain by surreptitiously encouraging the exodus of the productive forces of the country. The youth is coerced to flee the country for various reasons; mainly as their dreams, hopes and aspiration are completely shattered due to ongoing monopoly of power and exploitation of the resource of the entire country for you own benefit, by pushing aside the rest. Moreover, the other underlying causes for a frightening exodus of the youth include, torture, barbaric treatment, lack of opportunity for those who misally with you, and ultimately abject poverty orchestrated by you, despite your defeating mantras of fake double-digit growth and associated imaginary utopian developments.

From those who leave their country to unknown destinations, the majority perish on their way, and the rest are often subjected to various forms of mistreatments in foreign countries. So far, there has been no evidence that, you have done anything on behalf of those citizens in the last 26 years. Contrary to the above, there are plethora of evidences indicating that, you busy yourselves by collecting money from those who flee your brutality under the pretext of Diaspora, to satisfy your money stealing habits. Tens of millions of productive forces fled Ethiopia under your Apartheid reign, since 1991. And, it is the biggest number of youth to flee the country in the last 100 years. To date, it is you, who is supported and financed by your Western political supporters, continuing to deny the peoples of Ethiopia, of their rights to freedom of expression, assembly, and self-determination, to cause such endless youth Brain-drain.

Thirteen, you’ve deliberately destroyed the quality of higher education by mushrooming inapt universities in all regions, but Tigray. You embarked on pretending to show off with quantity than quality with above mentioned inapt universities. The indicated universities are mainly ill-equipped, less financed, with little or no properly educated and experienced personnel, with the aim of satisfying quota of various regional states; apart from the south, where the previously five independent regional states of 56 distinct nations and peoples were amalgamated by the decision of your late despot. In the indicated Zones of the south, even few inapt universities don’t match the numbers of 56 nations and peoples. Furthermore, using these universities, you literally fabricate timid and directionless generation, who are unprepared to question anything, including inhumane actions you commit on their own peoples and the country at large.

Under such scenario of your Ethiopia, critical thinking and imagination, creativity and freedom of thoughts are highly restricted, and at times strictly forbidden. The graduates of the said universities are, embarrassingly, less equipped in comparison with the graduates of the rest parts of Africa. Most of these graduates hardly perform a minimum task of their field. However, they are excellently groomed to believe and accept the mightiness of your Apartheid, your righteousness and your erroneous political mantras. Thus, you’re seriously compromising the survival of the generation, its intellectual attributes and brain faculties.

Finally, I would like you to know that, provided you remain adamant to stay on power with your customary violence and state terrorism, you’re likely jeopardizing the continuation of Ethiopia as a sovereign country in addition to numbering of your days. The peoples of Ethiopia have affirmed that you are well-equipped with criminal aspiration, inhumane attitudes and beliefs, as you persistently depersonalize and dehumanize them. Apparently, it became clearer than ever that, your action of the last 26 years proved your goal is creating an independent Tigray, after fully extracting the wealth of the entire country and finally disintegrating it, by setting various nations and peoples at each other.

Besides, there is one unshakable reality to which I would like to draw your attention to. You have revolted against the Derg regime because you considered it the oppressor of the Tigray people, since 1975. Let me be bitterly precise. The degree of oppression to which the current peoples of Ethiopia under your apartheid are subjected to is, much bigger in depth and width than, the oppression of the Derg regime which has driven you to wage war against it. Therefore, don’t you think that, the entire peoples of the country, >94% (>98 million) can revolt against you? If you were tiny minority and eventually managed to overthrow the Derg regime, I assume that, you won’t be stupid or idiot to erroneously miscalculate the anger of the mass, who are bitterly fighting you, in an implicit or explicit manner. I strongly advise you, not to erroneously believe that the peoples of the country allow you to enslave them any longer, even if you attempt to deceive them employing cosmetic surgery, without removing the malignant tumor. The peoples of Ethiopia are demanding the tumor to be wholly removed, nothing else!

Meanwhile, I assure you with degree of confidence that, whether you employ Apartheid style state-terrorism or Nazi methods against the subjects, as you are incarcerating and brutalizing, mainly hundreds of thousands of Oromo civilians and the rest peoples of Ethiopia, the days of your demise is approaching. This is an inevitable reality. If you’re wise enough, this is the right time to think differently and act promptly! There is no time to be wasted, it’s today.

If you can think rationally for the first time in your life, since you are embarked on subjugating of all peoples of the country; I think that, there will be a window of opportunity for you that, the upcoming transitional arrangements will potentially allow you to be one of the stakeholders (provided that all stakeholders agree), as the later won’t be as barbaric as you’re. Therefore, the later won’t hang you for your abhorring crimes thus far committed, without the rule of law. You only will be judged according to such legal parameters; unlike your kangaroo courts, where the civilians are punished based on a politically motivated and unproven accusations and allegations than receiving justice. If you act in time responsibly for the first time in your 26 years’ reign of terror, the immunity you’ll likely to be granted for your willingness, potentially spares you, your henchmen, the country, its hope and dream from awaiting catastrophes. In both ways, regardless, your demise is inevitable, thus act today before it is too late.

May Justice, Freedom, Liberty and Rule of law Serve Humanity.

By Denboba Natie, August 30, 2017

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