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Unified and solid leadership – The missing link

By Amansiis Qanaatee

The weeks of historic protest against tyranny in Oromia, from Kamise in the north to Borana in south and from Jaarsoo in the West to Jaarso in the East, is just the first unified and coordinated act of what may prove to be a far longer and larger struggle. Though, the government in Finfinne is trying to silence the protest through brutal and extrajudicial means, thanks to the momentum of the protest, they are finding it difficult to do so quietly. In region after region the Oromos are rising against the two decades long tyranny

The unique characteristics of the current movement, in addition to the scale and the magnitude, is the full-fledged engagement and involvement of the nationalist OPDO members who begun to stand in the right and bright side of history. This protest brought Oromos of all region, religion, classes, ages and gender together, made our unity stronger and our relationship and communication closer. The savage attack on our students awakened a dormant Oromo-consciousness. Even if the TPLF and OPDO collaborators foolishly tried to hide the magnitude of the movement and the atrocities following it, no single incident did able to escape the media outlets both domestic and international.

In the last two decades, except for scattered acts of defiance or opposition by some elements of the OPDO members towards the sense of Tigrian supremacy, the majority seems to believe that the EPRDF arrangement was undertaken for the goods of nations and nationalities in Ethiopia and particularly for Oromia. As time goes on, all came to realize that this is a regime which have been organized and guided by the core principles of Apartheid. Of course it is clear that like any other courageous societies in the world our people have fears to overcome. Particularly you the Oromo nationalists in OPDO should beat and conquer your fear that has begun with your negative experiences so far and say no to injustice against your people. We expects still more!!


It is now imperative to insist that both the subjective and objective factors of the Oromo liberation struggle have been fulfilled. The contradiction between the strategic enemy – the TPLF and the Oromo people (particularly those who have some affinity to OPDO) has begun to explode, the repression is getting worse and the life of Oromos under this system is getting harder. The Oromo people are getting conscious and highly organized around our cause. The layer dividing the so called “ultra nationalists” and the “liberals” is getting thinner and thinner.

The next logical and natural progression is the defiance of our Oromo brothers in the EPRDF army. Like Indian and African veterans of the late 19thcentury and early 20th century  who were serving their colonial masters to unfree the free people around the world, you should learn that freedom is what everybody needs and wake up to say enough is enough and fight for the freedom of your people.

More important of course is the need to create or recreate an integrated, unified and solid Oromo leadership. A leadership that can make changes in accordance with higher Oromo values and thinking other than his own.  A leadership that not only maintain the vision of those values but living those values as a model and example for us to follow. A leadership who can grasp the larger picture of Oromumma and hold the course for the benefit of all. A leadership that would be remembered for its loyal patriotism and principle, and selfless devotion for the Oromo cause. A Leadership that should understand its role as a service performed for the Oromo and not as ownership or control.

Unfortunately, this idea of leadership seems at odds with what we see happening in the Oromo people today. In all too many occasions we see many of our leaders holding nothing in trust for Oromos whom they purport to serve but advancing only their own ideals and hopes. Today, it is often difficult to tell if our leaders are serving themselves or us. The questions like: Where are our leaders are leading us to? To whom can we look to for the direction we need? are becoming the everyday question among Oromo people. Therefore the ideal leadership that could be born or reborn should be able to answer these and other questions surrounding our struggle. Leaders who agreed to disagree should give way for revolutionary change leaders so as to lead the sleeping giant not only to awakening but also to realize its own destiny.


Victory to the Oromo people !!!!!!

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