Oduu Haaraya

“wallaahi Jowaar dictate nu godhaa hin jiru”

Gaafiif deebisaa RSO hoggantoota OMN waliin taasise….

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  1. I listened attentively to interview of the few board members of OMN. The two that caught my attention were the presence of two infamous infiltrators to OMN board of directors. These two individuals are ardent Ethiopianists who always hide inside Oromo nationalists and disintegrate and eventually frustrate and flush out those they believe are Oromo who stand for independence of Oromia. They do so very carefully and subtly and cunningly. During the past twenty five years, these two individuals worked very closely with Lencho Latta and defended and protected the Ethiopianist group within OLF. Eventually, they were able to frustrate several Oromo scholars within OSA and by 2007, were in complete control and for the first time Ethiopianist Oromo and non-Oromo scholars took over OSA. By this time several prominent Oromo nationalist scholars were out of OSA. The Partial list include:
    Dr. Ismail Abdoulahi (1st OSA president)
    Dr. Mohammed Ali
    Dr. Hamdessa Tusso (1st OSA secretary and Editor of JOS)
    Dr. Abraham Dallu
    Dr. Isayas W/ Giorgis
    Dr. Safao Gullo
    Dr. Bahiru Gemetchu (OSA board)
    Mr. Abraham Mosisa (OSA 7th president)
    Dr. Beletech Dheressa (1st OSA treasurer)
    Dr Mekbib Gebeyehu and several other nationalist Oromos, too long to list here.

    When Lencho and Dima came out openly as Ethiopianists , these two canning artists did not officially join them. They continued to hide inside nationalists to continue to hunt nationalists. Mohammed Hassen is respected as an elder and Historian. He is invited to make presentations on Jaara Abba Gada, the Chelenqo massacre, and anything of historical in nature and he uses such things to hide inside Oromo nationalists. Asfaw Beyene hides behind Mohammed for he is not respected by any Oromo who know his ugly background. Now, these two Ethiopianists found a perfect young con artist by the name of Jawar Mohammed. A perfect fit and a big mouth at that. Jawar was an OPDO operative and still is by some accounts and an Ethiopianist. When Jawar travels among the different Oromo community organizations, we Oromo nationalists know that Jawar is nothing but a snake oil salesman. He is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent issue for he is a fraud, quack and charlatan. He is also a con artist who can rally unsophisticated youth particularly from his tribe. Some ululate uncontrollably and the he has mesmerizing effect on selected audiences. For the mature and the sophisticated Oromo, empirical and intellectual shoddiness and ignorance underpin his entire drama.

    The pattern is very similar to what happened to OSA. Some serious nationalists are purged or forced to resign from OMN. Behind these are the two mentioned above as we can tell from the interview. Whether we like it or not, these dangerous demagogies will control OMN and it will take another 25 to 30 years for the Oromo to wake up and purge these Ethiopianist infiltrators from OMN. By that time, a lot of damage has been done to Oromo movement.

  2. Hamiza oromoon tufatte

    Dr.Hamiza ,the oromo people know this is your faze writing. look we know you teach at one of the prestigious university in US but you lack so may thing in nature , you are very coward , you have no confidence, you are educated moron , you start blaming others for your weakness and fell the first task in oromo history under one calender year what a shame.
    Dr.Hamiza late us be honest how many oromo people know you before you get elected as board member of OMN ? don’t tell us i was long time OSA member?
    how on earth you start criticizing Dr.Mohamed Hassan and Dr. Asefaw? why are you causing Jawar as he is an OPDO or gandummaa ? what shame Dr.Hamiza. You better stay out of oromo issue you don’t fit here go look something else you are good at rather-then accusing ever one that challenges your weak mentality and narrow thinking that you could not tolerate that because you are Harvard graduate. it is very hard to imagine you complain abut every one in OMN like you have been working with them the last 40 years. you did little you talk too much !
    Oromoo maqaa baleessu dhisi adabdhu ta’ii ! nama barataa waan fokkata dubatuuf bareesu akkam nama ciica’aa ya waqaa ko.
    OMN bara baraan jirataa !! OMN sagalee fii ija ilmaan oromo hundatti !! OMN qabeenya Oromooti !!

  3. Beeka namoo is not Beeka nammo, is it Beeka nammo IS Dr. Hamza?? well it is better to leave to Dr. Hamza to clarify,if some one trying to spoil the integrity of personalities.At least it is difficult to accept the known professor Mohammed Hassan as Ethiopianist advocator from his various speeches and lectures.
    Hamza oromoon tuffatee,are you sure that the writer of this comment is Dr. Hamza ?

  4. I don’t understand how one can be so impudent to insult someone or anyone for that matter. What prove do you (the first poster) have that this message was posted by Dr. Hamza? What if it was? You are neither Dr. Mohammed nor Dr. Asfaw Beyene ( I hope not with all those spelling errors). Nor are you appointed as an spokesman for those individuals. I am sure they can speak for themselves, but I am afraid they have better things to do with their time. The individual who posted that message is being grossly disrespectful. This is not the way an Oromo treats his/her elders and scholars. Dr. Hamza is a highly respected scholar. Perhaps, you did not know him before OMN was founded, but there are thousands who do. He has trained thousands young men and women who have become multi-national corporate leaders. He is a man of principle and Oromo values. There is no doubt in my mind that he did the right thing by refusing to lie to his people and choosing to get out and let us know what is going on in the organization. You seem to be very sure that this post is his. What kind of skill must you have? If you were that good of a decipherer, I suggest that you work for the NSA. But then again, when you call Dr. Hamza “a moron” and ” a coward”, I am afraid you are talking about yourself because this individual is neither of those and all the dirt that comes out of you might prove that you are what you are talking about indeed.

  5. A.Roba
    “There is no doubt in my mind that he did the right thing by refusing to lie to his people and choosing to get out and let us know what is going on in the organization.”
    Just I want qouate you what in black and white you stated above. Some of you arguing that resigning from OMN presidency as if resigning from meaningful state power.what we are doing and trying to do is to create the real power in the future democratic republic of OROMIA: It is too early to accuse each other for tyranny that speak Afaan Oromoo .unless otherwise we are bookish and careless unaccountable for what we are talking. By any measure the hasty decision to resign was exposing the embryonic media to its archaic enemy propaganda and an attack on the spirit and,moral of Oromo nation .As to me the doctor privileged to amass the theoretical knowledge in his field but not the wisdom to apply his academic excellence for his nation.It was just like undisciplined , rebellious, anarchic ,irresponsible behavior displayed to the public.Hope in the future our leaders and high profile academician will not repeat such type of image spoiling behaviors.