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Concomitant therapy of OLF will abort the incogitable humilation against Oromo people

By Dr.B.K.Deressa

War is the central problem of international relations. For as long as humans have existed, they have been killing one another; throughout the modern era, they have been doing so in increasingly well-organized, large-scale, and devastating ways. The human and material destruction of war in the twentieth century alone is incalculable. Every war has its own unique set of causes, which are invariably multiple, complex, and interrelated. Wars have been fought either exclusively or in some combination to gain or defend territory; security; wealth; national, religious, cultural, racial, and/or ideological identity and values; political dynasties; colonies; independence; allies or other friendly states; empire; hegemony; freedom of the seas; endangered citizens; or national honor. Wars have also been fought to weaken or destroy rivals; retaliate against the aggression of others; preempt an imminent or inevitable attack; avenge insults or past losses; fill power vacuums before someone else does; or maintain alliance credibility.


Given the virtual universality of war, can we ever expect violent conflict between or within states to end? Many answer “no,” maintaining that wars are perfectly natural and are simply a violent means to resolve conflict: “War is a means for achieving an end, a weapon which can be used for good or bad purposes. Some of these purposes for which war has been used have been accepted by humanity as worthwhile ends; indeed, war performs functions which are essential in any society. It has been used to settle disputes, to uphold rights, to remedy wrongs . . . One may say that no more stupid, brutal, wasteful, or unfair method could ever have been imagined for such purposes, but this does not alter the situation.”


Throughout Europe’s modern era, for instance, the central reasons for war changed dramatically from religion (1519–1648) to dynastic rule (1648–1789), and then to revolution and nationalism (1789–1945).


Is the fight and plight of Oromo people is justified?


Before I am going to enter  the burning issue let me define concomitant therapy. Concomitant therapies are two or more treatment used or given at or almost at the same time in order to have systemic and local effect on the cancer (one after the other, on the same day, etc.).


We, Oromo peoples are invaded by cancer, which kills us from generation to generation. This cancer has a unique character. The characteristic of this cancer is changing from time to time in order to weaken the host immune system and organ function.  


Could we describe some facts about this cancer?

The Ethiopian empire leaders are refuse to accept that they are cancer and invading vital organs and immunological function of entire Oromo nations, colonizing and humiliating Oromo’s and other Oppressed nations.  Let me touch some truth that will show they are manmade cancers:

  1. They are killing Oromo’s everywhere (man, women, children and elders) without any criminal act
  2. They are imprisoned thousands of Oromo’s including Mr.Bekele Gerba and Prof. Merara Gudina without  any justification crime.
  3. They are torturing till death our brothers and sisters every minute
  4. They are evicting Oromo’s from their ancestral land by agazi forces.
  5. They are raping our Oromo sisters and mother’s on the daily basis
  6. They are forcing Oromo’s to live like animal only to eat and defecate (demanding morethan this is punishable according to this bloody empire leaders).
  7. They are culturing enemies against Oromo’s across all corners
  8. They are blackmailing Oromo’s on the international stages as terrorist and violent
  9. They are Hunting down Oromo’s in foreign countries to kill and torture
  10. They are killing Oromo’s and force them our mothers to sit down on the deceased body
  11. They are forcing Oromo’s  to talk about the necessity of discipline, respecting  the rule of law and denying corruption, while the mother and the leading champion of all evils are them (denying rule of law, breaking discipline, ignoring humanity and expanding corruption).
  12. Etc….etc….etc


A leading researcher on humiliation, Dr. Evelin Lindner, defines humiliation as “the enforced lowering of a person or group, a process of subjugation that damages or strips away their pride, honor or dignity. Further, humiliation means to be placed, against ones will, in a situation where one is made to feel inferior. “One of the defining characteristics of humiliation as a process is that the victim is forced into passivity, acted upon, made helpless.  Johan Galtung, a leading practitioner, agrees with Lindner that the infliction of humiliation is a profoundly violent psychological act that leaves the victim with a deep wound to the psyche.

More than 40years ago OLF have discovered a remedy to destroy the cancer cells. This remedy  combines multiple ranges with quadruple tasks.  

  1. Teaching his people about Oromummaa, human right, devil action of the empire.
  2. Teaching his people how to fight politically and militarily for  their right
  3. Confronting Enemy on the battle field
  4. Informing the international community about his people and devil action of the Ethiopian empire

Despite great progresses have been made in understanding the Oromummaa, the progress in awareness of the devil action of our colonizers and detection of their atrocities is still high and there still is not a cure despite great improvements have been made in all aspects. The current treatment regimens for these brutal groups of TPLF mafia have shown limited impact on their barbaric act, because these treatments primarily target tumor bulk (militia’s and soldiers) but not cancer stem cells (TPLF main mafia cells).

My people, one’s home may be destroyed by an earthquake, in which the victim may be devastated and traumatized but not humiliated, but when soldiers kick someone out of their home in the middle of the night and bulldoze it or set the home on fire. This latter case exemplifies the use of humiliation as a weapon by some people upon other people (that is what is going on today against our 50 million Oromo peoples by limited invaders of TPLF mafia groups).

My beloved Oromo people, Ones and again I will beg you to line up behind your vanguard organization OLF with unlimited support by ideas and finance to shorten the invasion of these cancer in order to save our coming generation.


Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium


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  1. Dr. Deresa:

    This is a misdiagnosis. You are trying to treat the symptoms, not the underlying disease, which is the brain tumor in OLF. The organization needs an urgent brain transplant. You need another specialization and many more neurosurgeons to perform this procedure in addition to a suitable donor.