6 links showing everything Google knows about you -

6 links showing everything Google knows about you

Control what advertising you receive and check if unauthorized persons have been on your Google account.

Medium site has listed 6 things that Google knows about you. This can be useful to know.

Here you can see:
1. Google’s profile on you
Decide what type of advertising you receive.

2. Your location history
If you use the Android operating system and has given Google access to this information.

3. Your entire search history
Google saves all your searches and ads you’ve clicked on.
4. See which devices are gone in to your Google account
If you are concerned that an unauthorized person has been in and snooped. If you have a mobile via the job, IT technician at your work be seen.

5. See which apps have access to your data
… And take away rights if you so desire.

6. How do you export your data
You can move bookmarks, mail, contacts, YouTube videos and more.

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