Oduu Haaraya

The Filthy Pond of Corruption That TPLF And Its Authorities Baptized In.

By  Mekonenn Elalla Fekadu
The current dictatorial regime of Ethiopia which imposes the supremacy of one race is making a prominent chapter in the history of the country by destroying public resources and ransacking financial assets. In its twenty-two years of power life, the regime’s administration has been earmarked with two distinctive traits: corruption and laceration of the nation into pieces with sharp blade of race. Right from the onset, TPLF based itself on racial aristocracy, wide spread corruption, and excessive power abuse to safeguard its members who are extravagantly wasting the public resource as personal heritage. As racism and corruption are closely knitted with the authoritarian rule, one can not be explained in the absence of the other. The dictatorial regime of TPLF is simply a Petri dish to cultivate corruption bacteria that destroys the socio political system of the country from top to bottom.


These days, the regime has engaged on a pseudo-anticorruption campaign to cover up or erase its notorious governance and corruption practice that have become clearer than the sunlight at noon among the nation or the international community at large. The current move to arrest just a small group of corrupted individuals while ignoring those high ranked officials who are soaked to their neck in public money laundry pond is a good indicator as the regime has no interest on breaking the back bone of corruption beyond deceiving the nation. Otherwise, for the people who do not fan the deceptive game of this regime, such a small scale ant-corruption act is nothing more than scooping a spoon of water out of a sea.



Unlike the precedent  regimes of the country, TPLF is known not only to reserve high governmental posts to its party supporters, but also exclusively rewarding educational opportunities and economic growth privileges to its so called golden members that paid or believed to pay the necessary scarifies to keep the system alive on power. Just to encourage this blind and blood-related loyalty, the party leaves corruption doors wide open to its supporters, and empowers them to ransack the country’s resources without any sense of responsibility or accountability. This partiality clearly defines the existence of favored institutions and small group of society which are legally licensed for corruption and power abuse while the rest, the majority, are deprived of their basic right and being highly scrutinized for any “irregularities” or whatsoever action considered against the regime.


The dictatorial regime’s current lame move to create corruption free administrative environment has put a limelight on its own military generals and commanders that run the defense ministry of the country. The annual financial report of those auditors assigned by TPLF itself has vindicated that the accounting exercise of the ministry is marked by so many irregularities and great financial plundering. The current Prime Minister Ato Hailemariam Dessalegne is selling his seat and authority to TPLF officials who maneuver and dictate his mind. He is making undaunted campaign to give legal protection for those corrupted criminals that hived themselves in Defense Ministry, National Intelligence and Security service, and Federal Bureau of Security.  Unfortunately, these three institutions are infamous machineries of the government that run gruesome acts of inhumanity and destabilization of peace across the country. Besides this, the above cited institutions are rated among the top most corrupted organizations where officials misuse the country’s resources to amass personal wealth are packed in like sardines.




Since these three institutions are staffed by irresponsible TPLF members who lack knowledge to administer the people and fail accountability for proper administration of financial assets, the prime minister’s move to immunize them could do nothing good except legalizing them to vandalize the public resources and to shed more blood of innocents on the land.


Nevertheless, how hard TPLF tries to cover up its demonic nature and mimic to care for the people and for the country, the nation have understood the true nature of the regime and decided more than ever to abolish the system with its bureaucratic “divide and rule” malfunctions. Leave aside to blink and miss the high level of corruption and misuse of power being committed continually, Ethiopians are already well aware of the charlatan behavior of the regime to forecast its future intentions that are hidden behind each and every “positive” move it is making today. Contrary to the regime’s addled administration philosophy of “divide and rule,” Ethiopians have united their hand to stand together and are shouting on one voice saying enough-is-enough to uproot TPLF and its twins, corruption and racism, once and for all.

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