Coronavirus: Sudan deploys troops to secure Ethiopian border | Oromia Shall Be Free. Dhimma Sabaa
Oduu Haaraya

Coronavirus: Sudan deploys troops to secure Ethiopian border

On Friday, the Governor of El Gedaref state, Maj Gen Nasreldin Abdelgayoum, announced the deployment of more troops to reinforce security on the border with Ethiopia as a part of the state’s precautionary measures against coronavirus (Covid-19).

In a press statement, the governor reassured that this government is keen to implement all the directives in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The governor said that the authorities are monitoring about 30 people stranded at El Gallabat along the border with Ethiopia. He confirmed that the authority has taken all necessary arrangements with regard to health precautions in El Gallabat and El Gedaref.

The governor assured that no cases of the virus have been recorded in El Gedaref yet. He appreciated the measures taken by the High Committee for the Corona Emergency in the state and its localities.


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