Oduu Haaraya
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Dargeggeessi Oromoo kan yakkaa tokko malee akka bineessa rukutamee ajjefame awwaalame..

God/W/lixaa aanaa Gimbii ganda waloo yesuusitti dhalata barataa Gammachiis Dabalaa umuriin 16 yoo ta’u barataa kutaa 9ti. Jireenyasaa keessatti cilee gubee gara magaalaa gimbii geessee ittin barataa maatii saas gargaara . Akkuma amalasaa cilee fuudhee guyyaa gaafa 02/09/2006 akka lakk habasha ganama gara magaalaa gimbii utuu deemuu loltuun wayyaanee naannoo gafaree bakkaa addaa mana indaaqqoo jedhamutti duukaa buutee ariun rasaasaan miilla isaa dhoofte. gaafuma sana hospitaala adventisti Gimbii ciise. Ta’us carraa fayyuu hin arganne guyyaa gaafa 12/09/2006tti lubbuunsaa darbite kichuutu hudhaatti cite ayiiiiiiiiiiii yaa oromoo lakkii ka’iiiiii uuuuuuuuuuuuuu


In west wallagaa in the town of Gimbi in the neighborhood of Waloo-yesuus. There was a 16 year old grade 9 student named Gammachiis Dabalaa. In his life time he used to burn firewood to make charcoal so he can support his family as well as paying for his education. Like his day to day duty, while he went to fetch woods and burn for charcoal on his way to Gimbi town in the morning on 02/09/2006(E.C) he was shot on his foot by a woyanee(TPLF) soldier. Since that day this young boy was spending his time in the Adventist Hosptal in the Gimbi town. Due to lack of quick recovery he passed away on 12/09/2006. May his soul rest in peace!!!!!!!!

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  1. 1) Facts, of course, everyone knows TPLF is organized, composed and supported from Tigree.

    2) They run Genocide against other ethnicities.

    3) Children, elders, youths, students, farmers, policemen, politicians, civilians have been killed, jailed, tortured, silenced, and faces various abuses by Tigree.

    4) Others including OLF, ONLF are freedom fighters but they quoted as terrorist by TPLF alone.

    5) Since Tigree has been undertaking Genocide indiscriminately, why should others refrain from defending oneself by the same means (an eye for an eye) and all other strategies? Alternatives : a) to argue and peacefully demonstration alone is enough. Answer, this does not work!
    b) Tigree has spying agents. Answers, whether they have or not, it does not matter to undertake self – defense.
    c) Do confronted fighting with such armed large number of military forces is a solution? Answer, No! Only guerrilla war would work!
    d) Do victims be a magic enough to know who is civilians of Tigree, if any so? Answer, No! this is impossible since TPLF uses Tigree.
    e) Do the victims stay under such damages? Answer, yes, until all victims will extinct over time. No, the victims must defend and ensure his/her existence! No is a correct answer.

    so all necessary means of defense and none-violent resistance are solutions. Oppressed knows itself being freedom fighters and oppressors call them terrorists.

    Do the same!