Oduu Haaraya

“The Eld-dalloo Assembly is held at a place called Dibbe El-dallo, 20 km east of Nagelle Borana town

The Gumi El-dalloo:
. The last time this assembly was conducted at its full scale was during the period of Gadaa Liiban Waata (1783-1790). He is the legendary wisest Abbaa Gadaa the Borana Oromo have ever seen. Since then the Gumii El-dalloo was reduced to a rudimentary meeting of three Gadaa assemblies and a very small Borana communities in the vicinity.

The Gumii El-dalloo Assembly was revived to its full scale during the Gadaa period of Liiban Jaldeessa after 218 years. ” The above paragraph is taken from my first book, page 21. I am extremely proud to have contributed to the revival of this assembly and for making this possible by working with Oromiya HAPCO and other NGOs and fund raising money from international organizations and supporting the Gadaa assemblies .

It was the source of inspiration for me to continue to work on the roles of Borana traditional institutions and through that initiative making HIV mainstreaming in Gadaa institution possible. Will the Gumi El-dallo continue to be convened every eight years in the future? That remains to be seen. I remember this Assembly for its unique contribution of making peace between Borana and the Merihan Somali possible. It was decided in 2003 that the Borana and the Merihan are now allies in peace and that the Borana allows unlimited access to its resources and the Merihan will not engage in any provocative actions.

The credit goes to the Merihan wise man Dhaqanne Abdinur and his friends from Liban who helped him realize his plan for a peace by bringing the Merihan elders face to face with the Gada leaders. I would love to see many such wise persons from the Degodia, Garri and Gabra Oromo and Burji. Peace is always possible. Sometimes, it requires a persistent effort of one committed wise man to bring peace. Today, the Merihan children are beneficiaries of peace achieved through the wise leadership provided by Dhaqanne Abdinur. Kaayo Qabna!

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