Oduu Haaraya

The Employee leaked about the mass grave in Hamaresa derg military camp

Today we are worried about land grab. But we as Oromo never noticed all this times they have been building sky scraps by digging out our forth fathers bones? We started to see witness, did we ask what happened to tenth or hundreds of buildings in Finfine buildings is build. What happened to the graves around there? This are not a proper graves. This are mass killing went on for over hundred+ years. People we are as dead as our forth fathers. They dig out their remains and build their houses, factories, farming and sky scrapes. Starting from Minilik to Hailemariam. They killed in mass, all killed or imprisoned and never seen. What do we think is happening to all those died in prison today. How money families didn’t get their dead or not know what happened to their loved once? The same is happening to day on our people i guess every one is waiting to happen to them or their loved once. Then we start to say were is Oromo people? Well you are the Oromo, Sidama, gurage, Benishangul, Harari, Somali, Ogaden so and so dying all over. Wake up and say enough is enough. The Employee leaked about the mass grave in Hamaresa derg military camp. Those live around there marched and blocked the bulldozer from digging any more. They have called all from area of Haro Maya, Awaday, Dire Xayara, Kombolcha etc… they are blocking the Turkish business men from starting business there and requested status for those killed in mass at that location.

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