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Invention for deletion: unprecedented invention of TPLF with two titles in one capsule not to cure but to delete


By Dr.Baro Keno Deressa

On march 8 2017, I wrote an article under the title “Revelation of TPLF secret plan to destroy the great nation of Oromo through mutagenic process”

When I heard the appointment of the new prime minster (PM) Dr. Abiy, immediately I thought that the TPLF is completed his preparation to enter the second phase of mutation process called Insertion: Insertions are mutations in which extra base pairs are inserted into a new place in the DNA. That gives totally another information than the correct one. inserting the word dha and blu in the gantummaa code of OPDO ): Sabbonummaa→add the word dha and blu→sabdhablummaa→without nation, without pride and without belongingness (that is the core goal of our colonizers, they want to destroy us in order to build their society, their nation with pride and belongingness). Sabbonummaa→add the word abb, gar, gan, tum, gab and rum→ leads to create→ prodigious appetite and traitors → abbagarummaa→gantummaa and gabrummaa.

To avoid the last catastrophic phase of the deletion process we Oromo people as a nation we have to stand together as one people, one person and one goal that is freedom of Oromo people and realization of democratic republic of Oromia.  As a human being to live free and as an Oromo man and women to protect our family and our people from strangers like TPLF butchers, deceive and deceit tactics of colonizers. We redefine our commitment by saying: even if we died in the service of our nation Oromo, we would be proud of it. Every drop of our blood and our brothers and sisters blood will contribute to the growth of our nation and make it strong and dynamic. Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.

By appointing new prime minster (PM) Dr. Abiy TPLF achieve three main goals(the first 3), the other two points are complications of the TPLF-invention:

  1. Disqualifying the Oromo and Amhara people reconciliation process by honoring Minilik (instead of searching a common ground for victim and wrong actors, this type of actions is totally inappropriate during this period of reconciliation) . This type of action shows that TPLF invention is not for unity but for disintegrations.
  2. Justified certificate to massacre: Honoring Minilik gives more justification, courage and boost for TPLF to destroy more life’s of  Oromo’s, Amahara, Sidama, gurage, Afar, Benishangul, Ogaden and all other oppressed nations. If we are just forget our brothers and sisters breast, hand and head in Anole and calanqo without one concrete reconciliation process, the TPLF is ready to kill all 95million of Ethiopian nations with nerve gas except Tigreans.
  3. Exacerbating conflicts among Oromo people, Oromo organizations and Oromo intellectuals.  One group with shallow mind, good will and honesty is ready to pack his luggage while the others are line up to give their life for freedom, justice, rule of law and free their people from century long colonizations.
  4. Humiliating himself, his title (PM and Dr) by calling the killers Gold and the victims stones. The killers (TPLF) humiliating him in many ways. When a person have two respected titles (PM and Dr.) the person is obliged to use his moral value/dignity  instead of being puppet for an alphabet militia men of intoxicated organization of TPLF (money-tox). While thousands of Oromo, Amahara, Ogaden, Sidama, Afar, gurage, Benishangul bloods are in the hand of TPLF Generals, while thousands of Oromo’s, Amahara, Ogaden, Sidama, Afar, gurage, Benishangul are languishing in the prison camp, while thousands of Oromo’s, Amahara, Ogaden, Sidama, Afar, gurage, Benishangul become handicap by severe torture practices how comes holder of two titles degrade himself like that. All those facts shows that this person is imprisoned in 4 kilo.
  5. In Bahirdar he told to the public about the history of the forest. To summarize the issue, the forest was the Ethiopian people, the animals was TPLF butchers. The peoples of Ethiopia decided and comes together to fight the barbaric animals in order to live free and in peace. At the end The animals (TPLF) become human being (PM, Dr.Abiy) to deceive the Ethiopian people. The freedom of Oromo people is the freedom of all. So, I am calling all the Ethiopian nations to stand together with their brothers and sisters of the Oromo people in order to bring freedom, rule of law, love, equality, peace and democratic rule.

As a minority, the apartheid regime of TPLF in Ethiopia has decided that it cannot survive in a peaceful democratic arrangement that is at peace with neighbors. The TPLF concluded that its very survival depends on propaganda, selling-fear and doubt, Lies, deceit, misinformation, fabrication, exaggeration and falsification are their standard mode of operation. However, the strategy is no longer effective because Ethiopians have given-up on the TPLF and they are rejecting everything TPLF.

The continuous dominance of the Ethiopian state by the TPLF/EPRDF since 1991 with a monopoly of power without political competition leads the Ethiopian empire and the entire region to the ‘disastrous consequences. Ethiopians are aware that the current state of affairs is not sustainable and that it represents danger not only for the future of Ethiopian empire but also for the entire region.

Ethiopian empire is at the regional conflict complex. The only solutions for the Ethiopian empire is open, free and fair participation of all stakeholders (political parties, civil institutions, intellectuals……etc).

If not we are already creating a novel concept to eradicate the barbaric TPLF system of rule. The main concept is identifying the TPLF anatomy (the details remain secret). Their anatomy is astute for a slight wind and rainfall.


Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium


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