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A Mass Grave is found in Harar

Sources told the Reporter newspaper that a mass grave is found at the Hamaresa kebele of the Harar city recently. The mass grave is found accidentally when a place is dug to erect a shade for the small and middle scale enterprises. Sources also told the newspaper that the dig has been ordered to be stopped by the region’s officials. 

The mass grave is known to have been located at a military barrack named Sosetegna Kifeletore which was a famous military camp location at the time of Emperor Hailesellasie and the same location has also been a military camp at the Derge regime. Some suggested that the mass grave might possibly be of those massacred at the Derge regime’s Red Terror massacre which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth in 1969 E.C. 

Efforts to contact and get responses on the issue from the Harari region’s officials haven’t been successful. But as the region’s higher official told the newspaper on conditions of anonymity, the regional government is discussing on the matter.

Girum Tebeje of DireTube from the Reporter  

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