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I am Oromo first

I am Oromo first

By Megersa

The oromo youngsters are working on nation and nationality building. The more strong this is the less it is possible to cheat and suppress the people of Oromo. We  will do this internationally,  in and out of Oromia. First we will build network in the hearts of every oromo.We will work on Medea and communication, personal development of each and every oromo.Our plan is to strengthen oromos  educationally, economically, career, psychological, social, cultural and physical development.  Either to build independent Oromia in the short time or not is not that important. But I am sure about one thing. That is,  we will reclaim and reassure our  sovereign regional self administration in short time. This is because the result of our current struggle to build and strengthen oromo sense of nationality, nation and network building will change the people of oromo to a people  who are very strong and difficult or allergic to their enemies. Even,  it will be difficult to  live among  us unless you are one of those who supported our fight for freedom. You may receive the payment to your historical brutality to the people of Oromo since your grand fathers. You can not stop this.  It is already on the ground and matured enough.

I am Oromo first. Part of our manifesto is described as follows. Who ever we are personaly,  we have a problem only for our  being Oromo. Our problem in Ethiopia for one century is race based. We will get imprisoned, killed, suspected , discriminated and our development as individual and as a nation is sabotaged on  daily basis. We do not have command on our national resources and our current  regional self administration is symbolic.This is why we need  our struggle and unity has to be nation based,  Based up on our being Oromo, Qeerroo and or   ‘’ Oromo first community group’’.  We have common pain which only we understand in that sense. The international oromo based network we will  build does not leave any oromo  out,  even if you are the member or supporter of OPDO, if you are Muslim or christian, if you support that organization or this. Who ever you are as long as you are Oromo we share that pain. That will make us one and unite us. It does not give you a hole to divide us. What a dangerous  strategy we are going to use against you, ‘’ the enemies of Oromo’’?  what a wide and fitting umbrella!

Our enemies are grand children of the soliders of Minilik, habasha work immigrants   who live in Oromia, theiir diaspora and  others who are opposing and working against the freedom of the people of Oromo. My message to them is  that,  it is up to you to reduce this dangerous effect of Oromo nationalism. Struggle with us and not againest us. Admit the historical brutal histories of your grand fathers including what you did to us afterwards. Apologize for your brutal histories and burring the true history of Ethiopia. Help the  struggle of Oromo’s fight for freedom. I repeat it,  Otherwise we will make our country Oromia allergic for you to live in. The recent history of  Boycott against   bedele bear can be a good example for you. And remember boycotting and peaceful struggle  is not only about beers. Do not  remain in your arrogant. The only best thing you can do now is to think that the freedom of the people of oromos will free you and struggle for the  freedom of Oromos with oromos.







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  1. English translation, please. The idea is good, but the message is lost in translation.