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Truth Barometer # 11


Part I


By Odaa Hora


This article tries to spell out the main tenets of contemporary western political garbs of the so- called globalization, free and fair trade, investment and development, democracy and human right, terrorism, and anti-terrorism etc., and three tyrannical regimes in Africa who were qualified to be on the top lists of the most repressive regimes who committed crime of genocides.


Nevertheless, they are/were considered as the most profitable partners by the donors club that suits their economic, political, social and most importantly their deep-seated psychological make-ups and satisfaction against Sub-Saharan Africans.” THE UNWANTED BLACKS” what RJ. Lifton called the principles of psychological Doubling: the division of the self into two functioning wholes, so that a part-self as an entire self. One, among five characteristic doubling listed by Lifton, is the avoidance of guilt: the second self tends to be the one performing the “dirty work.”


As a result of doing so, the tyrants are /were turned to be the gatekeepers of European boundaries by stopping the migrants the tyrants themselves produced under theirs ruthless, tyrannical rules, and those who are /were lucky to flee for their life from their homeland to seek shelters and helps via deserts and seas.


The article departs from the beginning of the relation of Meles Zenawi, and his clone, H. M. Desalegn, the current tyrant regime of one of the poorest barbaric, dependent, predatory empire of contemporary “Ethiopia” that is staggering to stands on one foot right know, that must be chopped very soon, and moves to the neighbor who conducted crimes of genocide, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan.The final part of the article explores one of the most globally know controversal person, the Libya’s military dictator, Colonel M. A. Gadhafi, who was turend to be the first candidate, the gatekeeper of geographical Europe who signed deals with the european head of states one after the other adapted the palns ths suits European socio-politcal and culrtue psychics against the migration of Sub-Saharan Africans to stop in entering the sea and land marks of Europe from south.


Thus, the task of this portion of the article is to ferret out the facts and figures on the soil in the so called “Ethiopia” the prison house of over 95 of its population ruled by the TPLF-tyrants club from Melese to H.M.Desalgn regime on one hand and  the relationships of Germany post the fall of the Berlin Wall.


In the second part an attempt will be made to the next gatekeeper Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir and to the legacy of Colonel M. A. Gadhafi one of the final gatekeeper of Eurepoans who signed a number of arguments to stop Sub-Sharan African immigrants to enter europe and bult Concentration camps for those who Europe deported from.



For whom the Ball tolls


The recent visit of German Chancellor, Ms. Dr. Merkel, with her troops, with blindfolded eyes and clogged ears paid to Mr. Haile Mariam Desalegn, on 11th of October 2016 reminded me of her predecessor, G. Schroeder’s visits paid to Cornel M. A. Gaddafi in October 2004 in Tripoli. A dictator who ruled Libya for 42 solid years with an iron-fisted, and was killed by rebels whom he called them “cockroaches” in October 2011.


Despite the fact that today more than ever evidences of genocidal commitment of the TPLF regime were available and  the European Parliament resolution designated with B8-0082/2016 on 1 January 2016 was passed on the TPLF /EPRDF of “Ethiopia’s” tyrannical behavior, and genocidal acts  before her trip, since the political power has been gripped by Meles Zenawi’s clan, and his follower H.M. Desalegn.


More disgracing was also three days before her Lufthansa landed in Boolee, Finfinne, Oromia, the current tyrant regime offical declaartion  broadcasted and legitimized the covert acts of elimination of the Oromos in forefront, crime of genocide per se, that began 1991 on the Oromo people, under the so-called “investment, development  Anti-terrorism  etc,” the words that had become the mantra of the survival of the regime and maintenance of power and reaffirmed its acts of annihilation thatt is going on day in day out.


The regimes proto –plan deeply anchored in their DNA of eliminating the Oromo people from their ancestral soil possibly, if they can, or to reduce its demography to half, by instigations and waging wars is as old as the settlers of the alien of the norths territorial aggrandizement and occupation policies. Not surprisingly, the German Chancellor was also the only Head of State from the EU who paid a visit to Haile Mariam Desalgn, since the European Parliaments resolution was public.


A year after the current regime led by Meles Zenawi, TPLF tapped their way to power in 1991, the tyrannic gangster club, planned, calculated and systematically implemented Stalin style of power-holding and maintaining. The regime began the process of elimination of the genuine political parties and their political leaders with whom they drafted the charter of transition after the collapse of the military junta Mengistu H. Mariam.


The TPLF regime began in overt and in covert operations, targeted killing, jailing that led to totalitarian “state” and mass murder of the Oromos and looted their properties and transported to their birth place Tigray.Five years later, Meles Zenawi Meles Zenawi’s 34 points of manifesto on November 1996 analog to Hitlers 25 points manifesto of 1924 the eliminations of the so called “non-Aryans”, targeted the eliminations of the Oromos, and to be reduced by the half of its population.


State-sponsored terrorism: mass arrest, torture, rape, loot, sub-human conducts, such as castration of male and female, indiscriminate killings, hunting humans like wild animals, extrajudicial killings, eviction going day in and day out by the TPLF-tyrants regime. Nevertheless, the Germans called him “ a guy you can do business with.”


In 2007, the tyrant regime further continued his plane of eviction in grand scale: “The Biofuel Strategy states that Ethiopia is endowed with natural resources suitable for bio-development. In this regard, at [the] national level, an estimated 23.3 million hectares ca. 25 %  land is available for development of regionally, the available land in million ha is: Oromia 17.2, Gul-Gumuz 3.1, Gambella 2.8, Somali 1.5, Amhara 1, Southern nations Nationalities 0.05, Tigray 0.007. She offers an acre for $1 on a 100-year lease”


It was known that in the year 2007 and 2008 alone, over 800 companies; the greedy land grabbers with dead moral, no taboos and ethics-less (Wara Saffuu, Laguu fi Cubuu hinbeeknee ) scramblers were signed the deal. Once the dirty work of evictions and eliminations was accomplished by the tyrannical TPLFregime.

In fact, the baseline of the policies of the TPLF-tyrants as an extension of their forefathers is to turn the whole fertile land of the people of the south incarcerated in one of the most barbaric, primitive  and predatory Empire to turn to terra nulli, lease and resettle with their own clans under the garb clad in globalization, Investment, development, anti-terrorism etc, to suit the contemporary global political environment to achieve unbreakable aids, acceptance and maintains of power without limits.


OSWALD DO RIVERO, (2001)  in his book; The myth of development, the non-viable economics of the 21st-century  ferret out the truth of this catchy vocabularies: globalization, democracy, free and fair trade, investment and development, human right, etc. currently deployed in global politics. In fact the fact on the ground speaks diametrically the opposite language with its   repercussion and aftermaths on the vast majority of the global population and mother nature the flora and fauna of the big three As (Africa, Asian, and Americas (South and the Center) also known  as Latin  America and  the Caribbean’s in his book quoted here in depth:

The globalization gurus, however, are convinced that the prosperity and the development of all countries would be achieved this time, as a result of worldwide competition within a total unfettered global market. Such a believe, with utopian ingredients, presidents globalization as an unstoppable process, beyond human control, as it were the universal law of gravity-inescapable for persons, for enterprises, and even four nations. What the globalization gurus do not mention is that the United States, Europe and Japan would certainly not have managed to develop under this sort of globalization. During the development process, they protected and promoted their young industries and copied each other’ technology, what is not explained, either , is that today’s global economic arena is not as unfettered as purported, because it neither allows the free movement of human beings in search of work, no permits copying of foreign technologies as was formerly the case. The workers and the technologies that are so vital for the underdeveloped countries are not permitted to circulate globally. They fall under the strict regulation of immigration and intellectual property protection laws.The are creating chaotic planetary urban expansion, causing declining yields in the most fertile agricultural lands, diminishing the supply of fish, increasing the processes of deforestation, water scarcity, and desertification and affecting the climate with their emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. As we begin a new century we inter terra incognita from those countries that do not manage to increase the technology of their production or to stabilize their population during the twentieth century.……..After Tomorrow global imperialism vagina is red the challenge raised by a known fact that is amazing but even wear it to be made, another one in media realized how old the five million inhabitants of the end up in the developing world and ductless consumption patterns of presentation by only 1 million inhabitants of the advantage capitalist societies without causing every environmental catastrophe


The current tyrant named Haile Mariam Desalegn, was branded by Meles, during his one-man rule, till his death. He cloned him succsesfuliy to serve as a puppet of the TPLF dressed in EPRDF’s garb. He belongs to the Welayita people, that make ca. 2% of the total population incarcerated in the empire of Abyssinia (Amhara and Tigre mainly).


You are whispering with the person we claimed to win 100% of the vote, and imagine you won the last vote of 41,5%. I wonder what value does it give to the credo for “democracy you talked about…?”  Apropos, “democracy” I am not talking about  “Athenian democracy” or his extensions within Europe, via seas and oceans that took over two and half mellenium to reach Berlin. Iam talking about  Gada-Seeqqee system of Oromos and Sidamas; the African democracy.


Right on the soil, where you sat was/is called Dhagaa Araaraa by the native Oromos it means, the Site and the Symbol of the real democracy per se, symbolised by holy–stone (Kaaba) of the Gada-Seeqqee system of the Galansthe children of Tuulama Branch of Oromos:the the autochthonous inhabitants located at the heart of BIyya Oromoo ,Oromo Land, before the eliminations, evictions, and mass murders what is known as genocide today committed by the settler Neftegna (gun carriers and killer hoards) of the northern aliens, the Habeshas or Abyssinians.


It was the site where laws, regulation and  counter regulations, moral and ethics, norms and taboos and etc were made, thoroughly studied and confirmed unianimosly ,and blessed to serve the nation in real life and practiced by all the Oromos as they had always been members of the independent nation, lived under Sirna Gada-Seeqqee System (SGSS).Among a number of master teachers of the history of Oromo, Africa, World, Prof

Asmarom Legesse in one of his books titled:

Oromo democracy: An indigenous African political system defines: “Oromo Democracy is one of those remarkable creations of the human mind that evolved into a full-fledged system of government, as a result of five centuries of evolution and deliberate, rational, legislative transformation. It contains genuinely African solutions for some of the problems that democracies everywhere have had to face.”


Furthermore Prof. Asafa Jalata, an author of eight books and over sixty research publications said : “I have studied the history of the world society, African, European, African–American, Oromo, etc, and I have never seen a system that can be compared to Sirna Gada-Seeqqee System, its complexity, mechanisms of check and balance of power, a civilization that can be able to be the model for the rest of the world suffering from the so-called western democracy of party lines in the 21st century.


Sirna Gada-Seeqqee System an egalitarian system that encompassed the whole life of Oromos from birth to death, Oromoness. It includes all ages of human life corresponding activity to their natural age groups. It is a system of peace, tranquility, and mutual understanding within its people and with their neighbors, live in harmony, with nature zero-tolerance for any sorts of discriminations that identifies it and makes it unique and different from what we today call the “Western democracy”- a democracy of 50 % plus won of one political party in counted ballet paper, if less seek for coalition.we  must keep in mind that the Nazi germans did not come to power through bullet but through the ballot box.


On 8 th October 2016, three days before your landing at Finfinne, after commiting massacarses in Irresa holy day in Hora sadii Bishoftu the regime have legitimized and sponsored terror and horror, instigated and waged wars in each and every corner of Oromia under the mantra of ”state of emergency.”


The regimes armed Agazi and the so-called leyu police brigands proceeded extrajudicial killings, arrests en masse, tortures, rapes, loots in implementing the long-planned elimination policies and the world had witnessed fighter jets flying lower and lower to the centers of the masses of pilgrims, again and again, spraying tear- and- burning gasses, dropping stones packed with a paper by the army jets from the air. The tanks are rolling toward the masses and shooting on the ground. Armed disguised surrogate killers intermingled within the crowd shooting the person next to them. Sniper-shooters with modern automatic rifles hidden in the bushes around Hora Arsadii hills targeted precise shots in the head and heart.


As the military jet began spraying, the gas and shooting began from all sides the masses of the pilgrims were turned into panic. A holy Irreessa celebration day, Sunday, 2nd October 2016 in Bishooftu at Hora Arsadii was turned to a death toll of the beautiful colored Oromo pilgrims, “quasi-State” terrorism per se.


Heroes and Heroines demonstrating with a symbol of resistance and preparedness to sacrifice with empty hand crossed was images on the ground and who  sacrificed their life for freedom and liberation that the technological advances of human endeavor, Oromo medias, and some finger counted sacred global Medias like Aljazeera, CNN etc. brought to be seen and judged the gruesome acts of the regime that was not, at least left hidden to the World who can see and fill. among many untold atrocities committed by the TPLF/EPRDF tyrant regime.


Germany: the number 1 importer of coffee, Land-grabber, and killertraining killers


Amnog thousands of scramblers of Oromia, the  German company called  Acazis Acazis AG( former  Flora Ecopower AG) is one of them. The companies began bulldozing and destruction the natural tropical floras and faunas.  In Babile, Oromia, the reservoir, and conservations of over five decades of Elephants: the biggest and the symbol of Africa’s wildlife, about 13 thousand hectares were destroyed for castor bean  ”non-edible-oil plant”  and in Fedis 8000 hectares of plantations. These are the tips of the iceberg in relation to the magnitude of evictions planned by the regime for lease after evicting the natives from their ancestral land and packing in reservoirs like North America’s natives.


Further more, not only land grabbing, on the home page of the germany embassy in Finfinne, one can also read that Ambassador Joachim Schmidt proudly broadcasted: Germany has been the number 1 importer of coffee,that  is 60 % the export of virtual all Abyssinans, tyrants, the aliens of the north, prime export to the very date who do not know if Buna (Coffe) is a tree or grass, and the current the TPLF gangisert clan owes absolute monopoly and became the most proftitable parteners to the Germans who have never meet in thier histroy in relation to the dependent barabaric emipre of , the contemporary Ethiopia since here creation.


He also tells us all machines, ‘Made in Germany’ plausibly,the automatic guns deployed in Irreessa massacre. History may prove one day be judged accordingly. One can also read such as a “total success of military cooperation.” The AGAZI; killers troops were plausibly trained by the Germans, “killer train killers” from the website of the German (your) embassy in Finfinne. It was boldly and proudly stated, that in relation to military cooperation with the TPLF regime: “The key aspect of the Ethiopian-German defense relations is the “Promotion of Ethiopian Peacekeeping Capabilities”. The Ethiopian Armed Forces are being supported within the framework of the German Government’s Equipment Aid Program and through the German Military Training Assistance Program. Individual measures such as visits to training facilities of the German Armed Forces and the assistance with German training personnel in Ethiopia complete the military cooperation and boldly summed up as. “Total Success,“ after a delegation of the German Armed Forces Staff College from Hamburg in February.”


Now wonders that Germany who waged two world wars and lost badly, currently found on the 3rd palce next to Russia in fire arm export. And on the other side of the medallion one of the poorest empire on this planet where half its population survives with hunger and about 5 to 10 million are soon going to die,the TPLF tyrant regime also ranks 3rd  in importing firearms right now.


As it has always been the predecessor G. Schroeder  absolutely ignored the issue of Oromos so did A. Merkel and continued to the present. so far the profit rings the banks of Geramny and the tryants of one of the poorest, predatory empire. The TPLF Gang-club turned from Zero to billionaires on the fate of Oromos and Oromia and the rest south You all brushed the issue of Oromos and their alikes under the carpet, blindfolded your eyes and the violation of the basic Universal Decree of Human Article 1 proclaims that Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority, and Article 3 which declares that “all persons shall be equal before the law” and that “no person shall be favoured or disfavoured because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith..” Justice, freedom, and human dignity are also demanded in the constitution of Federal Germany’s Basic Laws (das Grundgesetz) .


An Irish proverb says, “put a silk on a goat and it is still a goat.” One can attest whatever prefix one wish for its own psychological satisfaction and unlimted material profits. But, history repeatedly proves that tyrants were and are always tyrants and . They possess contradictory behaviors of an anomaly. Once they rule by armed suppression, mysticism and a grisly combination of machine-gun on downtrodden populations, fabrications for every instance consistently to erect false edifices that must maintain and used at all costs till they caught red handed and killed. lies, propagates hypocrisy, Power is a license to corruption, nepotism, killing, torturing, incarcerating, burning, looting and lust for ill-gained wealth and culture of denials.


  • In your remarks, you said: “In a democracy, there always needs to be
  • an opposition that has a voice – in the best case in parliament,

Wrong remarks, in the wrong place and most importantly at the wrong time. You can not teach an old dog new tricks. In deed tyrants are highly allergic to the vocabulary called “Democracy-people rules themselves” in other word it is simple a suicide.

  • Your visit was contra-productive and undermines the EU Parliament resolution RC-B8-0088/2016.
  • Conservative estimations of at list 80% the population incarcerated

and turned to an object were prepared to sacrifice for their

liberation from the tyrant regime with all means possible without

any external support and the TPLF/EPRDF regime was surrounded by

a ring of fire and flames of liberation blowing toward the core Finfinne that no one can reverse the course, and the regime is right to know sitting on the hot volcano to be erupted very soon, and dismantle the house of prison; and Free at last! Free at last!


Seventy years have gone, since the convention of the Crime of Genocide that said: Genocide! Never Again!“ Unfortunately, genoicdes are going on in the world today, and right now in “Ethiopia” in overt. The irony of it is when thousands of innocent Oromo’s, Ogadenian’s, Bensahngul’s, Gambella’s, Konso’s, the lists go on and on, were/are massacred and millions were evicted, forced to fled from thier ancestral soil to save their life since the TPLF/EPRDF tyrants hold the power at gunpoint cling into it with commanding post for over two-and half decades. It was not called GENOICIDE. And the perpetrators; the tyrants who conducted such subhuman acts were not called Hitler or Mussolini by westerners, rather paid visits, acknowledeged them, extended loans and credits visa, open doors for money loundering, off-shore banking, provideed material, techinics of repressition they needed, and moral supportes to futhrer proceed with thier atrocities


If human beings are capable of learning from their own history, what meant to be ruled by tyrants, a monster on this planet, and then, there can be no better people than Germans. Such as the role of Germany in Armenian genocide, as a major actor, instigation and waged two World Wars that caused the death of over hundred thirty millions of humans all at one that once W. Churchill called it a “crime without a name,” in his August 1941 broadcast and the unpredicted consequences paid  by the generations as a losed in both wars and no subject learned from Holocust.







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