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The role of Debteras in spreading Amharic: Settler-

Colonial Language

Inapt to think and to understand about the Habesha (Tigre and Amhara mainly) what later on called Abyssinia by the Europeans after the Portuguese, as individual or as an entity, and the authentic Gafol-system (the predatory-prey relationship ) without the knowledge of the Coptic-Orthodox-Debteras and their Institutionቤተክርሥትያን ; Betekristiyan”- backed by the Neftaynas is comparable to think and to understand about the establishment of the Roman Empire, and its expansions in three continents and maintenance without the knowledge of the role of the Catholic-Christian Popes and their legitimized institutions “Churches” backed by the Roman-infantries called Legions. Betekristian (a loan word literally means “The house of Christians.” 

The term Neftaynas is also an Arabic loan word that literally means Gun carriers (These were indeed a collection of arrogant bi-pedals, an alphabet infantry, fanatic bare-foot militias troops, who was trained to kill, like trained police dogs with guns made and proved by the Europeans invaders, scramblers and colonizers of Africa. The establishment of the Gafol System of the Habeshas goes back to the 4th century CE known as the Era of Ezana -the converted Tyrant and the Genociders of the Aborigines in the Horn of Africa. The coming of the Scripts of the Hebrew Myth, Torah also known as Old Testament by “Christians” until two accidentally captured slave Monks of Tyre by the name Frumentius and Adesius brings the script with them and convert the Tyrant named Ezana to “Chrstainity” mentored, butressed him to widespread it by violnces.

As the Noble laureate, and one of the iconic figures of Anti-apartheid regime of South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu said: “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” 

Neither the barbaric and backward Abyssinian Empire that currently trades with stolen name of “Ethiopia” nor the so-called the “Holy Roman Empire” could have never existed without institutionalizing their own versions of plagiarized Hebrew myth “Christianity” and its operations under the mantra of the “only true faith, and the ultimate scripts of the true words of God” as they both claimed to their own versions, to be defended and expanded by all means possible.

The script called “Bible-Gods Word” as they said is /was indeed known to be the collections of the fanciful, legends, oral traditions of Near-East Asia called-Talmud, in Hebrew language and its extensively emended, edited or censored, plagiarized in written form called Torah or the book of Moses. Its altered versions, by many generations, was translated to the Greek language called the Septuagint, the “Old Testament” of Christianity which is going to arrive by accident during the so-called Ezana’s period, who we do not find any eye witness account but scribes, who said that account by itself was written at least centuries later by anonym “clerics” and installed in the heads of the Abyssinian Coptic Orthodox. 

Henceforth, it turned to the major weapon, a silent killer move with the logic of eliminations of the Aboriginals; history, culture, traditions, and worldviews of the people with whom they settled. From here departs the imported the Orthodoxy of so-called “Christian” religion was deployed by as a weapon by all series of Habesha Shiftas, over warlords and tyrants who catapulted to the political saddle tinted with that indeed hold true to the very date. 

Now lates as begin to ferret out the 5W1H of the Hebrew Bible Torah or the five book of Moses where it began and further disseminated to the world beyond its original terra; Canaan-Near East Asain. Lets us leave aside for minutes about the Habeshas, as an entity, or as the primitive settler-colonialists of the horn of Africa whom later on designated by the  Europeans as the so-called “the only Christian highland, the other–brothers that we are obliged to help” in the northern fringes of the Horn of Africa surrounded by “heathens” in cursing the authentic Aboriginal faith of the entire African people in the region who supplanted the third hand imported ideology tinted with religious myth that contemporary trades with a stolen name “Ethiopia” and their adopted identity of loan culture. Thes must at least wait up to the 4th century CE.

What is the Bible? Who Wrote It? Why? Where? When? And How?

This extract from seminal work of Prof. Isreal Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman, the leading archaeologist and the author of the book entitled as The Bible Unearthed Archaeology’s New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts published in 2002. Courtesy to the Authors, the book is available to download for free for those who trust science, the power of archaeology, the power reasoning, logical thinking and searching for facts the 5W1H to purify history from its myth and debris even if the subject is for living using modern technological advanced tools enabled to draw a red line between legends and historiography.

History is investigative, interrogative, and belongs to the study of the institutions, including an account of the rise and fall of nations, as well as of other great changes which have affected the political and social conditions of the humankind. It must ferrets out the dynamics that gave the possibility to events that happened independent of time and space and distinguished from legend primarily. 

Isreal Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman defined:

When we speak of the Bible we are referring primarily to the collection of ancient writings long known as the Old Testament–now commonly referred to by scholars as to the Hebrew Bible. It is a collection of legend, law, poetry, prophecy, philosophy, and history, written almost in Hebrew (with a few passages in a variant Semitic dialect called Aramaic which came to be the lingua franca of the Middle East after 6000 BCE. That is the basic definitions of the Hebrew Bible.

The Hebrew Bible is the central script of Judaism, the part of Christianity cannon, and a rich source of allusions and ethical teachings of in Isalm conveyed through the text of Quran. The world in which the Bible was created was not a myth in the realm of greater cities and saintly heroes, but a tiny down-to-earth kingdom where people struggled for their future against the all-too-human fears of wars, poverty injustice, disease, famine, and drought. The historical saga contained in the Bible–from Abraham’s encounter with God and his journey to Canaan to Moses’ deliverance of the children of Israel from bondage to the rise and fall of the kingdom of Isreal and Judah-was, not a miraculous revelation, but a brilliant product of human imagination. 

The Torah–also known as the Five Books of Moses, or the Pentateuch (“five books” in Greek)-includes Gcnesis~ Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. These narrate the story of the people of Israel from the creation of the world, through the period of the flood and the patriarchs, to the Exodus from Egypt, the wanderings in the desert, and the giving of the Law at Sinai. The Torah concludes with Moses’ farewell to the people on Israel.

The next division, the Prophets, is divided into two main groups, of scriptures. The Former Prophets-Joshua, Judges, I and 2 Samuel, I and 2- Kings-.rell the story of the people of Israel from their crossing of the river Jordan and conquest of Canaan, through the rise and fall of the Israelite.kingdoms, to their defeat and exile at the hands of the Assyrians and Babylonians. The Latter Prophets include the oracles, social teachings, bitter condemnations, and messianic expectations ‘of a diverse group of inspired individuals spanning a period of about three hundred and fifty years, from the mid-eighth century BCE to the end of the fifth century BCE.

The Writings are a collection of homilies, poems, prayers, proverbs, and psalms that represent the most memorable and powerful expressions of the devotion of the ordinary Israelite at times of joy, crisis, worship, and personal reflection. In most cases, they are extremely difficult to link to any specific historical events or authors. They are the products of a continuous process of composition that stretched over hundreds of years. Although the earliest material in this collection (in Psalms and Lamentations) may have been assembled in late monarchic times or soon after the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE, most of the Writings were apparently composed much later, from the fifth to the second century BCE- in the Persian and Hellenistic periods. Between 640 and 630 BCE, when the Assyrians withdrew their forces from Philistia, Phoenicia, and the area of the former kingdom of Israel, Egypt took over most of these areas, and political domination by Egypt replaced the Assyrian yoke.

In Judah, this was the time of King Josiah. The idea that YHWH would ultimately fulfill the promises given to the patriarchs, to Moses, and to King David-of a vast and unified people of Israel living securely in their land was a politically and spiritually powerful one for Josiah’s subjects. It was a time when Josiah (639-609) BCE embarked on an ambitious attempt to take advantage of the Assyrian collapse and unite all Israelites under his rule. His program was to expand to the north of Judah, to the territories where Israelites were still living a century after the fall of the kingdom of Israel, and to realized the dream of a glorious united monarchy: a large and powerful state of all Israelites worshiping one God in one Temple in one capital Jerusalem and ruled by one king of Davidic lineage. He saw the first seed of the myth that is going to grow and widespread and invade the world behind its original terra. 

Keep an eye on, David, which is going to be the beginning of the plagiarized Habesha or Abyssinian version of “Dawd” (ዳውድ) and his son Solomon to be injected in the Gafol system of Abyssinia to be installed in the 4th century CE accidentally in a mystified and in hyper-bloated superstitious fashions. 

Just before David’s death, the priest Zadok anointed Solomon to be the next King of Israel. The Bible account in 1 Kings 7 to 1 King 11, decorate and glorifies Solomon, to whom God gave “wisdom and understanding beyond measure”’ consolidated the Davidic dynasty and expanded his empire, stretched from the Euphrates to the land of the Philistines and to the border of Egypt. 

From a historical perspective, these territories were what was known as the Eastern or Oriental part of the Roman Empire in Asian and Africa. The Bible further narrates about his immense wealth that came from a sophisticated system of taxation and forced labor required of each of the tribes of Israel and from trading expeditions to exotic countries in the south. 

In recognition of his fame and wisdom, the fabled queen of Sheba visited him in Jerusalem and brought him a caravan of dazzling gifts. She brought with her a large group of attendants as well camels loaded with spices, jewels — She presented to King Solomon the gifts she had brought such as more than four thousand kilograms of Gold—etc. and summarizes his reputation until his death that King Solomon excelled all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom, and the whole earth sought the presence of Solomon to hear his wisdom, which God had put into his mind. 

To answer the question, If David and Solomon that turned to such central religious icons to both Judaism and Christianity. The scholars considered as radical biblical critics come to the conclusion that King David is “no more a historical figure than King Arthur.” and Biblical historians such as Thomas Thompson and Niels Peter Lemche, considered  as “Biblical minimalists” by their detractors, have argued that David and Solomon, the united monarchy of Israel, and indeed the entire biblical description of the history of Israel are no more than elaborate, skillful ideological constructs produced by priestly circles in Jerusalem in post-exilic or even Hellenistic times.

Neither David nor Solomon is mentioned in a single known Egyptian or Mesopotalnian text. And the archaeological evidence in Jerusalem for the famous building projects of Solomon is nonexistent. Nineteenth and early twentieth-century excavations around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem failed to identify even a trace of Solomon’s. A close reading of the biblical description of the days of Solomon clearly suggests that this was a portrayal of an idealized past, a glorious Golden Age. 

The reports of Solomon’s fabulous wealth (making “silver as common in Jerusalem as stone,” according to 1 Kings 10:27) and his legendary harem (housing seven hundred wives and princesses and three hundred concubines, according to I Kings II:3) are details too exaggerated to be true. Moreover, for all their reported wealth and power, neither David and Solomon are mentioned in single known Egyptian or Mesopotamian text for the famous building projects of Solomon is nonexistent. 

Nineteenth and early twentieth-century excavations around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem failed to identify even a trace of Solomon’s fabled Temple or palace complex. And while certain levels and structures at sites in other regions of the country have indeed been linked to the era of the united monarchy, their dating, as we shall see, is far from clear. To sum up the long story short, our current knowledge about biblical writings, narratives, and claims which were taken as ultimate truth i.e. history for centuries most vividly by Theologists that raised equally more questions than answers by historians, archaeology other fields of science.

Today, leading experts of biblical archeology, unanimously argue most of the David and Solomon narratives have been proved by archeology to be fictitious, even those elements within tenth century before common era origins could not be have been written down until the late eighth-century BCE when literacy in the land became widespread so do  historian and and even critical Theologist. 

They proofed that David ca. 1005- 970 BCE as biblical testimony narratives that he conquered Jerusalem and makes it his capital; establishments of a vast empire covering most territories of the Land of Israel’s turned out by archeological findings that there is no evidence for David’s conquest or for his empire. In the valleys of Canaanite culture continues uninterrupted. In the highlands continuation of Iron I settlement system. Is son Solomon ca,970 -931 BCE as biblical testimony narratives, builds the Temple and the palace in Jerusalem and also active in Megido, Hazor and Gezer archeological finds found out that there is no sign of monumental architecture or important city in Jerusalem. No sign of grand-scale building activity at Megiddo, Hazor and the north, Canaanite material culture.

Did Moses wrote the Pentateuch “five books of Moses 

Thanks to the power of reasoning, searching for facts purifying history from legends and myths by deploying modern technological tools, scholars who doubted and questioned, and if at all Moses had any hand in the writing of the Pentateuch and dug deep to its root ferret out the truth and finally come to the conclusion that:

 “The book of Pentateuch is not a single, seamless compositions but a patchwork of different sources, each written under different historical circumstances to express different religious or political viewpoints.”

Furthermore, the Authors find out what for centuries, Bible readers-took it for granted that the scriptures were both divine revelation and accurate history, conveyed directly from God to a wide variety of Israelite sages, prophets, and priests. Established religious authorities, both Jewish and Christian, naturally assumed that the Five Books of Moses were set down in writing by Moses ‘himself-‘just before his death on Mount Nebo as narrated in the book of Deuteronomy.

In fact, logical thinking in time and space no health mind trust for a second that one individual can write such a complex subject that govern human civilization in all spheres of life, ridiculously as it was narrated by the biblical scribes in Exodus that God called Moses, spoke to him in the desert at Mount Sinai “The Ten Commandments, Gods Word,” gave him miraculous power of opening the Red Sea, by cleaving the water of a lake in to two and setting  the one part on top of the other. Next day Moses turned the river to blood. He brought plage after plage to the land of Egypt, lists with no limits. 

What is at the stake here. Let us get rid of the schizophrenia of all supernatural force, miracles, dramatic descriptions, heroic figures first. Second, Moses, as biblical scribers portray, can and did not exist in fact. One who does not exist can not write. Even if we took for granted that there was a “Hebrew Man” called Moses as biblical Exodus 1:2 describes  During this time a man from the tribe of Levi married a women of his tribe, and she bor him a son (no date or place of birth) … She hides him for three months (Why?not know). But when she could not hide him any longer, she took a basket made of reeds and covered it with tar to make it watertight. She put the baby in it and then placed it in the tall grass…the king’s daughter, (no name of the king as well as his daughter mentioned) who adopted the “Hebrew” baby boy as her own son, and said to herself, “I pulled him out of the water and so I named him Moses.” It further narrates that Israelites lived in Egypt for 430 years. As the day 430 ended all the tribes of LORDS people left Egypt. Finally, he freed the Israelites from slavery led them to their “Holy land” as a result he was crowned as the Prophet of Israelites.

Sacred scholars, such as Prof. Finkelstein and Silberman, proved unanimously concluded that:

There was no mass exodus from Egypt. There was no violent conquest of Canaan. Something clearly does not add up when the archeological evidence and the Egyptian records are placed side by side.”Furthermore, there is no tribe late alone “Holy people, Nation) by the name of Isreal in Egyptian scripts in the African continent, but in Canaan Near East Asia.”.

Then what is the task of the biblical scribes as a whole so-called five books of Moses? 

The basic idea of the whole package of theologized ideological jingoism tinted with religion grammar is to promote and to convene the absolut an alphabetic traditional people in the Near east primarily even the whole world to be ruled under the command of one family lineage i.e of Abrahams blood One faith, One King indeed (a tyrant) legitimized to take care of the guardianship of their God, while “HE-God (Male) -Said it.” None of the scribes in biblical writings said “I said it” at this junction of history, But, he the invisible one, for which there will be no question to be raised, but accepted, and swallowed raw without being digested and turn to Pavlov’s dog. 

The incidence of genocide as a social phenomenon can be traced to Biblical times. Foremost among these are the Hebrews who in their quest for a foothold in Palestine engaged and battled many Biblical peoples and in the process. Isreal defeats King Sihon, “we killed him, his sons and all his men, captured every town, and put everyone to death, men, women, and children left no survivors. We took the livestock and plundered the town” (Deuteronomy 2:32-35). King Menahem of Isreal on his way from Tirzah, completely destroyed the city of Tappuah, its inhabitants and the surrounding territories. He even ripped open the bellies of pregnant women (2 King 16).

This idea of the invention of “One Man-rule-One Religion and One nation” that lead to tyranny was redacted, censored, emended, plagiarized from one to the next generations throughout the biblical story writings suited to their needs, profits and psych by spin masters from the day a spot of ink was dropped on scrolling papyrus to animal skins and finally on papers as it is today throughout biblical story writings, rewritings.

As a British academic Theologian Prof. Robert Beckfords important documentary film that sums up the long story with less than two hours and finds out who exactly wrote the Bible. The scribes of the book called bible were masters of spin, in writing and rewriting, editing and reediting, adding or deleting as it suites them. He called them the Spin-Doctors who shaped reshaped the mind of the mass of the illiterate in time and space. These masterminded individual or groups who had prevailed to read and write in the world of absolute illiteracy to write and teach their fiction in the name of “god” and mesmerize the mass to fulfill their personal or group ego, authority, and legitimacy by all means possible. He begins the ego that may lead to tranny. 

The book of “Religion” of GOD-MAN (gender-neutral) as it was in most parts of the oldest civilizations of the world of egalitarianism such as in Africa or Asia turned to the book of MAN (Male)-GOD by completely losing its original meaning and duties what meant Religion. Since its e birth, the book was used as the most effective tool of chauvinistic–muscular ideology and politics tinted with religious grammars that hold to the very date.

The concept of Region was born where humankind born, and without a shadow of a doubt, we know today that is the region in northeastern Africa, the home of Cushitic, Omotic and Nilotic families is proved to be the cradle of human civilization. As what was called Monotheism which the western and their tutelages awarded a patent to the so-called “Hebrew prophet Moses, the descendant of Abraham was already in Africa at least for about thousands of years before the birth of Abraham, David, Moses, etc.

For instance, the belief in one Supreme God called Waaqaa by the Oromo people, the majorities within the Cushitic families, and the Supreme God Magano by the Sidama people go back to at least 10,000 years before the birth of five books of Moses.

The Oromo and the Sidama people believed and commit to it in daily life, from birth to death guided in the principles of:

Waaqaa Tookkicha kan hunda Uummee!!

 (The Supreme God! The creator of everything in the world!!); 

Waaqaa Tookkicha kan hundabeeku!!

(The Supreme God! The Omniscient!!);

Waaqaa Tookkicha kan hundaa toluu!!

 (The Supreme God! The Omnibenevolent); 

Waaqaa Tookkicha kan hundadanda’uu !!

(The Supreme God! The Omnipotent!!);.

Waaqaa qulqulluu kan dhuga jalatuu!! 

(The Supreme God! God the pure, who loves the truth, who is intolerant of injustice, crime, sin, and falsehood). 

It is from where here the cradle of human civilizations that it moved in all sides of African content toward the south, the west and the north. It nurtured, for instance, the entire civilizations along the great Abaya (the Nile in foreign) Hapi in KMT, and along its long journey on its way to Nubia and her civilizations dated ca. 3800 to 3100 BCE and followed by the civilization of KMT (Ancient Egypt)-the flower of African civilizations and finally drains in to the Mediterranean sea after 6,650 Km flow. After over 400o years KMTs colossal civilizations of which we still know very little yet, collapsed by foreign invaders and the conquerors led by the man named “Alexander the Great” of Macedonia in 332 BCE. The suffix “great” attested to Alexander may make sense only when adding Tyrant to it indeed .i.e. Alexander the Great Tyrant.

Accidentally Captured Monks of Tyre. Frumentius and Adesius 

The migrating Habeshat nomadic tribes, who continuously flew from the arduous -dry desert of the southern Arabian Peninsula to the richest and highly civilized north-eastern part of Africa to save their life from famines, dying of hunger. Various studies trace that most of the migrants to the Horn of Africa plausible come from today’s Yemen. From where the Arab word Habeshi or Habeshat; and the term Abyssinia of Europeans was derived. These were “collection of people” without known genealogy, who indeed cannot trace their lineage beyond their grandfathers that hold crystal true and embedded in their nomadic mobile and backward culture nurtured from one to the next generation.

As result, they installed their backward system beyond their terra that ends up in three generation that beings with person’s name, followed with his father and ends up on their grandfathers in case one owes a pass-port. When they are asked your family name please? They will be stacked, and little later either they call their Father or their grandfather, as their family names an indication they did not know their linage at all and led to confusions. 

Munroy-Hay (1991) said: “Later in the mid -1st millennium B.C. the southern Arabian immigrants or Sabaens appeared in Ethiopia, a Semitic speaking who maintained contacts with the country of their origin for centuries.” They settled and lived isolated for centuries between the burning shores of the red sea in the east and the high mountain ranges between Tekeze and Beehelo on one side and Eeju in the west that is often impassable. They gradually admixed with the indigenous Cushitic people of the region. 

Ullendorff (1998) stated that to put the binary narratives and the conundrum of defining Ethiopia could be resolved by distinguishing “Abyssinia,” the original Semitized nucleus and Ethiopia,” in its present political and much expanded ethnical and geographical configuration.

Today more than ever we are in the position to ferret out the truth of historiography. Thanks to novel methods and technic of scientific endeavors, such as carbon-dating, advanced digital and software tools, DNA-Tracing, in comparing and contrasting various methods, in deploying multidisciplinary scholastic approaches, such as Linguistic, Anthropology, Sociology, Theology, Genetics, Archaeology, etc, just to name some among many others. 

We are in a position to unearth the remains of the past studies, proofs, and reproof even if it was perceived to be true in the past, to distinguish historiography from legends primarily, and brings to the light by purifying it from its myth and debris of the past perceptions. We are in a position to unveil what was yet veiled by deploying the current technological and methodological endeavors and advancements available in various scientific disciplines currently in all spheres of science. We are in a position to find out Needle in Haystack within a short period of time and space and affordable coasts. 

The nitty-.gritty of “Kebre Negest” book of Myth 

This part of the article explores the coming of the third hand imported Hebrew Bible, called Old Testament by the Christian, and the Habesha version of (መጽሀፈ ቅዱስ) means “Holy Book” a misnomer by itself indeed and the book called Kebre Negest (The Glory of the Kings) that come with request of the Abyssinian warlord Tyrant called Yikuno Amlak in (1270s-1285) from the Alexandrian Coptic’s of Egypt.The article analysis the nitty-gritty of the Book, the 5W1H (Who, What, Why,Where When, and How) of it.The first historical episode took place after two brothers, Frumentius and Adesius of Tyre (region of modern Lebanon), who accompanied their uncle, the merchants of Meropius in the 4th century of Common Era (CE) were planned to navigate to India via the Red Sea were captured by Aksumites coast guards.

Ruffini described; 

The ill-fated vessel of a Tyrian Christian philosopher named Meropius bore the brunt of the Axumite powers defiance of imperial Rome. Pulling into port for lack of freshwater at some point in the 320s, the passengers and crew were captured and killed, Meropius included, the angry Ethiopians sparing only his two young relatives, Frumentius and Edesius. The act of mercy was one of providence as well, for even today. Frumentius is regarded as one of the pivotal figures in the history of Ethiopia the story of the remarkable career the two boys e enjoyed at the Ethiopian court would probably be dismissed as my shift had not come first-hand from Edesius himself. EllaAmida, king of the Ethiopian ruling house, seems to have taken quite a liking to the two young boys. Poor Edesius had the dubious honor of becoming their royal cupbearer .Frumentius, however, must have so impressed his hosts with his financial acumen that he was eventually given complete control over the royal treasury.When Ella Amida passed away in 325, leaving behind Ezana, a son yet too young to rule, the young Roman’s role at court became even more prominent.

Schaff (1892) also stated.

A native of Tyre, acquainted with Greek philosophy, desiring to penetrate into the interior of India, set off for this purpose with his two young nephews. When he had accomplished the object of his wishes, he embarked for his own country. The ship being compelled to put in to land in order to obtain a fresh supply of water, the barbarians fell upon her, drowned some of the crew, and took the others, prisoners. The uncle was among the number of those who were killed, and the lads were conducted to the king. The name of the one was Ædesius, and of the other Frumentius. The king of the country,in course of time, perceiving their intelligence, promoted them to the superintendence of his household.

It was told that the young Ezana can speak Greek language, lingua franca in the region parallel to the pidgin language called Geez at this junction of history. Thus plausibility his indoctrinations must take the path in greek language. Frumentius finally converted Ezana to “Christianity of the Oriental Version who was considered as “pagan” who believed in greek deities. Frumentius was finally appointed by Athanasius of the Alexandrian Coptics to become the first Abuna (Bishop) renamed to “Aba selam”; the highest religious ranking given by the Habesha Coptic-Orthodox’s ruled by synodos whose head had been in Alexandria-Egypt for over one-and-half-millennium, until 1959. Ezana the converted tyrant….. continues in the next article more in depth.

Ezana the converted Tyrant –Script &Gun

The converted Ezana deployed his new “faith” as the best ideological tool to control the political power and territorial expansions of the region and empire-building. He committed a crime against humanity erased aboriginal-meaningful names of the territory of the Cushitic stocks, cultural norms and symbols throughout her wider expansion from the north toward the south by killing and displacing for solid twenty-six years during his barbaric rule in the region from about the year 330-356 century of Common Era (CE) established the Aksum empire and what the historian Kobischanov (1988) quoted by Bulcha (2011) called the Gafol System; a system of tributary collection, looting resources of the invaded people, riding slaves, all sortes of domestic animals of the local farmers that come on their way. His troops of, an arrogant, fanatic absolute illiterate of predatory nomadic infantry militias and their civil descendant followers were considered as human locust that plagued the peasants to the level that nothing was left to feed their hungry children let alone to feed themselves.

Ezana vanquished their culture, language and erased their history. He imposed forced assimilations, displacements of the indigenous people from their ancestral soil. One must also keep in mind that the Geez (Creole language) and the Greek language was known to be used as lingua franca in the region the Aksum Empire until its death, Geez (dead) – but continued to be used in caves, Church huts, only by the Debtras as “lingua sacra.” What was later called Tigrian and Amharic languages were to be born out of it later on. The creole language called Amharic as the youngest, gradually developed by gabbling up, contorting and deforming loan words from the oldest and most popular spoken language in eastern Africa such from Afaan Ormoo (the language of the Oromo people and other Cushitic languages.

Camouflaged with the Hebrew Bible of the greeks version called Old Testament and the Habesha  version of Orthodoxy the Debtras established an institution called ቤተክርሥትያን (Betekristiyan-means the house of Christians) without a shame.They took the task of guardianship and disseminator role of the Settler-Colonial Language (SCL), Amharic. and one of the barbaric, backward settler-colonial empire backed by Neftanysa (Safries) killer hordes maintained their authentic Gafol-System since the era of Aksum Empire to the 20th century the era of the military junta rule in 1974 to 1991. 

They took their lion’s share of the empire in all sphere of walk of life. They grabbed the land of occupied colonial territories settled in each and every corner built huts under the mantra of Betekristiyan and preyed upon their resources.They established the precarious system of exploitation called the (ሢሶ) Siso (owner of one-third of the occupied land) system. They turned the shareholders of slave enterprise, established serf-dom, exploited agricultural products, natural and human resources. Since 1991 the TPLF-brigands clad with garb of EPRDF took the political power out of the barrels of guns and ruled with barrel of guns. They returned back to their authentic predatory–prey relations with the whole south to Habesha proper continued grabbing land  and moved with premies of eliminations and expropriation of the land of the whole south.The so-called “Orthodox Church” turned to the shareholder by using the opportunity given by the TPLF-tyrant-Stalinist policy and competed in grabbing lands that ing exponentially grew years to years. 

The Abyssinian Empire, established on Gafol-System ass the mirror image of the European Colonizers designed in Beril 1884/85 were always backed Europeans under their unanimous motif “that all European countries would be obliged to make a place for this “new brother” who stepped forth ready to play in the Dark Continent the role of Japan in the Far East.” 

She established the most precarious, backward System, turned to the house of the prison of  the vast majority of the people of entire south incarcerated within it. The so-called “quasi-state” turned burden, the problem and never ever know and seen a solution in her history.

She preserved her deep-rooted backward culture of riding slaves for field works, for house works, for commerce, as sex objects riding domestic animals, looting resources were her art of life enshrined in her art of life, since the era of Aksum empire that continued increasing from centries to centries to the era of despotic Monarchy, Haile Silasse (slaveholder, in thousands and the whole land of the South) who was finally forced by the western powers ( his mentors, firearm, advisors and finance providers) to sign the treat act to abolish slavery in 1942 at least on paper, if he wants to gain all that he needs and to be accepted as membership  in the League of Nation and be backed.

Debteras- the Masters of Intrigues and plagiarism

The Debteras (Clergies) the counterpart to the Catholic popes were considered the “Intellectual elites (ሊቆች), liqoch,” of the Habeshas, more erroneously religious leaders, who have washed their hands in every sphere of the empire, except that the Catholic popes evolved, and adopted themselves to the societal needs and development in time and space. Whereas the Coptic Debtras stuck to where they were in their middle ages like a crocodile. 

They are allergic to any progressive changes by nature and in their upbringings. They see changes as “suicide mission to their myth they cemented and privileges the got in their life Living on the shoulder of the nominal–helpless poor people who in most cases forced to be called “Orthodoxes” without even pronouncing it correct let alone to know it. The over warlords institutionalized it. The major task of forced proselytization by thousands of the poor –an alphabet mass of the people was given to the Habesah Debtras they  inject their myth nurtured their offsprings from one to the next generations and turned them to their Pavlov’s-Dogs. 

Behind every Habesha settler (ሰፉሪ-, Sefari-or Neftanya, Arabic loan words literally means settler or gun carrier respectively) colonialists as they called themselves. There have been always bunches of Debteras (Clergies) who have been officially operated under the masked clad with religious grammars, a loan of political and ideological tools camouflaged with the myth of Orthodox-Christianity of the oriental version of Byzantine Empire that accordantly introduced to Aksum–Tigray in the 4th century of Common Era (CE); the birthplace of what was called the Gafol System, (predatory state) by the historian Kobischanov (1988) quoted by Bulcha (2011). A system of tributary collection where the predatory-over warlords who triumphed in butchering his rival brigands, crowned, renamed and blessed by their corresponding Debtars  “King of Kings, Atse, etc.) that holds to 1974, the coming of the military junta in power by killing the despotic monarchy. 

The Cultural Markers of the Debtras 

Debtars are/were known as the masters of intrigues, denials, hypocrisy, arrogance, ignorance, myth, miracles, superstitions tinted with fanatical racial grammar. They owe the acculturations of dishonesties, chauvinistic masculine mannerism and most often blasted liars and lazy horses, work is taboo. They owe the gratitude of making an Elephant out of Mice when it suits them, and vis-a-vis when not. They singularly positioned themselves as a bridge, an intermediary between their “God,” the invisible one, and the only one who knows “Gods language” as they deadly claim propagate and portray themselves from their birth to their death, even in “heaven.”

Blanc (1869) described:

Except for the working peasants, there is nothing in them to praise or extol. Beggars infest the land; the priests are ignorant and bigoted.”

Annesley and Salt (1809) provided and figured out who were /are these Habesha “Intellects” the Debteras, they stated:

During our visit in Tigray, we meet only a few Debteras, considered as “intellectual elites” of Habesha people, we looked for someone who can read their Bible and found that not one in twenty could understand the characters they read ”Ge’ez-dead language.” It is as a French-speaking person might seek to understand Latin.”

About three and half decades later another eye witness W.Harris (1843) described Abyssinia cited here in length and breadth, so that readers can digest and ferret out the truth from myth and legends without being baised;the whole truth that stands with its own feet alone.

Harris stated:

The Abyssinian possesses no idea of more salutary doctrine of Christianity. Polluted faith is her reflected in the mirror of depraved manners and long severe fastings constitute the essence of his degenerate religion. The idol worship of saints has made a rapid progress in the land; and the ignorance of the clergy is only to be equalled by the impurity of the lay classes. Their belief in Christianity, if that term can be applied, is strange, childish and inconsistent, and bigoted…. They abhor and despise all who refuse acquiescence in this their absurd confession:

  • That the Alexandrian faith is the only true belief.
  • That unchristened children are not saved.
  • That faith, together with baptism, is sufficient for justification; but that God demands alms and fasting, as amends for sin committed prior to the performance of the baptismal rite.
  • That the baptism of water is the true regeneration.
  • That invocation ought to be made to the saints, because sinning mortals are unworthy to appear in the presence of God, and because if the saints be well loved, they will listen to all prayer.
  • That every sin is forgiven from the moment that the kiss of the pilgrim is imprinted on the stones of Jerusalem; and that kissing the hand of a priest purifies the body in like manner.
  • That all sins must be confessed to the priest—saints invoked—and full faith reposed in charms and amulets, more especially if written in an unknown tongue.
  • That prayers for the death are necessary and absolution indispensable, but that the soul of departed do not immediately enter upon happiness, the period being inexact accordance with alms and prayers that are expended upon earth.”
  • All ideas regarding salvation are thus vague and indefinite; and vain, foolish doctrines have taken entire possession of the shallow thought of Christianity of Ethiopia.

Schartz and Schwarz-Barcot (1976) in his review article of Levine’s (2014) “Greater Ethiopia,” who made an Elephant out of Mice, stated:

In spite of the fact She was known with images of a forbidden refuge of savages, the only nation “civilized without wearing trousers and shoes,” and, of course, a grossly underdeveloped country. Undaunted by an old proverb about Ethiopia as a place “of which it is impossible to speak the truth.

Messing (1976) further summed up, her authentic Gafol (predatory -prey relationship) System that turned to the pathognomonic (unique) sign of the establishment, and maintanance of the primitve-barbaric empire that turend the burden of the whole of the entire South from Habesah proper since they left Aksum by stating:

The “ruling clan” and their subjects through ought her history and her establishment and expansions to the era of Military junta who deposed the despotic monarchy. The social model prior to 1974 will be characterized as a situation in which power and property were concentrated in the hands of the emperor, the church, and small groups of land Owners

Their troops of, an arrogant, fanatic un alphabetized predatory nomadic infantry militias and their civil descendant followers were considered as human locust that plagued the peasants to the level that nothing was left to feed their hunger children let alone themselves. Henceforth the Gafol system of the Saferies, or Neftanyas (Amhara-settler) enclaves turned to the authentic art of life of the Abyssinian fanatically are within the entire south as the in the whole south as we all destined to witness the facts on the soli as daily facts on the soil.

Religion and politics turned to be two faces of the same coin that holds true to the very date. Debtras and Abyssinian warlords were/ are two sides of the same coin clad with the garb of “religion,”whose main object indeed was/is to serve as an engine for territorial expansions, acquisitions, occupations, and settlements who moved with logic of wipeout of the oldest civilizations of the Autochthonous folks like the Oromo people, the Sidama people, and many other Cushitic,Omotic and Nilotic families,they cursed and  deviled them targeted to eliminate.

Since their feet held on the soil of Oromia and the entire south to Abyssinia proper the Habesha warlords and their mentors, the Debtras left no stone unturned to wipe out the Aboriginal history, religion, language, culture, societal norms, taboos, rites, and festivals. The committed cultural genocides by cursing, deviling, and in giving execution orders and capital punishments of those who stood firm against the genocide and ethnocide.They murdered the poly-maths religious leaders and teacher, like Warra Qaalluus, Ayyaantuus, Hadhaa Siiqqees, Abba Bookuus, etc. They burned their house all religious artifacts, symbols like Caaccuu, Caallee, Kallacha, Bokkuu,etc. 

They were the architects of the imprisonment and execution of Prince Iyaasu, the legitimate throne follower of Menelik, waged war on architects and Tuulama organizations execution massacred Oromo poly-math leaders of the follower and Tuulama Association’s cold-blooded killing  by hanging, like a wild-cat and shooting them all. They looted their properties and band the association. The crimes noted here are only tips of the Iceberg that happened in Finfinne alone.

They cursed the rites and absolutely forbidden Piligram to Irreecha (Thanksgiving Holiday). 

The Abyssinians subjected marked to wipe out the Gadaa-Siiqqee System of the Oromo people, the Luwa System of the Sidama people socio-political system that was served the people before the Habeshsa’s feet held on African soil, late alone to talk about “Abyssain religion and civilization.” 

They uprooted Odaa (Sycamore tree) the symbol of Life, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Peace, Love, Consciousness, and Reconciliations celebrated at least thousand years before the coming of the book of Moses to Aksum.The Safaries left no stone unturned to erase the oldest human civilization of the Oromo people and other alike to supplant it by their third hand plagiarised Hebrew myth, whom they themselves indeed know-nothing except rote learning, like a cassette recorder,trined as Pavlov dogs.

They escorted their over warlords blessed their fanatic killer militia hordes throughout all war waged and massacred the Oromo people on their ancestral soil. They committed, evicted, eliminated, turned to slaves and serfdom as a result, the Debtras, predatory nomadic killer militias infantry troops led by loyal Shiftas (chief-bandits) and Shum’s or Haleqas (military leaders were all billeted Oromo Land by massacring the Oromos. The Debtras who operated under the mantra of their institution called “ቤተክርሥትያን Betekristiyan” become the lion’s shareholders called the ሢሶ, Siso (one-third of the land) system of the occupied territories and colonial-settlements and encampment sites called (Sefer) means garrison that turned to what was known as “Ketemas” quasi-city, and the settlers called Safaries (Arabic loan word). 

For instance, the largest hills around Finfinnee like Entoto was billeted and allocated to the most loyal Shum’s “infantry militia leaders, Heleqas around the over warlord the “King” and to the “Orthodox quasi Christain Church” to build their huts what they always portray as “sign of civilization” a blasted lie. Civilization is never measured by building Huts for Debtras. Development and progress are measured with the number and quality of Schools quality of teaching applied science, in building Clinics, Colleges, Universities, infrastructure research centers, etc., but not by mushroomed so-called “Church-Gods-House” huts that infested Oromia and their alakies to the last corner of the land.

The Habesha settlers empire maintained her status quo as an obligate permanent burden of the Oromo people. Where every the foot of Safaries held the wiping out of the Autochtuonus Oromo people and allocating it to the settlers continued to the very date indeed. The become the fat of Oromia soil and the whole south, Monopoly on all agricultural cash crops and products like Coffe(Buna) ranking export good without knowing if Coffe is a tree or a grass,  , Caat (Jimaa), Tea or Life Animal exports, Hide and monopoly on almost all mineral natural resources drilled and exploitations of cheap-human labors and resources and the only beneficiary and the transistor of hard currency in exports and imports to and from foreign countries throughout her establishment turned the master of firearms importer to suppress the formidable resistance forces with in the empire:the prison-house of the whole south people.

Get rid of the schizophrenia of “Amharic-a civilized &lingua Franca

One must be crystal clear and get rid of the schizophrenia of giving credits for settler colonialists handicapped language called Amharic for themselves that kept them where they were as its is vividly known, let alone to be considered lingua franca “a civilized, and unique language. It is the most invisible or silent killer deployed as the powerful tool of all Habesha Tyrants and patronized to the very date since their and its arrival to the soil of the whole south. 

What was called Amharic language is indeed a creole langue of militias that was developed by gabbling up, by contorting and deforming loan words from the oldest and most popular spoken language in eastern Africa such from Afaan Ormoo; the language of the Oromo people and other Cushitic languages. It was/is scientifically proved as a handicapped language that could not fit about 100s of Aboriginal languages spoken in this prison house such as Afaan Oromoo, Afaan Sidaama, Afaan Somaalee, Afaan Afar etc, just to note some among other non-Semitic languages and culture and worldview 

Did we not yet know that we are dealing with some Genes of the offspring of divers and invaders who moved with the premise of wipe out the history, culture, rituals, symbols, norms, and taboos, etc, the whole Orommuumaa (Oromoness), the identity of the Oromo people from our mind and our memories. Did we not yet the genocides they committed and attempted to supplant with the Sefaries (settlers world) in deploying and employing their backward handicapped creole language called “Amharic” with all toxic ingredients they poisoned our mind and our soil for over centuries and yet continued to erase Afaan Oromoo as their ancestors for centuries through our bewitched historical anomalous interactions

Is not the proclamation of the Habesha Debtera right near Finfinne who showed their hidden -real face of fascism, and deep-rooted cultural racism and outrages hatred who can not even give a resting peace of the Mother who thought Afaan Oromoo in Qubee by saying “her Coffin can not move, because she was teaching the language of Oromos with a shaitan alphabet (Qubbee) or their proclamation that we all know that said “Afaan Oromo can explode a radio, etc.) is a recent memory that we all know the markers of Debtras who claim as“Religious fathers.”In fact the second largest language of Africa, next to Hausa and the oldest language Afaan Oromoo can explode the brain of Settler (Safries) Habeshas Mind and the most beautiful language in all spheres credited by experts and those who enrolled to study it via seas and ocean, and erase from your mind comparing a Mice (Amharic) with an Elephant (Afaan Oromoo) and beg for it to use on the Placenta land of Oromia in Finfinne. As a rule thumb remember that: No greater injustice can be committed against a people than to deprive them of their own language.

Injifatnoon kan Ummata Oromooti!!!!!!


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