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Truth barometer # 11


Part 2


By Odaa Hora


The dependent Abyssinian Empire was created during the scramble for Africa by the European colonial powers as extended right hands of the European scramblers for rich African resources and labors to serve as a pawn. Without all the firearms, ammunitions of wars, finance, and advisory provied from the Europeans and their extended famlies the Americas or their allies abroad, one of the poorest barbaric and predatory empire of contemporary Ethiopia could have never existed and maintained that holds true to the very minute.


Post the Second World War, the USA took over the global political domination in the horn of Africa including Abyssinia untill  the miltary junta called Dergue led by Mengistu H.Maraim overthrew and  killed  Tefere Mekonnen in 1974. Mengistu become USSR dependent tyrant  for   until the collapse of USSR and the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and his  flight to Harare  to save his neck in 1991 and Finfinne was occupied by the next tyrants, the TPLF led by another monster Meles Zenawi, a satlinist by heart ans soul, who took a U-turn overnight to the contemporary politcail winners side the West and adopted the so-called fake “developing-democratic-federalism” that suits to the current  theoretical global recipe mentored by Washington DC, the USA policy agendas pursued in the horn of Africa post the fall of Berlin wall.

Cloaked in the garb of EPRDF, the TPLF Nazist clan committed a crime of genocide for day one of occupying the heart of Oromo land and its capital city Finfinne on the top of Tulama highland. The Nazist TPLF clan pursued a similar policy of the extermination of the Oromos and her neighbours the south from Abysssina proper as a whole from their ancestral soil as their predecessors did for more than centuries and resettled their own clans; the fourth round of exodus of the aliens of the north, the Habeshas (Tigre and Amhara predominately) toward the south.


The first part of the article departed from the beginning of the relation of Meles Zenawi, followed by, H. M. Desalegn: the servitude of the TPLF-gangsters clan cloned by Meles before his death, whose name is self-evident, with the German enterprises as they were always known as the doppelgangers in the last two decades post the fall of Berlin wall.


From the end of World War II until the fall of Berlin, Germany was out of the world global politics, virtually absent. Post the fall of the Berlin wall, In the first one and hlaf decades they;the Germans were engaged within themselves the fusion of the communist GDR, the classical foe, to integrate to the Capitalist FDR, not a simple unfinshed task. They call it Aufbau Ost (rebuilding the east, who lived under the dictatorship of communism since the end of WWII and the partition of Germany into two political rival intities.


We can say No to our Mentor “THE Big Brother!”


It was during the declaration of the president of the USA war on Iraq in 2003 that the Germans learned first to say no to thier cover or overt leaders “Führer” in their histroy. It was during chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s era that JoshakFisher, as a foreign minister said No! to Iraq war, with his popular speech in Washington DC by saying:”Sir!projected to Ramsfeld  “I am not convinced!” that was an a hedache to his parter and widely debated issue at that specifec period.


I voted for Schroeder, at that period of time not for his policy against the tyrant, Saddam Hussein and Iraq’s war, but the promises his party, the SPD made on Oromo issues, once they were in campegin and we the Oromos got an opportunity to talk to him and his team at our exhibition stands in one of the most popular annaual festivals in Germany called “KirchenTag.” They said, “We do consider the issue of Oromos seriously once we win the election.” They won the election, but the promise was to steal our voice that is the way politic works in most cases the issue of Oroms was nerver been his concern. He began and cooperated with the tyrant regime of the TPLF. The current German government pursued the some policy, and exponentaily increased to cooperate with the regime  independent of crime of genocide the rgime commited and still commites and slowly to overtake the ranks USA’s rank in killers training kllers and the first coffe importer and “German’s Marshal plane’s dream for Africa“. Today when I rewind the past I do regret my stolen voice by Gerhard Schroeder.


Gerhard Schroeder can be considered as the kindling point for the germans “We are coming back to the world arena of rescarmble Africa.” for the whole German populations disfranchised for about five centuries politically, socially, economically more importantly psychological impacts durinhg an rival ideological era of cold war as it was commmly called. From there, upon German not only turned to be the driving force within the EU, but also to control the boundaries of Europe to Africa and leading dealer with tyrant regimes in Africa, more pricelessly the outlets of  the northern and the horn of Africa.


This part is a continuation from part I, and moves from the relationships of the current tyrannical regime of Ethiopia and Germany northwestward to the neighboring state what the Arab geographers called Bilad al-Sudan, means the land of the Black people, the African content, the region south of the great Sahara desert as a virtual boundary where the artificial demarcation designed by European colonizers was the current name Sudan was adopted.


Omar Al’ Bashir, the president of the Republic of Sudan (current North)  was known as the mastermind of the crime of genocide in Darfur(the western region of Sudan.) He came to power in a military coup by overthrowing the democratically elected Sudanese government of Sadiq al-Mahdi in 1989. After consolidating power he suspended political parties, band associations, closed down independent newspapers, imprisoned political rivals. As it has always been power meant, to have it all under one man’s control and dictatorship per se for military juntas, Al’ Bashir took all crucial posts and organs of the state apparatus in his own hand In 1991,he quadrupled his posts, the Prime minister, the Chief of the Armed Forces, the Minister of Defense, the Chairman of the “revolutionary command council for national salvation.”


Furthermore, he replaced the existing Sudanese law with Islamic Shar’a law, Arab-centered, and further promoted Arabization that dates back to the 7th-century invaders from the Arabian peninsula. But, it was after MAI Abdallah who called himself Mahdi meaning “holy savior” of Sudan who first established the policy of Arabization and Islam as a force of unity in the very complex cultural and historical differences that consists of about 570 Ethnicities incarcerated in one of the largest “artificial states in the African continent, by saying .” Sudan is an Arab country and whoever does not feel Arab should quit.” coming into power after defeating the British colonial troops of General Gordon.


Subsequent regimes who come to power in Khartoum pursued the same policy, the assumption that the spread of Arabization and Islam as the solutions for Sudan. Isalm in the northern Sudan is based on Tariqas: a belief that one person needs, middleman;another person to attain salvation (Jenet or Heaven.)


The southern Sudan with deep-rooted and multifaceted problems versus the North rejected the processes of Arabization andIslamization that implemented violence and forced assimilation similar if not identical to the Copt’s or the Orthodox of Abyssinia proper to the current against the rest; the whole south incarcerated in the empire, the prison house of over 95 % the African people.


The only exception being that the copies of mythical books of thewest Asian source they refer to and quote from in corresponding languages that one read from left to right and the other read in reverse.Thus, the Khartoum regime again, similar if not identical to Abyssian not only total neglected the southern and the western regions from all sorts of opportunities for development the north benefited, such as economic, social, cultural educational, but also deliberately and systematically oppressed, discriminated and considers as a subject rather than citizens.


It is also, worth to bear in mind, the northern part of Sudan from Khartoum to Egypt’s border consists of desert or semi-desert, its areas largely inhabited except along the banks of Laga Mormor: the River Nile. Whereas, the southern Sudan is a tropical climate, rich in natural resources, flora, fauna, cultures, and rites.


Secondly, most of the inhabitants of the southern and western regions of Sudan are indigenous Africans independent of which name of faiths the follow. There are few in-betweens, again, analog to the Hebasha’s, not only in physical perspective, but also their psychological make-ups and the extent of deep–seated racism-a societal benign cancer and prejudice against the natives of the soil in all spheres of life that led to long years of resistance by the southern that transferred to armed struggle, the birth of the Southern Sudan Liberation) to fights against the Khartoum regime, since the so-called “independent Sudan.”


During long years of chronical wars between Khartoum and the south, Al-Bashir used the similar policies of Arabization andIslamization as the force of unity, employed and deployed Araba insurgences. Although, the Darfurians are of Muslum faith that did not save them from gruesome acts and massacres, crimes of genocide by Janjaweed militia.


By scapegoating the Darfurians as the supporters of the SPLM, Al-Bashir mobilized an Arab counter-insurgency militia invaders known as Janjaweed,“ loosely mean “evil men or outlaws on the back of the horses and the camels.”Al-Bashir is not only a masterminded and architect of the genocide in Darfur but also a provider of weapons and horses, and fighting jets that led to widespread impoverishments, burning villages, killing, rapes, similar to if not identical to the 7th-century Arab invaders of the African continent in general.


The genocide in Darfur that reached its peaks from 2003 to 2004 whereby over two and a half million were displaced and over half millions were killed was envisaged considered the genocide at the eve of the 21st century. The United Nation called upon the mastermind of Darfur genocide Omar Al-Bashir to disarm his Arab-militia and put his leaders on the trail in resolution 1556 and that did not happen.


Later on, the case was transferred to the Security Council. Omar Al-Bashir charges on three of the crime of genocide, five of crimes against humanity and two murders. The ICC issued a warrant for the arrest of Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan and asking Sudan and international Organizations as well regional ones, most importantly the so-called African Union, an electric shock for a club of calcified authoritarian who cling to power until they die or fly out or until the minute the bullet got them, to fully cooperate with ICC. It was not surprising that the AU did not only reject to cooperate unanimously but also blame the council by saying:

The AU stresses the need to explore ways and means to ensure that the request by the African Union (AU) to the United Nations (UN) Security Council to defer the proceedings initiated against President Bashir of The Sudan in accordance with Article 16 of the Rome Statute of ICC on deferral of cases by the UN Security Council, be acted upon and, in this regard, REITERATES its request to the UN Security Council and REQUESTS African members of the UN Security Council to place the matter on the agenda of the Council By receiving President Bashir, the Republic of Malawi, like Djibouti, Chad and Kenya before her, were implementing various AU Assembly decisions on non-cooperation with the ICC on the arrest and surrender of President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir of the Sudan.”


Illustration: WANTED! By International Criminal Court; Gatekeeper for The EU,  Sudan’s dictator Omar al-Bahir, 17 November 2016 taz.dietageszeitung. Donta Kindespek


Refugee per se began within and For Europe


Refugee per se began in Europe. Eugene M. Kulischer in his book entitled: THE DISPLACEMENT OF POPULATION IN EUROPE come to the conclusion that within and via seas and oceans , a conservative estimation of at least thirty million people has been, uprooted or transplanted or removed from their homes, since the beginning of the World War II, and the largest number from German Reich from the rise of Nazism. Furthermore, by may 1945 it reached forty-and-half million civilians excluding the armed forces where German has had the larger of population displacement rates. It is also documented that a conservative estimation of three-and-half million Germans fled from the eastern bloc; the DDR before the Berlin wall, built of concrete and barbed wire; the Iron Curtain in August 1961.


Since World War II, the 1990s forced migration of the Balkans to west Europe were in 1992 peaked to a total of 429,000 persons were more than of them were from the former Yugoslavia. Eight years later data recorded by the Eurostat alone in Germany in early 2000 showed that about 1,300,000 people of the citizens of a country in the Balkans.


That being the facts, they were never ever called invaders, as it is now common propaganda to perform a dirty works, when it comes to the very few Sub-Saharan African refugees who, at most succeed to enter Europe, and considered as invaders and seen so in mainstream Europeans. To avoid the Sub-Saharan refugees. Germany government, as driving forces who tirelessly works with the tyrants who produce the vast majority of refugees. Apropos, Invasion is a protoculture of Europe:  the Leopoldians, the Cecil Rhodes, the Lothar von Trotha, etc.


The word refugees must be understood as involuntarily migration of civilians, who fled from their homeland, uprooted from their ancestral soil, become homeless and seeks protection via the boundaries of the regime’s control to save their life, as the Germans did during the wars they instigated and waged. The United Nation Convention related to the status of Refuge (UNHCR) and the establishment agency in 1951, was an extension of the Universal Declaration of Human Right of 1948 to solve the aftermaths of the two world wars within Europe that Germany instigated, waged and lost badly.


The doubling of Germans


One can wonder, how can one who knows, whose family had destined to witness on his/her own soil what Holocaust, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Ebensee, Sobibor, just to note some among many others, and to be ruled by tyrants, sits in the same chair with tyrants who committed crime of genocide that the ICC warranted to be arrested and asked for the global organizations and states to cooperate fully and bring into justice, and sign arguments and shake hands to provide whatever the tyrants need to proceed to conduct further crimes of genocides under the garb of t clad with the “EU-African Immigration policy.“


Omar al-Bashir of Sudan currently took the rank of Colonel M. A. Gadhafi’s of the 2000s to 2010, as the best gatekeepers among other tyrants of North-East Africa to serve the European Union’s desire to stop the Sub-Sahara Africans migrants from entering the European soil or Water. In 2014 the EU meets the tyrants of the Horn of Africa, five in number, (Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Egypt) in Khartoum called it the Khartoum process. It worth to note they are also the leading refugee producers in the African continent respectively. Among the EU currently, Germany took the rule of Avant-gardes for the implementation of the project and works tirelessly. Once Omar Al-Bashir’s Sudan was qualified as the major “Partner of the EU.” In fact, he and his alikes are pawns.


After the Germans, meetings held in Khartoum, the interior minister of Al-Bashir’s regime made lists of his desire to the EU what they must fulfill and provide if they want Khartoum to cooperate if they do not, he said Sudan will open all the doors and “Europe will turn Black.” The if and if no recipes are broad spectrums, in other words, universal recipes of tyrants one we may think of.


Thus, no wonder that Ammunitions, building concentration camps, barbed iron fences and fighting jets were in the primary lists of Sudan the Europeans must fulfill. as a result, as a starter, the EU promised to pay 40 million euros under the entitlement of what was called “better migration management.” To make more palatable and influential the Germans added 6 million Euro extra. In the level of the socalled “EU-African migration dialogue,” furthermore 17.5 million euros. Under the banner of “Aids for refugees,” the German government secured 35 million euros.


The total average of the EU for these projects, when summed up will make 100 million Euro. These figures are adapted From thoroughly investigated and published, the daily magazine, TAZ: DIE TAGESZEITUNG Thursday, 17 November 2016, in the German language reported by Dominic Johnson. At the end of 2005 the so called the minister of “development” Gerd Müller traveled to Eritrea and promised to provide 200 million Euro packet to Isaias as it was called “Flüchtsachenbekämpfung,” mean to fight the cause of the flight.” The Libya’s military dictator, Colonel M. A. Gadhafi, who was turned to be the first candidate to be financed as the gatekeeper of geographical Europe on one hand and the concentration camp for the deported Africans, on the other hand, a double ganger with his controversial behaviors.


The military dictator, Colonel Gadhafi was known as the world’s foremost sponsor of global terrorism. The notorious Pan AM103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, La-Belle, Berlin, and sponsor of Omar Al-Bashir’s genocide in Darfur among the others during his tyrannical rules. Nevertheless, from the year 2000, the EU took a U-turn, from over 25 years of sanctions and embargos as the global terrorism sponsor.


The classical foe turned to a friend, the man with whom deals can be done. That is the place where a filthy business deal with tyrants lay. Each European leaders began a marathon running to visit the Colonel; in competing to scramble for Libya’s oil deals one after the other, to secure a piece of turf, and signing the oil drilling arguments, as, it has always been in the history of Europeans via Seas and Oceans since their ships docked outside her demarcations, with only one fine tuned exception, they did not shoot against each other on foreign soil today, as it was in the past. Obviously, for Colonel Gadhafi, the coming decade will be the busiest, the most successful and the zenith of the military dictator. At this time, the Germans will not be too late and did not miss this chance and G. Schroeder and his troops were there to secure their pieces of turf of oil to be drilled. In addition, to the oil drilling arguments signed by the Germans, one, even more important burning issue on the European agenda in general and Germans especially, was the issue of Sub-Saharan African migrants, who at most be able to flee

Shröeder trift  Gaddafi©dpa/dpaweb Schröder in Gaddafis Beduinenzelt

from chronical wars waged by tyrannical African regimes, subjug-ation from displacement prisons, tortures and massacres in their homeland as a whole, and the most lucky survivors in crossing one of the hottest deadly, and the greatest Saharan desert that is comparable to the size of the USA, and how to stop them to enter Europe, once they reached Libya.

The minister of interior, Otto Schily in Schroders cabinet proposed to Gadhafi to build concentration camps, quarantines, walls in Libya, and secured Gadhafi to provide all what was needed to be realized, so that No Sub-Saharan African will hold their foot on the so called European soil, and seek for shelter and protection what is called Asylum: In their own words, it was reported in Spiegel magazine: “Zudem wird es bei seinem Gespräch mit Gadhafi am Freitag auch um den Flüchtlingsstrom über das Mittelmeer gehen. Bundesinnen minister Otto Schily hatte vorgeschlagen, in Nordafrika Auffangzentren einzurichten.“


Gadhafi did build the detention centers the “Auschwitz” in Libya, by Temperatures in the Murzuq Desert can rise as high as 108 °F during the brutally hot summer months (MSNBC).


European fund under the EU Return Directive and the Libyan joint act plan that turned to a horrendously overcrowded terra of rape, torture and other systematic violence and abuses of human rights, independent of whether they were refugees who were found in Libya or those who were deported and transported back to Libya from Europe. AI and the Human Rights Watch stated that they were detained for months and even years, which was common.


Analog to the Apartheid system in South Africa the European determined the “nationalities” of the refugees to be sent back to the concentration

camps in Libya by their skin color and facial characteristics. Andrijasevic, Rutvica (2010), research reported giving exact numbers and dates and

measures taken: “Between October 2004 and March 2005, Italian authorities returned more than 1500 irregular migrants and asylum

seekers to Libya from Lampedusa holding center. The biggest operation took place between the 1st and 7th of October 2004, four days before the (Map Illustration MSNBC)

EU lifted its eight-year-long arms embargo on Libya on 11th October 2004. During those six days, a total of 1153 irregular migrants and asylum seekers were expelled to Libya. No information is available concerning the whereabouts of migrants and asylum seekers expelled to Libya. Human Rights Watch believes that the majority has been detained in Libya detention camps


Matthew Carr in his article, How Libya kept migrants out of EU at any cost of 5 April 2011 publication in The Week magazine will also shed more light on how the tyrannical regimes of Africa in general and Libya special played a vital role as the Gatekeepers of Europe and their arts of manipulation and provocation to ill-gain the cash they demand. Carr wrote: “Last summer he asked the EU for €5bn to prevent Europe from “turning black”. In October he received a promise of €50 million over the next three years as part of a ‘co-operation agendas’ signed by the European Commission.” Not only Gadhafi but all tyrants in Africa, such as Omar Al-Bashir, Meles Zenawi (died in 2012), and his follower H.M.Desalegn followed implemented the same recipe as Gadhafi did with the donors in general. In fact, the African tyrants studied, invested their time more on the history, culture, psychological make-ups, weak links of their donors than the downtrodden people incarcerated under their rule of barbarism and genocidal acts.


Tyrants whose rule is terror and horror find diabolic lies to mimic the donors and invent all possible means to play the direct or indirect (proxy) role to be welcomed by the donors. games of exploitation, genocidal acts with morally dead and ethic-less leaders, greedy for resources in concert on the fate of millions of unarmed civilian citizens incarcerated in their so-called “quasi-states” within their artificial boundaries correspondingly, fled out of these prison houses the “UNWANTED BLACK AFRICANS”and hoped to survive let alone to live a life Cornel M. A. Gadhafi in October 2004 in Tripoli, who ruled Libya with an iron-fisted for 42 solid years until the rebels, whom he called them “cockroaches” got and killed him, on 20th of October 2011, And this must be the fate of the TPLF tyrants to be evident very soon!









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