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TPLF forces opened live rounds on demonstrators and killed a 9th grader

We are in agony and they are in ecstasy

Following the peaceful demonstrations held by Oromo students in nine Universities across Oromia [Haromaya, Jimma, Ambo, Adama, Bule Hora, Wallaga, Madda Walabu, Kotebe and Dire Dawa Universities], more than a dozen people are so far reported to have been killed by the TPLF mercenaries in Ambo (10) and Bale Robe (3).

Today, the public outrage in Ambo that subsequently claimed 9 more lives and property losses came after the TPLF forces opened live rounds on demonstrators and killed a 9th grader, by the name Endale Desalegn (picture attached herewith). It is so revolting and heartbreaking to hear that these security forces gunned-down peaceful demonstrators for no other reason; but for they were simply asking their constitutionally protected rights be respected.

As the entire Oromo nation is in deep agony following these tragic events happening across Oromia, US Secretary of state, John Kerry, is in ecstasy with the tyrant TPLF. And, as is more often than not, the west would flood its crocodile tears after crises costed thousands, if not millions, of lives because they say “Ethiopia is in peace and stability in the middle of turbulent conditions across its neighborhoods”. SMH

My condolences to Endale’s loved ones. ‪#‎OromoProtest‬ ‪#‎Oromia‬ ‪#‎Ethiopia‬

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