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Arabsat locates jamming source in Ethiopian territories

Arab Satellite Communication Organisation (Arabsat) has announced that many TV channels on-board its fleet of satellites have been the subject of intentional jamming for the past week up to today.

Arabsat engineers conducted detailed analysis to identify the source of the jamming, it was confirmed that this interference was originating from Ethiopian territories. It is not clear which broadcasts are targeted this time.

In Febrnuary 2012, Arabsat also said it suffered from jamming from Ethiopia. At the time, broadcasts from several Lebanese channels and Al-Jazeera have been jammed in the past year on the frequencies of Arabsat and Nilesat. However, Ethiopia tried to target the Erithrean Television, as well as broadcasts from Deutsche Welle, Al-Jazeera Arabic and VOA, and it seemed that most other jamming was unintentional.

In a statement, the satellite operator said “Arabsat expresses its resentment for such an illegal act and is surprise for this vandalism as there are no Ethiopian or Eritrean channels broadcast within Arabsat DTH bouquets. This jamming may be aimed at some opponents channels for one of the two countries channels that are broadcasted on board satellites near Arabsat 26 degrees East neighbourhood or on board other satellites which Arabsat has no relation with.

“Arabsat assures to its customers that it is tackling this issue both at national and international level. International Telecommunication Union and Arab League has been informed of this issue and several efforts are underway to mediate the situation.

“Arabsat will follow up the matter and take all appropriate actions to prosecute the culprit at the judicial authorities and the international organisation of frequencies and any legal means that may deem appropriate to ensure that any damage already incurred or to be incurred by the noise, will not go without legal action, regardless of whether this damage is direct or indirect.

“Arabsat is deeply thankful to its respected valued customers for their understanding and supporting for ARABSAT as this intentional jamming is beyond its control.

(Picture courtesey of Kim Andrew Elliott’s website on international broadcasting)

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