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Obama announces new rules for the NSA’s intelligence

WASHINGTON . The control of the NSA’s activities are increasing and the interception of U.S. allies ceases. With Friday’s speech , President Barack Obama embarked on a process to reshape the U.S. safety authority.

A number of changes to the deeply criticized the NSA was presented on Friday when President Barack Obama delivered a three-quarter- long speech , symbolically placed at the Justice Department .

The proposals, which the White House worked to the very end , is a response to the sharp criticism leveled at America’s interception and aims overall to greater transparency, openness and control of the NSA’s eavesdropping.

The changes means that specific court order to require a greater extent than at present for individual eavesdropping cases. Each year , an assessment of the decisions that must be made public.

Politicians in countries that are allied with the United States should not be listened to so far . NSA’s surveillance of politicians around the world have caused great indignation and been very embarrassing for the United States.

– I can lift up the phone and call them instead , said Obama.

Changes also waiting for was the large amounts of information about Americans’ phone calls to be stored . Sharply critical of the NSA’s stock of so-called metadata was directed by the expert panel in December submitted a scathing report about how the NSA has come to act . But even telecom companies want to store the information for the NSA’s behalf and in his speech, Obama told the details of where and how the information will be stored within a few months. The question is not easily resolved.

In his speech , many comments were considered vague , emphasized the president to secret intelligence has always been vital to America’s existence and freedom. He also returned to the terrorist attacks of 2001 changed the United States and that they could have been avoided if the signs detected in time .

– Today is intelligence more about preventing and prevent than to act afterward.

Not least because , he said , is the availability of large amounts of data necessary. He admitted , however, that the balance between privacy and security is tricky , especially at a time when the technical means to collect information is in principle unlimited.

Criticism of privacy violations have grown in step with the revelations and has come from both human rights organizations and politicians from the common people.

– It’s not the last time we have this debate in the U.S. , but I want you to know that the work has begun, said Obama.

The president would now also have congressional support for the NSA to change. Opinions on the interception cuts through the members where , across party lines . With a nod from the legislature ensures Obama not only on broad support but also a shared responsibility.

Many have recently reminded of how critical Barack Obama was against privacy violations earlier in his political career , he is in the bottom lawyer with constitutional issues that specialty. During his years as president , he has been confronted with a harsh reality and lists of threats to consider – and now control a country with extensive surveillance both inside and outside U.S. borders . In many cases , he has not decreased , but increased the activity of the intelligence agencies.

And while the president now presents changes that are a direct response to the disclosures based on documents that the former NSA employee Edward Snowden has leaked since the summer , is the same Snowden a wanted man at risk of a long prison sentence .

– I will not dwell on Snowden’s actions or motives pending investigation , said Obama in his speech .

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