Facebook wants to show where your friends are -

Facebook wants to show where your friends are

The social networking site Facebook is launching a service in which a user can see where friends are located – to then be able to seek them out. The service introduced on Thursday in the U.S..

Facebook’s new service may, if a user chooses to allow it, to show to selected friends, he or she is present. Using the mobile phone gps parts to bring to his position at the friends you want to know it, writes the Associated Press.

Anyone who uses the service, called “Nearby friends”, friends nearby, can only see approximately where friends are. The users wanting to share a more precise location, writes AP

The service will not be used by anyone under 18 years old and must be actively turned on for someone to be able to see where you are.

Facebook will make the new service available to more users in the United States over the course of a few months. When or if the service will be available for users in Europe is unclear.

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