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Windows 8 on the right machine

Plates with Windows 8 starts in writing to appear on the Swedish market. Tech World got hold of one of the earliest copies of the Lenovo Tablet 2nd We click the like button!

Life with Windows 8 Pro on a desktop PC may seem a little strange. Reflex to click the start button sits in a while, but on a tablet will matter in a different light.

Live.com is a must?

As soon as the computer starts Windows cry out for us to enter (or create) a Microsoft Live account, of course, in order to incorporate the users in their ecosystem. But Live account is needed just to get apps from Microsoft’s retail store, otherwise, Microsoft is humble and does not obstruct access to, for example Google accounts.
Installed on a Tablet Windows 8 will really come into their own. On a plate, we find soon that it is the Metro interface with their tiles, the “live apps” that you usually want to have up there. They feed continuously with information about new emails, upcoming calendar events and the like.

The functions that can be found when you hover the mouse pointer around the corners works much better with your fingers. We will, somewhat surprised at ourselves with more and more use the starting menu apps and only rarely go to the traditional interface.
Start menu with its tiles – they “live apps”, for example, new e-mail and Facebook updates. We will ourselves to be paid here more often the more we use Windows 8 on a plate.

The Pro version of Windows 8 is missing any features to get the computer to behave properly in a corporate network. Connection to AD, policies and so on is done without protest. We turned off the whole thing, apart from the home screen and the absence of starter, feels just like Windows 7, and from a business perspective, working 8-ball exactly like 7th grade.

Fiddly Pro Mode

These apps are certainly clean and tidy, but in many cases lack the adjustment to the extent we would like. But it is very easy to use them, they work fine.

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